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    Volume 2: We At Shrek Bois Chapter 63 Tribulation.. It's Unworthy

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    "Why did you do that just now Na'er?"

    Gu Yue stood on the rooftop with an extremely cold expression on her face as she faced down the silver-haired girl.

    Na'er smiled innocently. "I was just trying to see if Huang Yu really liked you. Wouldn't it be such a shame if your feelings were one-sided? As you can see, it worked out very well."

    Hearing this, Gu Yue sneered. "Don't think I don't know what game you were trying to play. You better stay away from him from now on. If you don't, Tang Wulin may have a little accident down the line."

    "Hmph, you don't understand my good intentions." Na'er said as her expression darkened.

    "I've already given you my warning. Don't forget that I don't need you if I want to achieve my goals." Gu Yue said decisively before she left.

    When Na'er saw that Gu Yue had gone, she clenched her fists in anger.

    'I'm sorry brother, that's all I can do for you for now.'

    "Give me a report."

    "Of course my king!"

    Huang Yu sat in a luxurious chair inside the Nox headquarters as Xiao Chen kneeled in front of him.

    "We've managed to infiltrate most of the organisations that exist on the continent. Out of all of them, we have planted the most turncoats in the Tang Sect. Unfortunately, we haven't managed to get our men inside Shrek Academy because the people inside are too loyal. Also, we haven't managed to find any traces of the Holy Spirit Cult."

    "I see. In that case, I'll take care of Shrek Academy personally when the time comes. For now, just do more preparations. I want this to succeed on the first try."

    "Yes, my king." Xiao Chen answered with her face looking down.

    Huang Yu tapped his chin before speaking once more. "What rank are you guys at right now? I haven't checked up on you guys for quite a while."

    At those words, Xiao Chen instantly perked up. "My king, I've managed a breakthrough to the Titled Douluo stage quite recently. Along with the genetic enhancements you've given me, fighting two to three ranks above is not a problem even without battle armour."

    "As for Bishop Guang Biao and Bishop Romario, the two of them should be Rank 93 and Rank 92 respectively. The priests should all be around Rank 65 to Rank 80, my king."

    "Not bad," Huang Yu complimented.

    "It is all thanks to you, my king. If you hadn't improved our natural talents and given us some faith energy, we would not have our current achievements."

    Xiao Chen's words were the truth. In fact, if Huang Yu hadn't improved their talents with faith energy and redirected some faith energy to them, they definitely wouldn't manage to improve from their meagre cultivation levels to the current stage they have achieved in such a short timeframe.

    Not only that, their foundations weren't weak at all. With the amount of followers Huang Yu had at the moment, the amount of faith energy they could use was nigh infinite.

    "What is your ninth spirit ring though?"

    Hearing this, Xiao Chen released a glaring red spirit ring behind her.

    Huang Yu's eyes widened imperceptibly. "You hunted down a genuine spirit beast for this?"

    "Yes, my king. I killed a 1000 year old spirit beast and absorbed its ring before increasing its age to the 100000+ year old level with vital energy you have collected from your followers.."

    "Was it to avoid the tribulation?"

    "You are correct, my king."

    A smile appeared on Huang Yu's face as he stood up. "Good. In that case, call Guang Biao and Romario. Jorm has been at the 30000+ year old level for too long. I'll let him break through to the 100000+ year old stage in one fell swoop."

    A look of shock appeared on Xiao Chen's face. "Then won't it face the tribulation then my king?"

    "Exactly. That's why I want all of you to come with me. I need the lot of you to seal up the area where Jorm is going to breakthrough so that no one else can sense it."

    "Ahh, I see my king. I shall obey your orders." Xiao Chen said humbly before leaving the room to contact Guang Biao and Romario. She didn't forget to give another bow to Huang Yu before that of course.

    In the middle of nowhere, Huang Yu was there with his three bishops standing behind him.

    With a gesture of Huang Yu's hands, a massive black spirit ring appeared above him. From it, a humongous serpent with dull silver scales emerged. As a result of its length, it took quite a while for its full body to come out.

    This serpent was obviously Jorm, who was at its true size.

    At this moment, Huang Yu spoke. "Seal the area."

    "Yes, my king!" the three bishops shouted in unison before they flew off in three different directions. After each of them flew around a kilometre away from the origin point, they mobilised their spirit energy.

    A powerful seal was formed as a result of three Titled Douluos working together in unison. With the seal created, it would make sure that Jorm's ascension wouldn't be sensed by any unsavoury beings.

    Huang Yu swiped his hand, hundreds of rough energy stones emerging from his spatial ring as he did so. He then took control of the vital energy within the rough energy stones before directing all of them to Jorm.

    Jorm's cultivation quickly skyrocketed as a result of the influence of vital energy. As his cultivation increased. Jorm's size slowly grew as well as his scales shone with a dull l.u.s.tre.

    After an hour, Jorm had finally reached the most pivotal point of his growth. He was at the 99999 year old stage and was just one small step away from becoming a true freak of nature.

