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    Inside a large wooden house at the core of Sea God's Island, a long wooden table sat in the centre. Eight people seated on either side of it and one person was at the head.

    "Pavillion Master, there's a small matter to discuss." Elder Cai said.

    Hearing this, Yun Ming raised an eyebrow. "What is it?"

    Elder Cai cleared her throat before she spoke. "The delegation from Star Luo would like us to send a group of students to an academy on Star Luo in a student exchange program." She brought out a small stack of papers that she handed to him before continuing, "Here, take a look at their proposal."

    Yun Ming flipped through the proposal for a few seconds. Then, he looked up and smiled. "Tell them that this student exchange is acceptable to us. We'll send our best students from the outer court's first and second grade. Around ten students maybe? Wu Zhangkong can take charge of the group. By the way, make sure that Tang Wulin is in the exchange group. He's always getting into trouble so this is a good opportunity to place him far outside the sight of evil Spirit Masters."

    At this moment, Yun Ming was referring to the fact that Tang Wulin had gotten involved with some business about the evil Spirit Masters. In fact, an evil Spirit Master at the level of a Titled Douluo had kidnapped him earlier.

    It was only through the sheer virtue of Zhen Hua arriving quickly that Tang Wulin was saved from the fate of beginning a blood slave to the evil Spirit Master.

    "What about Huang Yu then?" Elder Cai asked abruptly.

    Hearing that name, Yun Ming's brows furrowed slightly as he kept silent for a short while. A moment later, his expression returned to normal.

    "Make sure that he's inside the group as well. With the way that kid operates, I'm sure he'll get a lot done there."

    Yun Ming said it in that way, but everyone there could tell that he wanted Huang Yu to scam some resources out of the people at Star Luo.

    On the day of the competition between the first and second-grade classes against the third-grade classes, tensions were high as all the participants prepared both their mental and physical state.

    This would be the biggest challenge they had ever faced thus far, and they wanted to rise up to it.

    They weren't planning to just do well, but they were planning to win!

    The matches soon began, with Yuanen Yehui spearheading the aggressive attack against a guy called Wu Rui.

    Wu Rui got destroyed by her. Pretty badly too might he add? With both her Titan Giant Ape and Fallen Angel martial spirits, she easily dominated the fight.

    Wu Siduo was up next. She was matched up against a person named Ye Wu. This time, it was an extremely close back and forth which eventually ended with Wu Siduo's victory. However, one should know that although they were only two grades apart, Ye Wu was many years older than her.

    Hence, Ye Wu went back with shame plastered on his face.

    The third battle was between Ye Xinglan and Mo Jue. It was another tight back and forth between both sides. Unfortunately, this time, Ye Xinglan was the one who lost despite being far stronger than Wu Siduo.

    Why did she lose? Well, it was because Mo Jue used her battle armour near the end. Despite that, Ye Xinglan still fought admirably even when Mo Jue brought it out.

    As the one-on-ones were completed, the morale of the third-grade students were at an all-time low. They simply couldn't believe that there was such a disparity between the talents of both sides.

    The only person that had won so far was their most talented battle armour master, and even that was a pyrrhic victory! If the others were as strong as those three, how would they stand a chance?

    Of course, the others definitely weren't as strong as those three.

    Huang Yu and Gu Yue were far stronger.

    And they made it painfully clear to the third-grade students when they crushed their opponents as if they were crushing insects.

    How their opponents had lost wasn't even funny. The battle only lasted for a pathetic five seconds before it ended.

    Did I mention that it only lasted so long because Huang Yu and Gu Yue played a game of rock paper scissors to see who would attack?

    At the side, the Holy Spirit Douluo, Yali, who was also the wife of Yun Ming, was watching this with a wry smile on her face.

    She had known that they were powerful from Cai Yue'er and Yun Ming, but this was a little too exaggerated wasn't it?

    Feng Wuyu watched the battle with his mouth agape. When he closed his mouth, he whispered to Zhuo Shi, "So that kid is the one who sent you on a little adventure?"

