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    A few months passed and eventually the first semester's final exam neared. Throughout the past few months, there were a couple of things worth noting, such as a battle between Tang Wulin's group and Wu Siduo's group and the battle between their class and an upper-grade class. However, Huang Yu didn't really care much about them since he wasn't involved at all.

    The battle between Tang Wulin's group and Wu Siduo's group naturally had nothing to do with him. On the other hand, he didn't partake in the upper-grade battle since he was barred from it by the teachers.

    Apparently, he was considered an anomaly so he wasn't a representation of how strong the class actually was considering he beat the rest of the class by himself. While holding back immensely may he add.

    To his surprise though, two people he was familiar with appeared in his class during this time. It was Xu Lizhi and Ye Xinglan.

    For some reason, something changed in the inner courts. Huang Yu didn't know the specifics of what happened because he didn't find it important to learn about, but the outcome of it was that their class was disbanded and had to go to the outer court.

    When the two of them had seen Huang Yu in the class, their first instinct was to freeze.

    Xu Lizhi froze because of what he saw that day during the fight between Huang Yu and Ye Xinglan at the Skysea Alliance Tournament. After Huang Yu's complete and utter domination of Ye Xinglan, he didn't even dare to approach him.

    Ye Xinglan on the other hand, froze because of the complex emotions she was feeling. During these past few years, she had thought through the words that Huang Yu had spoken to her that day. With that, although she could be still rather arrogant at times, it was no longer directed at everyone.

    Just the people she wanted to piss off.

    She had wanted to go up to Huang Yu for a chat, but she could never really find a proper time when he was alone to have a talk with him. He always seemed to either be with a black-haired girl, or he was just unable to be found.

    As for Zhuo Shi, he had a pretty crappy time with Huang Yu. When he was first teleported away, he took three days to return to Shrek City. After that, he immediately went to see Huang Yu again.

    He tried to get Huang Yu to follow him again. However this time, Huang Yu didn't even bother to listen to Zhou Shi's nonsense. He just gave a quick, "Adios amigo," before giving Zhou Shi the truck-kun treatment to another city.

    This happened four times before Zhou Shi finally got the message and stopped disturbing Huang Yu.

    When his fellow elders heard about his plight, Zhuo Shi couldn't even show his face in front of them without getting laughed at.

    "The first semester's final exam you've all been looking forward to is almost here," Shen Yi said while standing behind the lectern in the lecture theatre.

    Hearing that, Huang Yu's first impression was to give a *pui* at her. No one, and I mean absolutely no one, likes exams. They should all be burned with fire.

    "Five people will be expelled according to the results of the exam. Work hard if you don't want to be one of those five."

    At this point, Tang Wulin suddenly spoke up. "Teacher Shen, is there any way to avoid having anyone expelled?

    Shen Yi quirked an eyebrow at his question. "There is."

    Tang Wulin's expression lit up immediately hearing that. "What do we have to do so no one is expelled?"

    "The results of the final exam will be based on how many points you score. If everyone meets the minimum score, then everyone might be able to pass. But the bar for the next semester's exam would be raised by five percent. You can help the others if you're willing to share your points with them, but be careful of how many points you give away. They could be the difference between making it into the inner court or not."

    Hearing this, Huang Yu shifted his gaze to look at Tang Wulin. From his expression, Huang Yu could tell that Tang Wulin was planning on being that guy

    You know... that one guy who does everyone else's homework at school...

    To be honest, the system of being able to share points is a pretty stupid idea. They may be able to pass because of the shared points, but if they can't get past the minimum score on their own, then they probably shouldn't be at Shrek anyways.

    Even if you helped them out like this now, they most likely will do worse in the next assessment. There are stories of how some people improved dramatically after the first test of course, but they are the exceptions, not the rule.

    "Now here are the details of the exam"

    To summarise Shen Yi's words, all the students will go to Bright City while going through at least ten cities in between. In every city, a spirit master five ranks above the examinee has to be defeated and no help is allowed during this time.

    Furthermore, spatial rings, communicators, and any other resource being possessed will be confiscated before they head out. When Huang Yu heard this, his first action was to subtly remove the spatial ring on his finger before throwing it in a pocket dimension he had just created.

    There was no way anyone was getting a hold of his spatial ring. He had lots of 'confidential' stuff inside. It was of utmost importance that no one else knows what was inside.

    Especially Gu Yue.

    The duration of this exam would be fifteen days. One would have to obtain resources, then travel to over ten cities, defeat the required spirit masters, and return to the academy all in this timeframe.

    As class ended, there was a body search done by the teachers at Shrek Academy and everyone's items were confiscated except Huang Yu's of course.

    When the teachers had not found anything on Huang Yu, including no spatial ring, they all grew suspicious and checked him especially thoroughly. Unfortunately for them, how could they have ever expected that Huang Yu could open up a mini-pocket dimension?

    As the body search was completed, Huang Yu walked out of the lecture theatre with Gu Yue.

    "Gu Yue" Huang Yu whispered.


    "You wanna go get some money together?"

    There was no way Huang Yu was going to spend his own money for this test. Hence, he wanted to use the money he had obtained in another fashion.

    "How?" she inquired.

    A few more words whispered in Gu Yue's ears later, a massive grin could be seen on her face. "I like the way you think Huang Yu."

    "My apologies, this is a robbery. Line up properly, ladies and gentlemen!" Huang Yu said in a gentlemanly fashion with both hands behind his back. Gu Yue was standing next to him in a rather elegant manner.

    The two of them were blocking the path of a group of gangsters who were walking on the streets. The group of gangsters being inhibited by both Huang Yu and Gu Yue couldn't help but have looks of bewilderment at what they were currently facing.