    However, it was at this moment that a spoilsport chose to make itself known.

    C.u.mulonimbus clouds hurried gathered in the sky as they coalesced to form a dark spiral of death. Thunder rumbled as bolts of lightning crackled in the sky. The laws of this world were very clearly preparing to ruin Jorm's day. A frightening pressure emerged from the sky as it attempted to suppress everything under the Heavens.

    Huang Yu saw this very clearly, but chose not to interfere with the tribulation for now. If he really wanted to, he could easily protect Jorm from the lightning with electromagnetism. However, he wanted Jorm to be tempered by the powerful lightning from the skies.

    As soon as Jorm's cultivation broke through to the 100000+ year old stage, his scales were shed as he exponentially grew in size. At the same time, a gigantic bolt of lightning capable of obliterating the existence of a normal 200000+ year old beast fell from the sky.

    A loud crackle entered the ears of Huang Yu and his three bishops as the lightning bolt struck down upon Jorm.

    Being hit by the lightning bolt formed from the myriad laws of this world. Jorm snorted. This level of lightning may have instantly annihilated any other spirit beast attempting its tribulation, but not itself.

    It was the proud spirit soul of a supreme hegemon(in its eyes) named Huang Yu. There was no way something of this level could bring it down.

    Jorm opened its mouth as it began releasing a devouring force. The bolt of lightning striking it was swiftly sucked into its mouth as it used the energy to temper its own bolt.

    However, this seemed to incense the Heavens however, as it quickly prepared another three bolts of lightning, each one stronger than the last, before striking down upon Jorm.

    Jorm wasn't intimidated despite this. It tanked the bolts of lightning before devouring it as well. Nonetheless, despite Jorm making it look easy, it was starting to reach its limit. Those three bolts of lightning were incredibly powerful and had actually caused quite a few injuries. In fact, even Di Tian may not be able to survive a tribulation like this.

    The horrifying pressure was beginning to let up at this moment as the clouds in the sky began slowly faded away

    'It should be over now.' Huang Yu thought as he watched Jorm. Pride filled his chest as he watched his spirit soul do so well.

    Instantly, the horrifying pressure returned, causing Huang Yu to curse himself for calling out the flag. Above the clouds that were disappearing were even darker and larger clouds, and the energy within them would frighten almost anyone.

    With several more crackles, five gigantic bolts of lightning rained down in quick succession. This was a tribulation that would surely kill any non-god being.

    Seeing this, Huang Yu snorted. "You want to kill my spirit soul? You haven't asked for my opinion."

    Level Four!

    Huang Yu jumped upwards at impossible speeds before putting himself between the lightning bolts striking down and Jorm. These bolts of lightning were created from the laws of the world and were far faster than normal lightning bolts, yet Huang Yu could outpace them like nothing with the Kings Wisdom.

    Huang Yu roared as his third eye glowed like the sun. The bandana he wore was instantly disintegrated under the immense power the third eye was releasing right now.

    [Repulsion] + [Electromagnetism] + [Vector Manipulation]

    The bolts of lightning that were falling down from the sky were annihilated to nothing in an instant. The c.u.mulonimbus clouds in the sky were forcefully scattered despite containing the laws of the universe.

    This spectacle was very clearly witnessed by the three bishops at the sides. This marvel cemented the adoration of their king in their hearts even more.

    As the pressure that was in the surroundings quickly lessened as a result of Huang Yu forcibly destroying the tribulation, Huang Yu let out a deep gasp.

    Huang Yu's face was pale as a result of his attack. The tribulation lightning, from what he could sense as he destroyed the tribulation, wasn't planning on stopping anytime soon. It was truly attempting to wipe Jorm off the face of the earth.

    Using the King's Wisdom once more, Huang Yu quickly recovered to his peak performance before his three bishops arrived and kneeled before him.

    "We congratulate the king for having his auspicious beast reach the next level!"

    Huang Yu waved his hand at them before he turned to look at Jorm. At this moment, Jorm was very clearly immensely more powerful than before. Each breath it took rumbled the earth as its body that had a width that was larger than ten buses stacked on top of one another was lying on the ground.

    It didn't look long, however Huang Yu knew better. Jorm was very clearly restricting its true length for it was far too long. It was truly beginning to live up to its name as Jormungandr, the World Eater.

    "My master" it suddenly spoke with a deep raspy voice, causing Huang Yu to raise an eyebrow. It seemed that Jorm had truly unlocked its spiritual wisdom after this.

    "Return and recover from your injuries first Jorm."

    Jorm let out an mm of understanding before he turned into strands of light that returned to Huang Yu's body.

    At that moment, four red rings appeared behind Huang Yu's back, causing a imperious yet dark aura to permeate throughout the surroundings. Taking a deep breath, Huang Yu retracted his red spirit rings swiftly.

    "My king, may I ask if Heaven's will just now was to destroy the auspicious beast?" Guang Biao suddenly asked.

    Huang Yu laughed softly.

    "Heaven's will... it's unworthy."

    "Only my will is eternal"