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    Volume 2: We At Shrek Bois Chapter 62

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    The class semester break soon came to an end. During that time, Huang Yu and Gu Yue had gone out together quite a few times. Almost every time they went out though, they would be stalked by the same three groups.

    Eventually, all three groups were caught. Di Tian's group and the group of bishops from Nox received harsh rebukes from their own kings. On the other hand, Xie Xie's group

    Well, it was pretty scary when the people they were stalking suddenly spoke up behind them.

    When classes started again, one thing of note was that there was a battle between Tang Wulin's group and Luo Guixing's group. It ended with Tang Wulin's group's victory as a result of Tang Wulin's second golden ring ability.

    To be honest, Huang Yu found the second golden ring pretty interesting. The others couldn't tell what it did, but he found out almost instantly that it's ability was to absorb damage and then use the acc.u.mulated energy from the attacks he had taken to attack back.

    Also, Huang Yu could tell at a glance that Tang Wulin's bloodline had undergone another qualitative and quantitative change. His bloodline energy was far more vigorous than it was previously.

    Huang Yu would need to pay Tang Wulin a visit for more DNA samples soon.

    At this moment, classes were just about to end for Huang Yu. As the bell rang, signalling the end of the lesson, Huang Yu got up nearly instantly to pack up his books into his spatial ring.

    When Shen Yi saw this, she really wanted to sigh. Huang Yu wasn't serious in the lessons about battle armour at all. However, she couldn't fault him since he wasn't going to be making one anyways.

    With the performance he had shown previously, he definitely didn't need it.

    "Class dismissed," Shen Yi said before she left for the teacher's door. However, she suddenly stopped upon opening it.

    "Hello, Teacher!" said a beautiful silver-haired girl.

    Shen Yi schooled her features back into order. "Na'er? What are you doing here? Do you need me for something?"

    Na'er shook her head and pointed a finger past Shen Yi, a huge smile blossoming on her face. Shen Yi's gaze went to the direction Na'er's finger was pointing towards, confusion clearly marring her face.

    Na'er was the direct disciple of the Sea God Pavillion Master, Yun Ming due to her amazing talents in cultivation. What business did she have with someone in this class?

    Her figure stood out clearly amongst the students in the class. A single glance and nearly the entire first grade froze, enchanted by her adorable smile. Eyes widening, they felt their heartbeats quicken.

    Unlike the others though, when Huang Yu saw her, he narrowed his eyes. This girl clearly wasn't simple. He was getting strange vibes from her.

    Tang Wulin suddenly shouted out as he approached her. "Na'er, what are you doing here?" The second those words left his lips, the entire class looked his way.

    "Brother, I came because I missed you. Also, I wanted to find someone here."

    Tang Wulin's gaze instantly turned sharp. "Who are you searching for Na'er?"

    When those words were spoken, Huang Yu had a bad feeling. Being so connected with the universe due to the King's Wisdom, Huang Yu knew to trust his gut instincts.

    "Gu Yue, let's leave now." Huang Yu whispered.

    At this point, Gu Yue's eyes were narrowed as well looking at Na'er. 'What game is she playing right now?' she asked herself inwardly.

    Hearing Huang Yu's words, she was snapped out of her thoughts. She nodded to him before they began leaving the class.

    "Huang Yu! There you are." Na'er shouted out suddenly before running up to him to grab his arm.

    Everyone instantly froze seeing this. What type of relationship did Huang Yu have with the beautiful girl that just appeared? And why was it this intimate?

    Xie Xie had his mouth agape when he saw this. He whispered softly to the others, "F.u.c.k, this Huang Yu too strong. He even has one foot in two boats." (Means to have two girlfriends in a chinese proverb)

    Tang Wulin himself felt a burning anger appearing in his chest. He already didn't like Huang Yu much previously but now he was stealing even his little sister who was only of this age?

    Gu Yue also began fuming in anger. It was very clear what Na'er was up to. She was trying to tempt Huang Yu in order to try and make him leave her. Gu Yue took a few quick glances to Huang Yu worriedly despite all her anger though. She didn't know if Na'er's charm would work on Huang Yu at the moment.

    When Na'er had grabbed Huang Yu's arm, one thought instantly appeared in his mind.

    'Isn't this the most generic plot when getting a harem member in Xianxia?'

    Unfortunately, Huang Yu wasn't interested in obtaining a harem in this world. One woman was difficult to handle as it was so one could tell how horrible his life would be if he had more.

    "Sorry, but do I know you?" Huang Yu asked as he removed Na'er from his arm. This move instantly calmed Gu Yue immensely and a smug feeling appeared in her heart.

    "Eh? What do you mean Huang Yu? Didn't you say that I was the only person you would ever love in this life?" Na'er said with red and teary eyes. It gave her a look that evoked a sense of pity in everyone else.

    'F.u.c.k, this girl is making me look like a sc.u.mbag,' Huang Yu thought annoyedly. He took a glance at Gu Yue, hoping that she wouldn't misunderstand. Fortunately, he understood Gu Yue enough that he could see that she didn't believe Na'er at all.

    "Hey, Huang Yu! What the hell did you do to her?!" someone in the group of students shouted out. As he said those words, everyone's animosity began fixing on Huang Yu as they began gossiping badly about him as well.

    Luckily for Na'er, Huang Yu wasn't Chen Beixuan. If he was, then she would most likely be dead for trying a trick like this. Hence, Huang Yu merely sighed.

    "Look, I don't know why you're doing this, but please move aside. I want to leave now."

    "NO!! Huang Yu! How can you just leave like this after all the things you've done to me?!"

    It was at this moment, Na'er knew she f.u.c.k.i.e.d up.

    "Shut your mouth." Huang Yu's voice instantly turned cold. "Get out of my way."

    The moment those words were spoken, everyone quieted down. Right now, Huang Yu was no longer the chill person he normally was in class. He exuded an aura akin to a cold-blooded demon that made everyone shut up in fear. It was a side of him that no one in class had ever seen from him before.

    Hearing those words and being bombarded by that fearsome aura, Na'er inadvertently took a step back. Huang Yu's aura seemed to evoke a sense of horrifying fear in the depths of her soul despite her being part of the Silver Dragon King.

    "Gu Yue, let's go." Huang Yu's tone softened greatly when he spoke to Gu Yue. She also had been surprised by how powerful Huang Yu's aura was, but she chose not to ask him about it.

    The two of them left the class together, everyone being so silent that one could hear a pin drop.

    At that, Na'er gritted her teeth. 'It failed.' she thought depressedly before she walked to her brother who was fuming in anger as well..

    Shen Yi, who had been watching the whole spectacle could clearly tell that something was off when she watched it. Hadn't Na'er been on Seagod Island almost all the time? How did she even have the time to find Huang Yu?

    As Huang Yu and Gu Yue left the class, Huang Yu said, "Gu Yue, I really don't know who that girl was."

    Gu Yue let out a small smile. "Don't worry. I know what was going on. I believe you Huang Yu."

    The rest of the walk was done in silence as the two of them made their way back to their dorm room.