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    Volume 3: Star Luo Gang Chapter 68 Going To Skysea Again

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    The sun shone with magnificence as it slowly moved through the shades of blue above. The weather was uplifting, fair and sunny, coupled nicely with a refreshing breeze.

    Huang Yu and the others had just arrived in Skysea City, the largest city on the east coast. Coincidentally, this was also the place where Huang Yu and Gu Yue's relationship really started taking off, so it held quite an important weight in their hearts.

    The Shrek Academy party numbered eleven in total. The leader was Cai Yue'er, the teacher in charge was Wu Zhangkong. The students involved in this exchange were Huang Yu, Gu Yue, Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, Xu Xiaoyan, Xu Lizhi, Yuanen Yehui, Yue Zhengyu, and Ye Xinglan.

    Currently, they were inside a restaurant where a massive symbol was displayed outside it. Naturally, from that description alone, one could tell that the establishment belonged to Nox.

    Over the years, Skysea City had more or less been completely annexed by Nox. The only reason that it wasn't named Nox City was because the cu organisation didn't want to draw too much attention to itself. Hence, the city was made a puppet instead.

    "Come on guys, eat! Eat to your heart's content. It's all on me today!" Tang Wulin declared to the others inside the shop.

    As plate after plate of exquisite seafood was brought out of the kitchen, Huang Yu watched everything with a smile on his face.

    To be honest, as long as Huang Yu made a call, no one would need to pay for this meal at all. However, who was he to deny money being handed to him?

    "Hey," a voice suddenly made its way into Huang Yu's ears.

    Huang Yu turned his head to the source of the voice to see a blond-haired man sitting near him. "Yes?"

    At that, the blonde-haired man held out a hand. "My name Yue Zhengyu. Nice to meet you."

    "Nice to meet you too." Huang Yu answered. However, he took a look at Yue Zhengyu's outstretched hand before looking straight at his face.

    Noticing this, Yue Zhengyu took a look at his hand that had been left hanging. Seeing the oil on his hands from eating, he blushed before he retracted his hands for a cleaning.

    "Sorry," he chuckled wryly. As soon as he wiped his hands clean, he tried to strike up a conversation with Huang Yu again.

    Huang Yu was currently on a meteoric rise inside Shrek Academy. Yue Zhengyu knew that the person in front of him would definitely become an important figure on the continent in the future. Thus, it would be better for him to suck up to him now before he got too big.

    One could say that Yue Zhengyu could see Mt. Tai.

    The first step to sucking up to a person was to indulge him in his l.u.s.t. Yue Zhengyu was definitely an expert in this. He was a true connoisseur who had tried out many tastes due his status as a young master.

    "Do you wanna have some fun Huang Yu?"

    Hearing this, Huang Yu raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean by having fun?"

    "You know the type of fun that will take you to heaven and back"

    A sharp gleam entered Huang Yu's eyes. "Go on. I'm listening."

    At this, a large grin appeared on Yue Zhengyu's face. From his spatial ring, he brought out a folder filled with names, pictures, and descriptions. "You see, here is a list of 'playmates' that you can choose from. Each of them has their own specialties and are all very experienced. I can ensure that you'll enjoy them to the fullest."

    Huang Yu took the folder and was about to take a look out of morbid curiosity. However, this didn't mean that Huang Yu was planning on doing anything unjust. He was really just curious about what they would look like!

    Before he could though, his danger senses tingled.

    He instantly threw the folder back to Yue Zhengyu as he sat upright and turned his expression into one of righteousness.

    "Yue Zhengyu, I am an extremely upright and just individual. How could you give me something like this? Are you looking down upon my morals?" Huang Yu bullshitted instantly.

    A look of confusion appeared on Yue Zhengyu's face before he saw a wink from Huang Yu. He looked up to see a black-haired girl with amethyst eyes sporting a really dangerous gleam in her eyes.

    His eyes widened imperceptibly before he understood what was going on. It was something only men could understand.

    'Oh shit. I completely forgot about her."

    Yue Zhengyu discreetly got up before he slowly moved away. As he did so, Gu Yue, who had been talking with Xu Xiaoyan and Ye Xinglan, went up and sat next to Huang Yu.

