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    Half a year flew by like the wind. During that time, quite a few things happened. Within Nox, a man named Byron managed to breakthrough to Rank 85 and become one of the Bishops in Nox due to his contributions to the organisation. He was a battle junkie, but he was completely and utterly loyal towards his king.

    Guang Biao, Romario, and Xiao Chen had broken through as well during this period of time. With the aid of faith energy given to them by their king, they had broken through at least one rank despite them being Titled Douluos. This was proof of how much faith energy Nox was gathering right now.

    Nox had been preparing themselves after they had been informed by their king that they were going to Star Luo Continent. Their plans on the Douluo Continent would be suspended temporarily while they carried out some operations in Star Luo.

    Not only that, Huang Yu was just about to complete a very pivotal part of his ascension at this very moment.

    "It's completed," Huang Yu said excitedly to himself as he let out a hurrah.

    In front of him, was a stack of papers that had many complicated diagrams and wordings on it. This was Huang Yu's blood, sweat, and tears for the past two years in Shrek Academy.

    It was his very own cultivation manual.

    Originally, Huang Yu had expected that he could finish the cultivation manual a few months prior. However, the last stretch of the creation of the cultivation manual had been stuck at a bottleneck for quite a while. It was only after he took some time off that he got an enlightenment to complete it.

    At this moment, Huang Yu picked up the cultivation manual that he had compiled before he waved at an empty space with his hand. A rip in space and time appeared as Huang Yu placed his copy of his cultivation manual inside there.

    This was a pocket dimension that Huang Yu had personally created in the past. It was far more secure than a spatial ring, but it was tedious and eye-catching to open.

    Huang Yu already had all the knowledge about the cultivation manual inside his head. All he was doing was keeping a copy just in case. You never know when you'll need it after all.

    He stretched his limbs before he yawned. This session to complete the cultivation manual had been a marathon. However, it was all worth it. The creation of this manual would mean more than just smoother cultivation.

    It would be the creation of a path of his own in cultivation. Call it his personal Dao if you will.

    Leaving the dorm, Huang Yu made his way to the Nox building in Shrek City. He wanted a place where there would be no prying eyes on him.

    His bishops weren't in the headquarters on this day. They were currently making their preparations to take control of Star Luo. Information gathering was the name of the game when it came to an operation like this.

    Inside his personal cultivation room inside the Nox building, Huang Yu sat down in a lotus position. Taking a deep breath, Huang Yu slowly began to circulate his internal energies as written in his own cultivation manual.

    Instantly, all the spirit energy in the atmosphere was sucked dry, forcefully worming themselves into Huang Yu's dantian.

    Huang Yu noticed the lack of surrounding spiritual energy very quickly. As a result of that, he began drawing on the faith energy that he hadn't used much previously in order to cultivate.

    The reason he didn't want to use it was because he wanted to wait for his cultivation manual to be finished before he started exploiting this particular resource. He would obtain more benefits this way.

    Despite having a nigh-infinite amount of faith energy to use for his cultivation, Huang Yu's cultivation didn't increase as he slowly circulated the energies inside his meridians.

    Instead, Huang Yu slowly began to become one with nature as he achieved small and gradual insights into the secrets of the universe.

    At this point in time, Huang Yu's cultivation base was at Rank 49. If Huang Yu wanted to improve his cultivation at this time, he wouldn't be able to do so.

    This was because he didn't have a necessary foundation in this new cultivation technique to do so. In order to improve, he would need to comprehend the laws of the universe until he reached the suitable level he should be at during Rank 49.

    Far more spirit energy was required to cultivate as a result of this, but the benefits far outweighed the decrease in speed. Not only did this cultivation manual make his spirit cultivation far more dense, it was cultivating his body with physical energy as well while he gradually mastered the myriad laws of the universe naturally.

    However, the most frightening thing about his cultivation technique wasn't this. Rather, it was the fact that even if he stopped purposely cultivating, since he had already begun practising this technique, it would continuously cultivate for him, though it would be slower than normal.

    Huang Yu let out a long breath. He opened his eyes and turned his head to look at the time.

    '8pm I've been cultivating here for eight hours huh'

    Cracking his neck, Huang Yu got up. He could still feel the concentration of spirit energy that was slowly returning back to normal entering his dantian slowly.

    Huang Yu stood there for a few moments, discovering the changes to his body before he smiled.

    'My foundations have already reached Rank 15. However, my true combat strength even in level one should still be around the strength of a two-word battle armour master who is also a Spirit Emperor.'

    If anyone else were to hear Huang Yu's self-appraisal, they would all have their jaws agape in shock. How strong was a two word battle armour master at that level? They would at least be as strong as a Spirit Douluo!!!

    And this was just level one! Huang Yu hadn't even begun to talk about the changes in strength that had occurred to his other levels as a result of this cultivation session.

    As Huang Yu left the Nox building to return to find Gu Yue, a stray thought went through his mind,

    'I wonder what I should call this cultivation technique,"

    "Huang Yu? You're back?"

    Those were Gu Yue's words as she looked at him while she was reading a book on her bed. When she saw Huang Yu, she immediately kept the book in her spatial ring, making him rather curious as to what the book was about.

    Hearing this, Huang Yu scratched the back of his head. "Yeah. Sorry for out for so long. I lost track of time as I cultivated."

    "No, it's fine. I understand. But, what happened to you during that time though Huang Yu? Did you make some sort of breakthrough?" Gu Yue asked with an inquiring look on her face.

    "Ah, you could tell?" A look of surprise appeared on Huang Yu's face.

    "Of course. There's a certain something in your temperament that wasn't there this morning."

    Huang Yu's eyes widened imperceptibly at that. He knew the changes that he had gone through but they were very subtle. Unless one knew him incredibly well, they wouldn't notice any changes since he had only just started with his cultivation technique.

    A smile appeared on Huang Yu's face before he walked over to Gu Yue's bed. He sat down next to her before he patted her on the head, causing her to pout slightly.

    "Well you know me best Gu Yue," he spoke in a soft and gentle tone.

    Gu Yue smiled when Huang Yu's sweet words entered her ears before she placed her head on his shoulder. Huang Yu chuckled before he put his hands around her.

    Although the two of them hadn't confessed to each other yet, their relationship had clearly already reached a point that most couples wouldn't accomplish in their lifetime.

    In fact, the two of them were so intimate that most of the people there had already considered them a couple. Naturally, Huang Yu and Gu Yue didn't object to those accusations which only further fed the gossip going around.

    "We're going to Star Luo soon," Gu Yue spoke softly in an enchanting voice.

    Huang Yu nodded his head. "Yeah, I wonder how it's going to be like over there."

    Hearing this, Gu Yue got up from Huang Yu's embrace as she looked at him in the eye.

    "Huang Yu."


    "When we go to Star Luo, I want to tell you something important. Is that fine?"

    Huang Yu saw a concerned look appear on Gu Yue's face as she held his hand up with both hands. At that, gentleness appeared in his gaze as he looked at her.

    "Of course. When that time comes, I have some things that I want to tell you as well Gu Yue."