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    After a while, the soul train that Huang Yu was in eventually made it to the soul train station of a random city. However, Huang Yu, who was lost in thought, didn't realise this.

    It was only when the soul train doors opened did he finally snap out of this state. Getting up, Huang Yu frowned slightly. He normally never got this lost in his thoughts after he awakened the King's Wisdom since he was capable of resolving problems at a fast pace after its awakening.

    The fact that he did get so lost in his thoughts was proof of how much Gu Yue's situation troubled him.

    He shook his head to get rid of those thoughts. He couldn't do anything about it at the moment anyway, so why bother thinking about it some more? It was better to just live in the moment.

    The moment that thought crossed his head, Huang Yu's eyes widened.

    Living in the moment. Those words they just might be a piece in the puzzle of creating a new philosophy of his new cultivation technique.

    Sure those words have a very easy to understand the meaning on the surface, but Huang Yu could feel that there was a deeper meaning deep down.

    It was something a normal human could not comprehend. This was because it was more akin to a feeling rather than something that could be put into human words.

    It didn't make sense, but could human words give an explanation to something in a higher dimension? A human's five senses were incredibly limited. Only with one's spiritual feelings could a being truly understand the universe.

    The reason Huang Yu could feel something about those words was because the King's Wisdom had already given him complete comprehension of two of the fundamental forces of the universe. Huang Yu's understanding of the world he was living in was incomparable to any non-God level being on Douluo Plane at the moment.

    This was something Huang Yu would need to ponder and comprehend more of in his own time. Him fretting over Gu Yue's situation previously was actually a blessing in disguise.

    He quickly left the soul train since the doors were about to close. When he exited the soul train, he found Wu Zhangkong waiting for him there, sitting on one of the seats in the waiting area.

    Huang Yu wasn't really surprised about this. He had sensed Wu Zhangkong's arrival long ago.

    "Teacher Wu, what are you doing here? I thought that the teachers were supposed to be watching from the shadows." Huang Yu asked. He had an inkling of what was going on, but he wanted a confirmation.

    Wu Zhangkong stood up. "The dead body of an evil Spirit Master was found nearby the soul train tracks in a forest. We believe that he was about to commit an act terrorism but was killed before he could do so. To be safe, you have to get together in a group with your classmates since there aren't enough teachers to supervise all of you."

    Ah it was almost exactly as he expected. Normally he would reprimand Xiao Chen and Romario for not cleaning up the traces of a battle, but it seemed to work out in his favour this time since he could see Gu Yue again.

    Now that he thought about it, his thoughts seemed to stray to Gu Yue quite often these past few months. Realising what was going on, he almost let out a sigh.

    He would admit it. He liked Gu Yue. Not only that, he was pretty sure that she liked him too. However, his modern ethics stopped him from trying to get in that type of relationship with her.

    It wasn't a complete certainty that Gu Yue was a spirit beast and was past the age of consent. Without knowing for sure, he didn't dare try to extend their relationship anything beyond a platonic one.

    Sure he could just take a bit of blood from her to check, but he wasn't the type of person who did these types of things to the ones he cared about.

    Call him a coward if you will, but this was a moral bottom line of his that he would never cross.

    Wu Zhangkong brought Huang Yu outside the soul train station. The moment they exited it, Huang Yu was greeted with the sight of Gu Yue, Tang Wulin, Xu Lizhi, Xie Xie, Xu Xiaoyan and Ye Xinglan.

    Gu Yue had been chatting with Tang Wulin. However, the moment she saw Huang Yu appear, her eyes brightened up as she excused herself from the conversation.

    "You're here," she said rather cheerfully.

    Huang Yu smiled as he saw her before nodding his head in affirmation.

    "We're heading to the Spirit Pagoda to find some opponents. Do you want to go?" Gu Yue inquired. If Huang Yu had any other ideas on where to go, then Gu Yue was willing to change the place they were going to even though it was her that convinced the others to go there in the first place.

    "Sure. Let's go."


    Huang Yu joined the group before they headed off to the local Spirit Pagoda. During their trip there, Ye Xinglan had tried a few times to get a conversation with Huang Yu. However, each and every time, Gu Yue would interrupt her before she could say anything by speaking first.

    Noticing this, Ye Xinglan couldn't help but feel that Gu Yue had a sixth sense for this.

