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    A week had passed since the exams ended. Huang Yu and the others had returned to the academy via Wu Zhangkong's flying car.

    Huang Yu's group had passed their exams with full marks, and with bonus marks to boot. With that, Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, Xu Xiaoyan, Ye Xinglan, and Xu Lizhi shared their bonus marks with other students so no one would fail this semester.

    With the end of the exams marked the beginning of the semester vacations. Gu Yue said that she would be heading home during that time then train at the Spirit Pagoda. However, she promised that she would visit Huang Yu during that time as well.

    Inside a massive building, three figures were kneeling in front of Huang Yu who was sitting leisurely on a chair.

    "My king!" the three of them shouted. These three were naturally the three bishops of Nox, Guang Biao, Huang Yu's first follower, Xiao Chen, and Romario.

    "Have you done what I've asked you to do a few days ago?" Huang Yu asked directly.

    Guang Biao was the one to speak up. "My king, we've done as you commanded. Three evil Spirit Masters at the Spirit Emperor rank(Rank 60-69) have been captured by us."

    Hearing this, Huang Yu got off his seat. "Good. Take me to them."

    "My king, forgive my insolence, but may this lowly one ask why you would bring your magnificent self to face those disgusting worms" Romario suddenly asked.

    Huang Yu smiled. "I just want to test my strength against them."

    "But my king, with your great powers, no one in this world is a match for you!"

    "Forgive my interruption, but I believe that Romario's words are correct as well my king! If you really wanted someone to die, they cannot live." Xiao Chen cut in at this time.

    Shaking his head, Huang Yu replied, "I don't want to use those abilities too much. Those abilities are far too inconspicuous to use. It's hard to just pin everything on just sword intent y'know."

    "But why do you have to care about those fools seeing your abilities, my king? If any of those heretics dare to question you, it would take merely a snap from you to annihilate their very being."

    "Because I want to play with them a bit more of course."

    The true reason was actually that Huang Yu didn't want to disrupt the current status quo at this time. He enjoyed the days he spent with Gu Yue very much. Besides the fact that Nox itself wasn't powerful or strong enough yet to control the continent, Gu Yue was also a factor in his choice of not going full Darth Sidious yet.

    At those words, a certain enlightenment was grasped by the three bishops in front of Huang Yu. Of course! Their king was a higher life form to those insects! His natural endowments were superior to even gods! It was his birthright to be able to play with lower life forms for his own entertainment.

    No wonder their king was so eccentric at times when dealing with people! With this, the three bishops began grieving at their own inability to understand their king's thoughts.

    "Hey, how long are the lot of you going to mope there?"

    When those words entered the ears of the three bishops, they stiffened up before hurriedly obeying their king's orders to take him to the three evil Spirit Masters they had captured.

    Huang Yu personally categorised his strength into five levels.

    In the first level, he would use the strength of his body and pure martial arts to battle. Even like this, he was capable of easily stomping enemies around twenty ranks above his own. Any higher than that carried a bit more risk. This level was the one that Huang Yu favoured using the most.

    In the second level, he would start to use his martial spirit, its spirit ring abilities, sword intent, and even get some help from Jormungandr. This was the level that Huang Yu wasn't sure the true strength of. This was because Huang Yu never got to push the strength of this level to its limits before using other ones.

    In the third level, Huang Yu would start using amplifications on himself. Whether it be Godspeed or Limiter Removal, he would use them. Not only that, he would begin to use a bit of the King's Wisdom in his fight as well. This was the level he used against Elder Cai that day.

    In the fourth level, Huang Yu didn't even need to physically fight to dominate his opponents anymore. At this level, Huang Yu would spam all of the King's Wisdom's hax abilities. The one that he had found more interesting among all the hax abilities was vector manipulation. While it didn't come with the comprehension of the King's Wisdom, Huang Yu had managed to derive it himself.

    Why was vector manipulation so powerful one may ask? In essence, vectors were things that had direction and magnitude. If you could control the direction and magnitude of everything

    You're probably not going to lose in a fight.

    This level was of course something that Huang Yu had come up with rather recently. He wasn't able to use this stage when he fought Elder Cai.

    There was actually a hidden boss stage level five, but if he attacks with that level

    Omae wa mou shindeiru.(Translator note: This means you're already dead)

    "My king, we're here." At Xiao Chen's words, Huang Yu gave a nod. In front of him, was a door that brought him directly to a room.

    Inside it, Huang Yu found three ugly men in robes tied up there. They tried to curse, but failed due to the fact that cultivations were sealed and that there was tape on their mouths.