    "What?" one female gangster asked.

    It was Gu Yue's turn to speak at this moment. "Hush, no more nonsense. Hurry the hell up." she spoke in a severe tone.

    "Listen to the lady, please. Men on the left and women on the right." As Huang Yu said so, he summoned his martial spirit.

    One of the men blocked wasn't really amused by this play and got angry. "What the hell are you brats doing? Get out of our wa"


    He didn't get to finish as he was suddenly elbowed in the gut fiercely by Gu Yue. During these past few months, she had practised martial arts together with Huang Yu. She wasn't super into it at first, but after a while, she found out how amazing it actually was when she managed to combine her elements into combat.

    Even Huang Yu himself had complimented on how deadly her fighting style was when martial arts were used in conjunction with her elemental control.

    The gangster, who was at Rank 48 was blown away as a result of the combination between the tornado and the force from Gu Yue's blow. He landed a few metres away with a bruise on his abdomen.

    The only reason he only received this much damage was because Gu Yue was holding back immensely in her strike.

    "What! Did you guys not catch his words? He said men on the left and women on the right! You guys better get your shit together!" Gu Yue shouted at them.

    Gu Yue's words and actions caused the entire group to summon their martial spirits. As they were about to attack, a terrifying sword intent burst out, cowing them from making any moves.

    Huang Yu snorted, "Did you guys think that Yours Truly was joking about this?!? Line up!"

    Having felt Huang Yu's domineering aura, the group of gangsters wanted to spit blood. However, they reluctantly listened to Huang Yu.

    "Now take them out." Gu Yue said.

    At those words, the gangsters gritted their teeth before removing their spirit rings. They wanted to hide some of the items they had on hand in their pockets but a flair of Huang Yu's aura stopped them from trying any tricks.

    When all the items were laid out on the floor, Huang Yu suddenly walked towards one of the female gangsters. She was rather pretty and had a voluptuous figure.

    As Huang Yu stood in front of her, she tried to seduce him by bending forwards a bit and revealing some more cleavage.

    Gu Yue, seeing this, wanted to just drop the act and pummel this woman at this moment.

    "Alright, alright. Hand em out!" Huang Yu laughed before holding out his palm.

    The woman flinched seeing this before she took out her own items that she had hidden.

    Huang Yu swiftly picked up all the items that had been placed on the floor by attracting them to his arms with the King's Wisdom. He turned to Gu Yue before saying, "Let's go."

    A nod was what Huang Yu received in reply before the two of them walked off back to the academy.

    Walking off, Huang Yu suddenly turned back to look at them without them noticing. The humour in his eyes was suddenly replaced by a cold glint.

    "Huang Yu, what's wrong?"

    Huang Yu blinked once, returning his gaze back to normal before he shifted his gaze back to Gu Yue and laughed. "It's nothing."

    The mob of gangsters began going back to their hangout empty-handed and fuming with anger.

    "Damn it!" the one who had been hit by Gu Yue previously shouted. "If I ever see that bitch again, I'll make sure to break her!"

    "Humph, we'll just ask our brothers to gang up and attack them."

    "Are you sure though? If they're brave and strong enough to do something like this to us, shouldn't they be from Shrek Academy?"

    As these words were spoken, all the mobsters quieted down. Gritting their teeth, they realised that they probably wouldn't get a chance to exact their revenge.

    When they arrived at their hangout, they noticed that something was off. It was oddly quiet there, something that was usually impossible considering the people inside. Not only that, there was an odd metallic yet sweet smell in the surroundings.

    This brought a sense of dread to all of them. Had Shrek Academy finally come to bust them today? That can't be right? They weren't big enough to warrant Shrek Academy's attention so they mostly went unnoticed all this time in Shrek City.

    Slowly, one of them approached the door to the hangout. Twisting the doorknob to their hangout, what they saw next caused their blood to freeze.

    Dead, unmoving bodies decorated the room while blood dyed the walls red. There were limbs strewn around the room as well, showing signs of a struggle, albeit a brief one.

    Looking at this, all of them were silenced. Bile rushed up to their throats as they forcefully tried to swallow it back down.

    After a few moments did they finally manage to calm down a bit. They were about to run away, but a voice from inside the hangout suddenly paralyzed all of them.

    "Are you leaving so soon?"

    From the darkness of the shadows inside the hangout, a cloaked man with dark skin appeared. On his forehead was a small red bindu. There seemed to be several small dots on his head but they were mostly covered by the cloak he was wearing. The man lacked eyebrows and seemed to wear a pair of large hooped gold earrings. On his cloak were two symbols of on each side of his shoulder.

    "You should stay." As he said those words, the group of gangsters felt an irresistible force dragging them into the hideout before the doors slammed shut.

    Inside the dark hangout, one male gangster in the group stuttered out, "W, who are y, you and w, what do you w, want with us!"

    The dark-skinned man gave a bright smile. However, on his large lips, he looked outright terrifying.

    "You may call me Romaria Traviola, the name that was given to me by his eminence. As for what I want with you well, your group has been rather naughty recently hasn't it?"

    A look of realisation suddenly appeared on the face of the woman who attempted seducing Huang Yu previously. "You're from Nox! And a bishop from there nonetheless!"

    At those words, all of the gangsters paled even further.

    Romaria didn't deny nor confirm those words as he continued speaking. "Drug dealing, child trafficking, ****. Those are but some of the misdeeds your little group has condoned. Because of these acts, you have brought upon yourselves the fury of our king our God" Romaria whispered out the last part.

    "You can't do this! You should hand us to be judged by the law!

    A sneer appeared on Romario's face as he heard this.

    "My king's words are the law."