    Zhuo Shi's expression darkened as soon as he heard this. He still didn't know how Huang Yu had done that trick. Had he slashed a space distortion with his sword intent to do that to him back then?

    Before the seven-on-seven fight could begin, the teacher of the third-grade class, Song Lin suddenly went up to the elders.

    "Excuse me, Elder Cai. We're withdrawing from the team battle. We concede."

    At those words, different looks appeared on the faces of all the third-grade students. Looks of shame, self-derision, and disappointment were only some of the visible ones.

    When Huang Yu heard this, he suddenly felt a little bad. Maybe he and Gu Yue shouldn't have crushed their dreams so quickly?

    Perhaps they should have given them the illusion that they were doing well in the fight instead since reality was often disappointing.

    Elder Cai declared after a brief moment of silence. "In that case, the first and second-grade team wins."

    A crescendo of cheers erupted across the stadium. The loudest claps and stomps came from the first grade. As newcomers to Shrek Academy, they had finally established their place and cemented their position today with a feat deemed nigh impossible.

    Tang Wulin pumped his fists into the air and cheered with his teammates. Xie Xie ran up to Yuanen to hug her but he received a punch in return.

    Huang Yu and Gu Yue were there smiling as they watched the others celebrate. Although they weren't particularly excited because of the victory, their moods were influenced by everyone else's.

    Unknowingly, as they stood next to one another, their hands began to clasp one another as if it was something completely natural for them to do.

    At this time, Elder Cai's voice suddenly boomed. "I had something to announce." Her aura flared with a hint of the strength a Titled Douluo held, silencing the arena in an instant.

    Elder Cai made a long and verbose speech. However, the essence of it was that if the participants from the first and second-grade classes would stand a chance to be chosen to go for a student exchange program at Star Luo.

    Hearing this, a look of interest appeared on Huang Yu's face. Star Luo Continent wasn't as strong as the Douluo Continent to his knowledge. Maybe he could begin a little takeover there with Nox.

    The royal family seemed like a good place to take over first. Whether it would be via peaceful tactics or by force had yet to be seen.

    As all the students were dismissed, the students selected for the exchange to Star Luo were revealed. In the first grade, Huang Yu, Gu Yue, Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, Xu Lizhi, Xu Xiaoyan, and Ye Xinglan were chosen. In the second grade, Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu were picked.

    To no one's surprise, Wu Zhangkong was assigned as their teacher-in-charge while Elder Cai would act as their leader.

    After that, everyone swiftly returned to their dorms. On the way back, Huang Yu and Gu Yue didn't even realise that their hands were still glued to one another.

    Inside a large villa, a few people sat in the living room.

    A beautiful girl with long, emerald hair sighed. "Her Highness seems to be much affected by human emotions. The boy's body has matured earlier than expected yet she hasn't taken any actions against him."

    "Hmph, she's clearly playing around with that boy at the moment. Her Highness should just take that human boy's blood essence. As long as she did, she could easily eliminate all the humans on this planet." A powerful man spoke up with a voice full of discontentment.

    "Shut up!" shouted the man who sat in the centre of the sofa. At his loud roar, the room fell silent immediately.

    Lifting his head up, a single strand of golden hair in the middle of his golden mane drooped down. With a cold voice, he spoke, "Her Highness has been blinded from her time in the human world. Although we cannot touch him now, Her Highness won't be by his side nor will he stay in that city forever. As soon he's open"

    A sudden terrifying pressure descended upon the room. Every being inside lost their breaths as the furniture creaked under the force.

    "But Di Tian, what if Her Highness doesn't take kindly to it?" the emerald haired girl spoke again.

    The man, now christened Di Tian, snorted. "Her Highness won't do anything. She is the king of all spirit beasts and shall lead us to our salvation. How could she let petty things such as feelings get in the way of that after the boy is dead?"

    The girl with long, emerald hair frowned. She didn't think that the situation would be resolved as simple as this. However, she didn't retort. Di Tian's words, from his current tone of voice, weren't up for debate. They were an order.

    It was rather unfortunate that these people didn't realise that any person their king took an interest in was bound to not be an ordinary person.