    With a wave of Huang Yu's hand, the three bishops that were currently behind him left the room. As soon as they did so, the cultivations of the three men were unsealed.

    Realising what was going on, the three of them instantly broke out of their bindings.

    "HA! They're leaving us with a brat? I'll rip his bones out!" said one of the evil Spirit Masters.

    He instantly dashed towards Huang Yu, six spirit rings appearing behind him. During his dash, he swiftly gained the attributes of a red ant.

    This ant wasn't just any ant of course. It was the Marrow Devouring Ant. It's unique and special ability was that it could increase its strength at a rapid pace by devouring the bone marrow of other creatures.

    These ants were so deadly that Beast God Di Tian himself had to personally lead a group of 100000+ year old spirit beasts to annihilate them.

    When the evil Spirit Master entered melee range with Huang Yu, he heard words that made his blood freeze.

    "Bad move, little ant."


    The evil Spirit Master felt an impossibly powerful kick land on the side of his face. Unable to fight against the sudden and powerful force, he was sent crashing into the spirit reinforced walls.

    The other two evil Spirit Masters began their attack at this time. However, when they saw what happened to their comrade, they were about to retreat. Unfortunately, how could Huang Yu allow them to do so?

    Using the second level of his strength, his second spirit ring appeared behind him.

    [Scales of the World Eater: Sword Mode]

    Silver scales emerged from the black ring before coalescing into tens of swords. With a gesture of his hands, horrendously terrifying sword intent filled them before it was sent flying towards the two evil Spirit Masters.

    The two of them widened their eyes seeing this and attempted to dodge. However, with Bo-bup, Huang Yu instantly reappeared near one of the escaping spirit masters.

    Huang Yu kicked sharply at one of the Spirit Emperor's knees, causing it to jut out in the other direction. Huang Yu ignored the scream of pain from the Spirit Emperor as he struck a multitude of blows towards his chest.

    Before he could be blasted away, Huang Yu grabbed him by the arm and harshly pulled him back, causing the evil Spirit Master's shoulder to get dislocated. Huang Yu pulled the evil Spirit Master into an arm bar before pushing him down and stomping on his head, turning it into a lump of flesh and using it as a springboard to charge at the other evil Spirit Master.

    It was at this moment did the evil Spirit Master who had the Marrow Devouring Ant spirit burst back out. He had actually been knocked unconscious for a split second from Huang Yu's kick.

    Huang Yu ignored him, preferring to annihilate the evil Spirit Master he had been charging at first. Unable to react as a result of Huang Yu's incredible speed from not only his physique but also his footwork technique, the evil Spirit Master suddenly found himself perforated with tens of holes in his body, courtesy of Huang Yu's sword intent.

    Having incapacitated his target, Huang Yu used his second spirit ring ability to bombard him with over thirty swords.

    Using Huang Yu's moment of defenselessness, the last remaining evil Spirit Master roared before a pair of giant pincers created from his spirit ring ability suddenly clamped down on Huang Yu's shoulder.


    After that sound resounded through the room, the evil Spirit Master's eyes widened in shock.

    "W, wha how are you"

    The evil Spirit Master never did get to finish speaking before his head was cleanly removed from his shoulders.

    The last words the evil Spirit Master heard was one that sent chills down to the spine that he was now lacking.

    "An attack that pathetic, isn't even worthy of me dodging. What a waste of time this was."

    After taking a shower inside the Nox building, Huang Yu left it to return to his dorm. The evil Spirit Masters that he had just fought were a bunch of disappointments. They were horribly weak, even comparing them to normal Spirit Emperors.

    Perhaps it could have been a better battle had they been given battle armour. But then the battle would be too hard to keep inside the building though.

    Huang Yu didn't feel anything from killing those three evil Spirit Masters. He had been numbed to it. Not only that, those people he killed were the worst of sc.u.m.

    Despite all this, Huang Yu didn't enjoy killing. At the same time, he didn't hate it as well. It was something that he had done even back in his old world. He was a politician after all. And he would do almost anything to achieve his goals. Perhaps this was why he adapted so well to this new world.

    However, there was one line he wouldn't ever cross when it came to achieving his goals. He would never betray those close to him as long as they didn't betray him.

    In this world, he could only call one person that, and it was

    "Huang Yu!" Gu Yue suddenly called out, snapping Huang Yu out of his thoughts.

    It was her.

    Walking over, Huang Yu let out the most genuine smile he had done today.

    "You're back?"