Soul Land 3: Legend Of The Jade Emperor
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    Soul Land 3: Legend Of The Jade Emperor Book 4 Chapter 103

    Volume 4: To Surpass The Past Chapter 103 Fight

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    The moment Huang Yu seemed as if he was unable to hold on, a vast torrent of life energy suddenly poured into his body from the surroundings.

    It instantly balanced out the overwhelming Yin of destruction energy with the Yang of life energy as the purple on his body quickly became lighter.

    Minute after minute.

    Hour after hour.

    Day after day.

    Time quickly passed as the power of destruction that was wreaking havoc within Huang Yu's body slowly calmed.

    On the twenty-fifth day that Huang Yu had been at the Demon Island, a wisp of purple-black emerged from Huang Yu's head.

    The wisp instantly burrowed into the fragment of destruction, causing it to glow several times more brightly.

    Strands of purple emerged from the shard of destruction as it swiftly coalesced into a male human figure.

    The man, wearing a dark purple cloak, looked as if he was in his thirties.

    His short, dark red hair was ruffled slightly as the wind gently blew.

    His crimson red eyes looked at the surroundings with complete and utter disdain, yet when they shifted onto the figure lying on the ground, they softened slightly.

    Letting out a deep breath, the entire world turned purple.

    Off in the distance, the group of Old Demons that had been defeated by Huang Yu noticed this anomaly.

    "What's going on?" asked one of them.

    This person was called Old Demon Nightmare.

    Along with the others, he was actually a member of the Shrek Seven Monsters quite a number of years ago.

    Unfortunately, as a result of venturing to this island, he, along with his fellow Monsters, had their bodies destroyed and turned into this pitiful excuse of an existence.

    And so, every time a student of Shrek would come to this island for training, he would try to find ways to entertain himself through the suffering of those students.

    They didn't do it for no reason though.

    This sort of suffering was actually a very effective method in helping students grow and mature at breakneck speeds.

    "It has to be that kid. He's been inside there for so long and hasn't come out. This has to be his doing"

    This was spoken by Old Demon Scourge.

    Old Demon L.u.s.t sneered as she crossed her arms. "If I ever get my hands on that brat, I'll skin him alive."

    The moment those words were uttered, the purple light seemed to intensify tenfold.

    The bright purple light of destruction suddenly fell from the sky as it covered the entire Demon Island.


    Roar of pain broke from the throats of the Old Demons there.

    The life energy in their body was quickly diminishing as the purple light of destruction seemed to eat away at their very souls.

    It was then that an incredibly overbearing voice sounded in their ears.

    "To speak of him that way, are you ants worthy?"

    The moment these words registered in the ears of the Old Demons, their eyes widened in horror.

    Despite the pain they were in, they dropped to their knees realising what type of existence this was.

    "We apologise for our audacity! Please forgive us for our rudeness!"

    This group of people who had once been known as the best geniuses in the world were forced to sack all of their pride in the face of this being.

    Pride? Could you eat it?

    What mattered was that one could survive!

    This light of destruction, in contact with their very souls, could easily wipe them from the circle of reincarnation entirely.

    Something like this it was far too terrifying.

    No matter what happened, to have your existence completely 'destroyed' was very likely the most terrible thing that could happen to someone.

    The worst thing wasn't death, oh no.

    The concept of destruction was more than that.


    It stood for the end of all things in existence,

    Whether it be your ties to others, your memories and even the memories of others of you.

    If this purple ray of light were to choose to destroy them, all of it would forever be gone.

    Every string of karma that had ever been tied to you.

    All of them gone.

    Hearing these words, a snort resounded throughout the entire clearing.

    "You ants are lucky I'm in a good mood today"

    At this moment, the purple light from the heavens slowly decreased in the size before it concentrated at the centre of the island.

    Feeling the heart wrenching pain go away, the Old Demons laid on the ground with their mouths frothing slightly.

    All they could feel was completely and utter relief.

    However, at the same time, this group had just realised truly how insignificant they were in the grand scheme of things.

    "Are you still going to pretend to be asleep?"

    The voice of the man was gentle, completely unlike the tone he had taken with the group of ants he had punished previously.

    On the ground, Huang Yu's prone figure remained unmoving.

    There didn't seem to even be a hint of vitality in his figure as not even a hint of spiritual energy emerged from his figure.

    Seeing this, the man in purple chuckled slightly.

    Raising a palm, a purplish-black aura surrounded it.

    Without any warning, a ball formed from destruction was fired towards Huang Yu's figure.

    Just as the ball was about to collide with Huang Yu's body, his eyes burst open.

    In a crackle of thunder, Huang Yu disappeared from his spot, completely avoiding an explosion that caused the skies to tremble.

    "Hey, that was pretty rude y'know."

    The man shifted his gaze to the source of the voice, he was met with the figure of Huang Yu standing upright.

    However, at this moment, Huang Yu's body seemed to have infinitely more vitality than before.

    Each muscle in his body seemed to contain limitless power, hidden only by Huang Yu's casual yet careful movements.

    In truth, Huang Yu hadn't really been injured by that sudden outbreak of destruction energy.

    It was actually something that he had been expecting, already been informed about this previously by Gu Yue.

    Staring at Huang Yu's face, the man smiled.

    "Not answering when someone talks to you is pretty rude as well y'know."

    Hearing this, Huang Yu chuckled.


    At this, the mood became slightly awkward as both sides didn't know what to say.