    Tang Wulin himself had tried to talk to Gu Yue a few times. Unfortunately, she would reply curtly before going back to talk with Huang Yu again.

    Due to this, Tang Wulin had to go and talk to the others instead.

    Huang Yu saw all this of course. Despite this, he didn't deign to say anything about it. Inside his thoughts though, he couldn't help but comment that Gu Yue was rather devious in her actions.

    When they arrived at the Spirit Pagoda, they were unfortunately rejected from being given any help despite Gu Yue being a disciple of the Heavenly Phoenix Douluo, a very influential elder in the Spirit Pagoda.

    It seemed that Gu Yue's teacher had also been informed about this test and she didn't want to make it easy for Gu Yue.

    As a result of this, Huang Yu and the others had to resort to some more interesting methods to fight against opponents.

    "Sir, if you want to get past this area, please give us a sizeable donation."

    Sun Runyu was extremely confused when he was suddenly blocked by several strangers. Out of all of them, the most eye-catching one was the one with bright red hair.

    "What are you kids doing? You shouldn't be playing jokes around the Spirit Pagoda. Hurry up and go home!" Sun Runyu suddenly shouted with the imposing airs of a military officer.

    Hearing this, Gu Yue suddenly spoke up. "Hmph, so you're calling us a bunch of jokes just for asking for some donations?"

    'Eh?' Sun Runyu thought confusedly.

    Gu Yue suddenly put her hands on her heart as her eyes slowly became red. "I've been hurt emotionally. I don't think I can live on any longer."


    A loud snort came from Huang Yu. "To hurt the heart of a young maiden. You are truly despicable! Guys, let's make him give Gu Yue an explanation!"


    And thus, Sun Runyu had an unfortunate encounter with several students from Shrek Academy who were forced to do this for the sake of their tests.

    When he found himself waking up in the hospital a few hours later, Sun Runyu still didn't truly understand what had happened.

    "You kids! Who set off the soul power alarm?!"

    In front of the students of Shrek Academy were five purple mechas. They were quite imposing, standing at a height of three feet.

    When Huang Yu heard this, a deadpanned look almost appeared on his face. However, thanks to his strong willpower, he kept a straight face as he ratted one of his teammates out.

    "Sir! It was him/her!"

    At this moment, the purple mecha pilots had their eyebrows raised inside their mechas. These kids were just randomly pointing at each other.

    "Since none of you want to be honest, all of you will have to come with us. Don't worry, the Spirit Pagoda's punishment won't be too harsh."

    "How much is not 'too harsh'?" Tang Wulin suddenly asked.

    "At best, you'll just be fined."

    Everyone looked at each other for a moment before nodding their heads. All at once, they performed a special and complex manoeuvre that took many years to master.


    Immediately, they all blasted off. As they did so, Huang Yu had grabbed Gu Yue's hand to pull her along as they ran, making her blush a lightly at the contact.

    The pilots of the purple mechas, who were the law enforcement officers of the Spirit Pagoda sighed seeing this. Weren't kids supposed to look up to mecha pilots?

    The mechas began quickly chasing after them. Sadly, they didn't know

    That they had activated Huang Yu's trap card!

    A few moments later, the three purple mechas were tied up in chains that they for some reason couldn't break.

    Standing next to Huang Yu, Gu Yue suddenly teased him. "I wonder why you have chains like those with you, Huang Yu Your taste is quite heavy..."

    With a completely straight face, Huang Yu replied. "Because I am a man of culture and have very refined tastes!"


    Gu Yu was left dumbfounded by Huang Yu's answer. She really couldn't tell whether Huang Yu was joking or if he was being serious.

    At the side, Wu Zhangkong was watching the misadventures of his students. Despite his default cold and aloof persona, he really had to exert himself to not laugh at their actions. Only when he managed to hide himself properly did he finally burst out in laughter.

    Those kids were truly too domineering, weren't they? To cause such chaos at the Spirit Pagoda and do it in such a strange manner.

    It was only after a while did Wu Zhangkong finally manage to restrain his laughter. He took a glance at Huang Yu, then at Gu Yue, before a look of melancholy appeared on his face.

    'Those two have gotten really close. Hopefully, they don't commit the same mistakes that I did'

    Wu Zhangkong shook his head to get rid of depressing thoughts. After that, he disappeared from his spot.

    'They look really good together.'