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    Volume 2: We At Shrek Bois Chapter 65 A Bit Of Training Between Two Kings

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    "You've improved." Huang Yu commented as he and Gu Yue walked off the stage. Behind them, were the two unconscious figures of Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu.

    The battle between the two teams were unbelievably one-sided, even more so than expected from the first-grade class. In fact, Gu Yue herself had managed to annihilate the two of them with a mixture of martial arts that was taught by Huang Yu and her control over the elements without him even needing to lift a finger.

    That wasn't even the end of it. Gu Yue had even overpowered a spirit fusion from Yuanen and Yue Zhengyu by herself by the sheer virtue of her fourth spirit ring that she had obtained recently.

    It was a staff capable of controlling the elements in the atmosphere without her needing to use much of her own energy in exchange, similar to sword intent in that sense. With a piercing movement of her staff, the light and darkness elements that formed the spirit fusion attack were forcefully dispersed and the two of them were bombarded by four different elements.

    "It's nothing much." Gu Yue replied.

    After the little situation between them that nearly escalated a few months ago, the two of them had made an unspoken agreement not to talk about it for the time being. Despite that, their relationship had clearly improved dramatically after that, with the both of them slowly becoming more intimate towards each other in their everyday life without realising it.

    Although Gu Yue's words were meant to be humble, it was taken in a completely different way by the students of the second-grade. They saw it as them being despised by Gu Yue. Unfortunately, they couldn't say anything about it since she had beaten their two strongest fighters by a large margin in their class without breaking a sweat.

    At the side, Xie Xie was feeling incredibly worried for Yuanen. He had an inkling that this outcome would happen but he didn't dare to tell Yuanen that previously in fear of her thinking that he was looking down on her.

    He was slightly unhappy but that wasn't targeted towards Gu Yue despite that she hadn't bothered to hold back much. It was a fight, and injuries were bound to happen.

    Rather, it was just a type of dislike when you saw the person you fancy getting hurt.

    Xu Xiaoyan was starstruck as she watched Gu Yue walking down the stage with Huang Yu. 'Big Sis got stronger again!' she thought in awe.

    However, there was a hint of fear towards being on the other side of that strength at this time. For some reason, Gu Yue had started asking to spar with her often a few months back and naturally, she accepted it.

    She didn't know how she had offended her Big Sis, but she seemed to be clearly venting something on her during all their spars. She really wanted to decline whenever her Big Sis asked her to spar, but the look she saw on her face clearly didn't accept no for an answer.

    Tang Wulin was feeling rather complicated when watching the fight play out. On one hand, he was happy seeing Gu Yue doing so well, but on the other, he was disappointed that he wasn't up there fighting together with her.

    He looked at his own fist before he clenched it tightly. It was definitely because he wasn't strong enough! However, he knew that as long as he tried his hardest and made use of his boon in the form of the Golden Dragon King bloodline, he could eventually stand up there next to her.

    After this battle had finished, the participants for the third grade were settled. For the one-on-ones, Yuanen Yehui, Wu Siduo and Ye Xinglan would participate. The others had wanted Huang Yu to participate at first, but he declined it.

    The others weren't happy about this, but what could they do? All of them combined couldn't beat him anyways.

    Luckily for them, Huang Yu agreed to participate in the tag team match just for the sake of fighting together with Gu Yue. For the team battle, the captain was Tang Wulin, vice captain Yuanen Yehui, and the other members were Huang Yu, Gu Yue, Xie Xie, Yue Zhengyu, Xu Xiaoyan and Xu Lizhi.

    The competition was set to happen in five weeks after this day. The students were actually quite unsure about the results since there were two one-word battle armour masters in the third-grade and their cultivations were all a full rank higher so excitement ran extremely high.

    To them, Huang Yu may have been able to beat their whole class by himself a year ago, but he may not necessarily be a match for a battle armour master. One should know that a one-word battle armour could boost the battle prowess of a Rank 50 Spirit King to a Rank 70 Spirit Saint. Surely Huang Yu couldn't be that powerful right?


