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    Tang Wulin was puzzled.

    Actually no, scratch that. He was completely bewildered.

    There were two reasons for this. One of them was the fact that Huang Yu just copied his technique and used it even better than he did.

    How did Huang Yu even use it though. That technique required one to train in reversing their blood essence in order to use it. It wasn't something that talent could do. You really needed time to master Shocks the Heavens.

    When he brought this concern to his teacher, Zhuo Shi, who was technically also their grandmaster, he saw a strange expression appear on Zhuo Shi's face. Zhuo Shi quickly hid it though and just told Tang Wulin that it wasn't anything to worry about.

    "I'll go meet him about it later." were Zhuo Shi's words.

    As for the other reason for his bewilderment, it was one that he was far more worried about than just Huang Yu copying his techniques.

    It was about his relationship with Gu Yue.

    'What happened?' Tang Wulin thought as he searched for Xie Xie and Xu Xiaoyan. 'Why did Gu Yue avoid me holding her hands?'

    Back at Eastsea Academy, his relationship with her could be considered amazing. The two of them were together quite often and she would side with him for almost anything.

    As a result of this, the two of them had been teased many times by Xie Xie and Xu Xiaoyan that they could be childhood sweethearts and grow up to become a power couple.

    However, this started to change after returning from the Skysea Alliance Tournament.

    Starting from that time, she began spending a lot more time with Huang Yu, someone who was considered sort of an outsider in their group. Huang Yu tended not to mix around with them, and he seemed to disappear every so often.

    Back to about Gu Yue, she began spending less and less time with all of them, eventually reaching the point now where she didn't even bother meeting up with them anymore unless there was something going on that required them to work together, like for the creation of battle armour.

    Even then, he knew that the only reason Gu Yue joined their group was because Huang Yu didn't want to make any battle armour.

    As all of these ran through his head, Tang Wulin couldn't help but wish that Gu Yue could just return to the old her. He missed her companionship.

    Lost in thought, Tang Wulin didn't even realise when he had arrived at his dorm that he shared with Xie Xie and Xu Xiaoyan.

    "So you're saying that you're the Scarlet Dragon Douluo Zhou Shi and that you're my grandmaster?"

    "That's right."

    "Greetings to grandmaster, I guess?" Huang Yu said.

    Seeing this, Zhuo Shi raised an eyebrow. He had heard about this specific grand disciple of his from the others that Huang Yu wasn't really the type of person who shows respect to others. He didn't believe it at first, but seeing him like this now, he knew where the others were coming from.

    This brat wasn't even pretending to be filial to his teachers. From Huang Yu's posture to his tone of voice when he greeted him, he could tell that Huang Yu didn't even care that the person standing in front of him was his grandmaster.

    Zhuo Shi didn't particularly mind of course. With the strength and talent he had heard that Huang Yu had, he was allowed to be arrogant like this.

    "Umm, so can I go now? I have a meeting with a friend in around 10 minutes." The mentioned friend was naturally Gu Yue. She had texted him, asking him out a while ago via the spirit communicator.

    Huang Yu wasn't one to be late, so he was naturally in a hurry to get there now.

    Snapped out of his thoughts by Huang Yu's words, Zhuo Shi spoke. "Cancel it. It isn't that important. I want to see your Shocks the Heavens."

    Huang Yu was dumbfounded when he heard these words. His grandmaster was also this type of person?

    Weren't Zhuo Shi's actions too unreasonable? No sane person would just go up to someone they never met before, call themselves their grandmaster and then ask them to cancel all their preexisting appointments.

    Huang Yu gave a smile that didn't reach his eyes. "I'm sorry, but it's actually really important, so I have to go now. Maybe we can set another time for that." Huang Yu said as he tried to leave through another way.

    The only reason Huang Yu didn't outright just ignore this guy was because he was Wu Zhangkong's teacher. He may have already outstripped Wu Zhangkong in strength and skill, but his respect for him was still rather deep. Wu Zhangkong could be said to be the best teacher he ever met in this life and the last.

    As Huang Yu began leaving, Zhuo Shi frowned. He didn't expect that he would be rejected like this. How could any existing appointment be more important than the words of an elder of Shrek Academy.

    He instantly appeared in front of Huang Yu's path again. "I'll help you take care of anything that comes up as a result of not going. For now, just come with me."

    Zhuo Shi moved his arm forward to grab Huang Yu on the shoulder. Before he could make contact, he heard a sigh.

    "Go away."

    The moment those words were spoken, Zhuo Shi suddenly found himself falling from 1000 metres in the sky.

    Dropping down at breakneck speeds, he made use of his Titled Douluo cultivation and stabilised his altitude. When his fall came to a halt, he couldn't but exclaim in shock in his heart.

    'What was that?! How am I suddenly here right now?'

    Zhuo Shi was about to fly back to search for Huang Yu, but when he lowered himself to an altitude below the clouds, he found out that he had been sent to another city completely.

    "Holy shiet that f.u.c.k.i.n.g brat..."

    When Huang Yu arrived at the meeting spot, he was surprised to see that Gu Yue was already there waiting for him.

    Gu Yue wore a beautiful plum-coloured dress that perfectly complemented the colour of her eyes. On her head was a sunhat that gave Gu Yue an innocent vibe.

    As a Spirit Master, although she was only thirteen years of age, she looked far more like a sixteen-year-old at this moment. She was 168cm tall and had long slender legs that could attract the attention of any man. She wasn't particularly pretty, but she had an aura around her that wouldn't make her lose out to a beauty.

    In fact, a few men wanted to talk to her. However, they were all cowed by that same aura that she exuded.

    Despite her current body maturity, Huang Yu was strong in both body and mind. 'She was still thirteen' he reminded himself repeatedly every day. He was not a degenerate and would not commit a horrid crime.

    Milfs are number one.

    "Gu Yue," Huang Yu called out. As he did so, the cold aura surrounding Gu Yue hurriedly disappeared as she turned to Huang Yu with a bright smile.

    "Huang Yu, you're here!"

    Gu Yue went over quickly. Going over, she noticed many surrounding females staring at Huang Yu. This wasn't really a surprise to her. Huang Yu himself had grown quite tall at his age, standing at a height of 174cm and had an amazing physique. Not only that, he had grown incredibly handsome and emanated an aura that attracted people's attention. It was no wonder that other girls would have an interest in him.

    Naturally, due to Gu Yue's dragon instincts, she could be rather possessive. Hence, with a look from her, the other girls staring at Huang Yu were cowed.

    Huang Yu noticed this and let out a soft chuckle. "You want to go now?"

    "Yea, I know a really nice place we could go to." Gu Yue said with a nod of her head. As she said that, she held Huang Yu's arm and pulled him along.

    Seeing this, Huang Yu raised an eyebrow. This girl was really getting more and more courageous as time passed wasn't she?

    Though, Huang Yu couldn't help but feel that she was kinda cute with that blush on her face she was trying to hide.