    "Big Sis Gu Yue, Huang Yu was doing something indecent with Yue Zhengyu just now. He definitely noticed that you were looking so he threw that folder away.' Xu Xiaoyan whispered into Gu Yue's ear.

    Ye Xinglan nodded at Xu Xiaoyan's words. "You should go and confront him about this. Unless you keep men under a tight leash, they'll be sure to go out and pick wild flowers."

    Hearing this, Gu Yue raised an eyebrow. 'Didn't the book say that men hated being controlled the most?'

    Gu Yue let out a gentle smile. "It's fine. If he really gets stolen away by another girl, then that means that it's my fault since it's me who's lacking charm. In that case, all I need to do is to get rid of my competition."

    "Ooookkkk" the two of them said at the same time as a strange expression appeared on both their faces.

    After that, Gu Yue excused herself from the conversation as she made her way to Huang Yu. Noticing her approach, Huang Yu's outward expression didn't change at all.

    "So, what was inside that folder?" Gu Yue asked with a soft voice.

    "It's something that only cultured ones can understand." Huang Yu said straightforwardly.

    At this, Elder Cai and Wu Zhangkong, who had been listening in to the conversations, had their eyes widen imperceptibly.

    'This kid didn't even try to deny that he had been given a folder filled with p.o.r.n'

    Gu Yue smiled. "You mean like those magazines under your bed?"

    Hearing this, Huang Yu's eyes widened slightly as he was about to retort. However, he instantly realised the trick behind those words. Thus, he would react accordingly.

    "What are you talking about Gu Yue? What magazines under my bed? The only things I read are philosophical books that provide me excess knowledge on worldly matters."

    Raising an eyebrow, Gu Yue laughed softly. "So you mean you that the Playboy magazine I found there didn't belong to you?"

    As Huang Yu heard this, he stiffened up slightly. However, he quickly relaxed and defused the situation. The motto was to fake it till you make it after all.

    "Gu Yue, I really don't know what you're talking about. I am an upright and morally righteous person.

    "Of course. Just like how water is wet."

    "Wait, water isn't wet?"

    "Shut up Xie Xie. Come back when you're a main character."

    Elder Cai and Wu Zhangkong were watching this little banter with great amus.e.m.e.nt as they sat at the side. However, a look of melancholy quickly entered Wu Zhangkong's eyes. This scene reminded him a bit too much of what he had lost.

    "You're heading off to Star Luo Continent soon?"


    Na'er walked closer to Gu Yue who was currently sitting on a rooftop of the hotel she was staying at. The Star Luo delegation hadn't arrived so the Shrek group would need to wait for them.

    "I can't go because Teacher doesn't allow it but you should remember our promise."

    Gu Yue gave a lackl.u.s.tre "ok" in reply.

    Seeing this, Na'er frowned. Both sides stayed silent for a few moments before she sighed. "To be honest, I didn't want to do this, but I don't have much of a choice at this point."

    This caught Gu Yue's attention. She turned to look at Na'er as she raised an eyebrow. "What could you possibly do to threaten me?"

    "It would be interesting to see his reaction if he finds out the initial reason you approached him, wouldn't it?"

    Instantly, Gu Yue's entire figure stiffened up. Then, her eyes turned into slits as a terrifying killing intent bombarded onto Na'er's body.

    Na'er let out another sigh. "You know that your killing intent won't work on me since we're the same person. Why even try?"

    Hearing this, Gu Yue clenched her fists. With gritted teeth, she forced out, "You're really playing a dangerous game here"

    "You've forced me to this point Gu Yue. If only you had fallen for Wulin instead everything would have been so much easier."

    "Don't worry though. As long as you keep your claws away from him, I won't say anything. The two of you can keep your relationship."

    As soon as Na'er finished speaking, she didn't give Gu Yue any chance to reply as she disappeared under the night.

    Seeing her leave, Gu Yue took a few deep breaths before she slowly calmed herself. She turned away from where Na'er was standing as she looked towards the horizon, looking as calm as she did in the beginning.

    However, if anyone were to look closely, one could see that her palms were bleeding from how hard she was clenching her fists