    Continuously staring at Huang Yu, the man's eyes couldn't help but fog slightly as he took in each and every one of his features.

    Noticing this, Huang Yu tilted his head to the side.


    "Are you supposed to be my super ancestor or something?"

    Those words were meant to lighten up the mood, yet they seemed to only serve to make the man in purple to take a sharp breath instead.

    A wry smile appeared on the face of the man as he desperately calmed his emotions.

    "I suppose you could call me that."

    Hearing this, Huang Yu nodded his head.

    "So boy, what's your name?'

    "Shouldn't someone introduce themselves first before asking for another person's name?"

    The man was left stunned at Huang Yu's words.

    No one had ever spoken to him like this other than that one person when they first met.

    In the past, he would have definitely raged in anger over this, but at this moment, only a gentle smile appeared on his face.

    "You can call me Hui Mie."

    Huang Yu gave a polite smile of his own.

    "Ok, nice to meet you Hui Mie. My name is Huang Yu."

    His voice entering the newly christened Hui Mie's ears, his gaze shifted downwards as it turned sorrowful.

    "Huang Yu...."

    He repeated that name several times, getting used to the name.

    Letting out a deep sigh, Hui Mie moved his gaze back to Huang Yu again before he asked,

    "Huang Yu, how old are you this year?"


    Huang Yu answered without a second though.

    Having received this answer, Hui Mie pondered something briefly before he asked another question.

    "How was your life these sixteen years, Huang Yu?"

    These words were spoken slowly, as if there was a hint of hesitation within them.

    Scratching the back of his head, Huang Yu laughed, "I've been pretty good. My life has been pretty smooth-sailing to say the least."

    Hearing this, Hui Mie nearly let out a sigh of relief. "That's good."

    After that, another wave of awkward silence descended on the area.

    It was only after a few more moments that Hui Mie decided to speak up once more.

    "Huang Yu, let's not play any games now. You should know who I really am right?"

    A wry smile appeared on Huang Yu's face before he nodded.

    His acting really couldn't get past this guy.

    To be honest, from the way that Hui Mie was acting and the way his newly awakened bloodline was acting, he was already pretty sure of who this guy was.

    This should be his real father.

    However, Huang Yu had just met this guy. There was no way he was going to just run up to him and cry out 'father!'.

    Despite the circ.u.mstances, Hui Mie had been missing for the first sixteen years of Huang Yu's life in this world.

    It was impossible for him to acknowledge this person as his father so quickly.

    To be honest, Huang Yu didn't understand how those Xianxia protags could just suddenly accept a person who had been missing all of their life.

    One might say it was filial piety, but how could one feel any sense of filial piety towards someone they just met?

    This type of thing was completely illogical to Huang Yu.

    Nonetheless, Huang Yu was willing to give this guy a hint of courtesy.

    This Hui Mie seemed to really care for him, so Huang Yu wouldn't be too rude to someone who had finally seen their child again after quite some time.

    "You're hesitant about me aren't you"

    Huh, this Hui Mie could really predict his thoughts huh?

    It makes it seem as though he could read his mi

    "I can."

    Well shit.

    Welp, time to put up them mental barriers.

    Hui Mie let out a soft chuckle seeing the expression on Huang Yu no. his son's face.

    It may be shameless of him to refer to Huang Yu as his son despite not being in his life for so long, but he just couldn't help it.

    He had wanted a child with her for so long

    But it remained impossible for them for so many years because of their identities

    Yet, here it was in front of him.

    Something that had defied that impossibility.

    A miracle across the eons...

    It was just too bad that the two of them were unable to carry their child like they always wished they could.

    Feeling a tear slide down his cheek, Hui Mie let out a wry smile as he looked at Huang Yu again.

    "Huang Yu, I'm sorry."

    "There's no need to be."

    Receiving this reply, Hui Mie was stunned briefly.

    However, his expression soon turned a bit more dim.

    It was only when a person truly didn't care about someone did they not feel even a shred of anger towards them in a scenario like this.

    Hui Mie had been expecting it, but he had a hint hope that it was otherwise though

    "In that case, why did you make me come out?"

    As Huang Yu opened his mouth to refute, Hui Mie continued,

    "Don't say that you didn't. I know you did."

    "You were particularly skilled in doing so, but you can't hide the fact that you forcefully ejected my divine sense from your body."

    Hearing this, Huang Yu turned silent.

    It was only a brief moment after, did a smile appear on Huang Yu's face.

    "Oh well, I tried."

    In a flash, a mundane sword in a similarly mundane hilt appeared, floating besides Huang Yu.

    Grabbing the hilt, Huang Yu pulled out his blade as a world-ending resentful aura filled the world.

    Thousands of resentful ghosts appeared behind Huang Yu as the sword remained in his hands.

    Seeing this, an expression of shock appeared on Hui Mie's face.

    Using his comprehension of the laws of destruction, he summoned a wave of purple-blackish light from the Grand Dao to block this horrible coercion.


    Looking at Huang Yu with his eyes wide open, an innumerable amount of emotions flashed through his eyes as he heard Huang Yu's next words.

    "To be honest, I just didn't really like someone else being in my body. It's kinda a flight risk y'know."

    "No offence to you of course, this is just a precaution from me."


    Huang Yu grinned.

    "I wanna find someone strong enough to fight against."

    The moment these words were uttered, the world was covered in a purple and jade light.