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    Volume 2: We At Shrek Bois Chapter 59

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    A/N: I'm rushing through the Shrek exam arc since I don't find it particularly interesting to write nor read about. Also, I want to get to Starluo soon since quite a few bigger developments will happen between Huang Yu and Gu Yue there.

    After Huang Yu and the others had beaten enough Spirit Masters at the local Spirit Pagoda, Wu Zhangkong suddenly appeared before them.

    Wu Zhangkong told them that they had completed their quota for the specific city and that they would have to go to the next one. Hence, they went and bought a soul car.

    The others didn't have enough money to buy one. However, Huang Yu and Gu Yue had 'borrowed' some money from some very nice people back at Shrek City, so they paid for it.

    With Xie Xie as the driver, they went on their way to the next destination, Heaven Spirit City. Huang Yu was actually rather confused when he found out that Xie Xie had a driver's license although he was only thirteen years old. It turned out that it was because Xie Xie had some special privileges due to his background.

    The soul car itself wasn't a very big one, being only a five-seater. This, along with the fact that there were seven people in their group, forced all of them to have squeeze together in order to fit in the soul car.

    Xie Xie naturally took the driver's seat while Xu Lizhi was riding shotgun due to his larger stature.

    At the back, it was sort of a weird seating arrangement. The other three girls sat together in the middle. Since they were rather skinny so it wasn't too bad for them. However, Huang Yu and Tang Wulin weren't. The both of them had wide shoulders as a result of their training and bloodlines. Hence, they both had to sit at the window seats.

    Next to Tang Wulin, was Xu Xiaoyan, while next to Huang Yu, was Gu Yue. Due to their sizes, Gu Yue was forced to press up to Huang Yu, not that she minded of course.

    On the other hand, Huang Yu was busy reciting Buddhist scriptures in his head to try and ignore the soft mounds that were pressing onto him and the pleasant fragrance that entered his nose. It wouldn't do him any good if his Great Pillar decided to extend to the Heavens now would it?

    Those teenage hormones were really doing their number on Huang Yu.

    "It's boring in here, let's talk about something." Tang Wulin suddenly spoke aloud in the soul car.

    When he said that, everyone's attention, other than Xie Xie's since he was driving, was diverted to him.

    "What do you want to talk about? Battle armour? I should be able to break through rank 40 when we return and get another spirit soul. I can make battle armour for you guys then." Ye Xinglan said. She was sitting in between Gu Yue and Xu Xiaoyan, who was sitting next to Tang Wulin.

    Hearing this, Huang Yu's interest diminished a bit. If their topic was going to be about school, and a subject that he wasn't even taking nonetheless, he might as well go and take a nap to try and ignore his temptations.

    Tang Wulin laughed. "We're finally away from school, so let's talk about something unrelated. Okay, how about our ambitions? Xinglan, you start. What's your heart set on?"

    With that, they started talking about their own ambitions for the future. Huang Yu's disinterest quickly changed as he listened intently to them. They were all different people, so he found their ambitions and why they chose them rather interesting.

    Eventually, Ye Xinglan, Xu Lizhi, Xie Xie, and Xu Xiaoyan talked about their ambitions. Tang Wulin, having heard theirs, turned to Gu Yue.

    "Gu Yue, how about you? What do you want to do?"

    Xie Xie was about to tease Gu Yue at this time but suddenly stopped. If he really did say what he said, then it would be rather untactful considering what was going on in their group at the moment. Also, it wasn't good for his own well-being.

    Hearing Tang Wulin's words, Gu Yue went lost in thought for a moment. She glanced towards Huang Yu several times before she finally answered. "I want to have a nice family."

    The moment those words were spoken, everyone else's eyes widened in astonishment, even Huang Yu's. They all waited for her to elaborate, but Gu Yue didn't speak anymore.

    Tang Wulin laughed strangely after hearing that. Then, he turned to Huang Yu, hesitating slightly before he asked, "Huang Yu, what about you then?"

    Huang Yu raised an eyebrow before he spoke with a smile on his face. "I want to make a nice little organisation of my own."

    "An organisation? Is that why you didn't join the Tang Sect previously?" Xu Xiaoyan asked with a tilt of her head.


    "Creating an entirely new organisation is hard though. You need to have a lot of resources, manpower and prestige to do so. It's almost impossible to make a successful organisation otherwise." Ye Xinglan said.

    Huang Yu chuckled but didn't reply.

    Gu Yue, seeing this, suddenly spoke up at this time. "I believe that you can do it though, Huang Yu."

    Hearing this, Huang Yu turned to Gu Yue with a twinkle in his gaze before smiling. "Thanks. In the future, I'll give you a tour of my organisation's main base."