    In a field, Huang Yu was currently instructing Gu Yue on his own martial arts.

    Huang Yu continuously corrected Gu Yue's mistakes as she went through the forms of Renewal Taekwondo. She had picked it up very quickly when Huang Yu taught her. However, as a result of this, her foundations were rather unstable. This made her have quite a few problems in her basics that Huang Yu was trying to resolve now.

    It may not seem that important, but if a person's basics are bad, they won't be able to progress smoothly in the future.

    "Your back isn't straight enough,"

    He straightened her back with a soft pat as she kicked a [Baek Rok].

    "Roll your shoulders back a bit more when you kick."

    He adjusted her shoulders slightly as she did a [Hwechook].

    Through all these little corrections, Gu Yue's foundation for Renewal Taekwondo slowly became more and more firm. As the Silver Dragon King, her innate talents were frightening, allowing her to fix her mistakes swiftly.

    In fact, if it was any other martial art, Gu Yue most likely could have mastered it by now. However, what Gu Yue was learning right now was an incredibly complex and taxing martial art. Even with her talent, she still needed time to learn it.

    Under the hot sun, the two of them were drenched in sweat. Due to this, their clothes were stuck to their bodies and became slightly see-through. Through the past year, both of their bodies had matured a lot and Gu Yue's current figure was already superior to most, if not all the milfs he had seen in cultured videos in his past life.

    Huang Yu, thanks to the teenage hormones raging through his body, was very sensitive to this. His heart kept whispering to him, 'It's fine. She's matured enough already. Stop holding yourself back and push her down!!! You know she won't say no!!!"

    However, he forcefully suppressed himself with a willpower made of steel. Don't underestimate a person who could hold himself back from choking the chicken for over a year due to the fact that he shared a room with a girl.

    Unfortunately, Gu Yue didn't hold such inhibitions. That was made painfully clear to Huang Yu whenever she 'accidentally' brushed against his more sensitive areas. Huang Yu didn't believe her innocent act for a second when he saw the redness of her face.

    "Alright, that should be enough for today," Huang Yu choked out after Gu Yue finished with the last kata that she was doing particularly slowly in the name of getting more familiar with the technique.

    He coughed drily before putting a bit of distance between the two of them. He was almost at his limit.

    However that may have been a bad move as he was given a complete view of Gu Yue that left very little to the imagination. At that, he could something rising, and it sure as hell isn't the Shield Hero.

    'Stahp!' Huang Yu shouted inwardly as he tried to control himself. It wasn't his fault that he was like this at the moment. If he wasn't in this body raging with teenage hormones at the moment, he definitely could have controlled himself. Not only that, it was also because of who was in front of him.

    Gu Yue seemed to notice that Huang Yu was beginning to react to her with the light blush she saw forming on his face. A mischievous smirk forming on her face, she ran up to him before grabbing his arm and holding it close to her body.

    "Huang Yu, let's go back to the dorm," Gu Yue said in an incredibly cheerful manner as she pulled him along.

    This girl

    'If you want to play it that way, then fine.' Huang Yu snorted inwardly.

    Before Gu Yue could react, she was swooped off the feet by a pair of muscular arms. She yelped out in surprise before blushing because of the sound she let out.

    "Let's go back to the dorm then." Huang Yu said with a smile on his face.

    Gu Yue's eyes widened as Huang Yu's words entered her ears, 'Eh? Like this??"

    "Well of course."

    Gu Yue furrowed her brows for a moment, thinking of her next actions before it relaxed. "Sure. Let's go. My legs were hurting and I don't think I could walk the full trip back anyways." Gu Yue said before staring at Huang Yu with the same smile he was giving her.

    The two stared at each other for a few moments before they both burst out in abrupt laughter. Huang Yu shook his head before he started walking back to the dorm room with Gu Yue's body pressed up against him.

    At least this way, she wouldn't notice the tent he was pitching at the moment.