    "I'll be looking forward to it then."

    When the others heard this, they were all still rather skeptical. However, they didn't say anything more about it.

    I guess this is what they call, having eyes but can't see Mt. Tai.

    When they arrived at Heaven Spirit City, they went to the local Spirit Pagoda to cajole a few people into a fight.

    The first one they provoked was a battle armour master. They fought around with the battle armour master for a while before she got pissed off and was about to suit up. Seeing this, Huang Yu decided to swiftly go and knock her out to prevent the fight from getting out of hand.

    Unfortunately, the battle caused enough of a commotion to have many high-level mechas dispatched. Huang Yu didn't have anything to restrain them without attacking for real, which also meant that the mechas would be damaged badly, so they had to escape. With that, they were no longer able to go and bully the people at the Spirit Pagoda since there was more security there now.

    Hence, they decided that it would be easier and more convenient to go challenge spirit academies in the cities they were heading to instead.

    The first academy they terr- gave pointers to was Skyorder Star Ocean Academy. The students there that were unfortunate enough to be picked to fight against them were swiftly sent to the infirmary.

    Also, Xu Xiaoyan flipped them the bird when she 'accidentally' took some star energy from their academy to upgrade her martial spirit. With that, she was no longer completely useless in the daytime.

    The next few academies they had given pointers to were swiftly defeated as well. In fact, they were able to consistently do three matches a day.

    When they had finished their ninth battle, they went to the Sun Moon Soul Engineering Academy to complete their tenth one. When they had arrived, Wu Zhangkong had told them about the grudge between this academy and Shrek Academy and that if the challenge was won, they would instantly get full marks for the entire test and ten bonus points as well.

    Pretty convenient for Tang Wulin who wanted to share his points huh.

    Of course, if the challenge ended with them losing, then they would all instantly fail. However, did that outcome even have the slightest possibility of occurring with Huang Yu and Gu Yue there?

    To make things harder for them, Wu Zhangkong decided to go up to the academy with a megaphone.

    "Pay attention, students of the Imperial Sun Moon Soul Engineering Academy. The seven of us come from Shrek Academy! We're all fourteen years old and we're here to destroy your strongest team under the age of twenty. We're ready to show you once again that you're not even worthy to carry our shoes!"

    Wu Zhangkong's voice thundered throughout the area, courtesy of the megaph- sorry, the soul megaphone.

    After that, he pressed a soul button on the soul megaphone and passed the soul megaphone to Tang Wulin's hands before leaving in a flash.

    Seeing this, Gu Yue whispered into Huang Yu's ear. "Is Teacher Wu learning from you as well? His acting skills are pretty similar to yours."

    Huang Yu let out a wry smile hearing this.

    A blonde, middle-aged man walked out of the school building with an incensed look on his face. "Shrek Academy?" he asked.

    No shit Sherlock. You don't see the soul megaphone in Tang Wulin's hands?

    Tang Wulin stored the soul megaphone in his storage ring and stepped forward. "We're from Shrek Academy's outer court. The first-grade class."

    "If you want to challenge us, then so be it. Follow me. Just keep in mind that this battle will be broadcasted live." With that, the blonde-haired man walked off into the academy.

    Gu Yue whispered in Huang Yu's ear again after she heard this. "It looks like this academy really wants to throw its own face to broadcast this live."

    "Give them a break. They've been the number two academy on the continent for so long. And you know that second place is the first loser." Huang Yu said with a fake sigh. He didn't care about Shrek, but he just wanted to poke fun at other academies.

    Hearing this, Gu Yue giggled.

    "What the f.u.c.k"

    Those were the only words going through the minds of the people of the Imperial Sun Moon Soul Engineering Academy.

    In front of their eyes, was something they couldn't believe. When the seven students from Shrek Academy had arrived, they all thought that it would at least be a tough battle even if they lost.

    They didn't expect that it only took two students, the red-haired boy and the black-haired girl, to completely demolish their students in less than a minute.

    The blonde-haired man who had invited them in had a look of horror on his face. They had wanted to broadcast the battle live to the continent so that they could ruin Shrek's name if they won this battle or use this battle as motivation for themselves if they lost.

    However, how could they get motivation from this battle when it was this one-sided?

    That red-haired brat even broke two spirit fusion skills with a slap!


    What the hell did Shrek Academy feed to their students to get to this level? They knew that Shrek Academy's students were always strong, but this just reached a stupid level.

    As the Shrek Academy students were about to leave, everyone in the stadium heard Huang Yu say something to the referee that made all of them want to spit blood in anger.

    "Sorry if I hurt those guys who did the spirit fusion severely. It's hard to use so little force in a fight."