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    Total silence.

    Those words perfectly described the situation at the platform after Huang Yu had spoken those words.

    'Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens, was that how you did it?'

    Huang Yu's words repeated over and over in their head. In the beginning, none of them could fathom what Huang Yu's words implied, but everyone slowly started understanding what was going on.

    He had copied Tang Wulin's technique just by looking at it!

    Elder Cai, Shen Yi and Wu Zhangkong's eyes were wide open as they looked at Huang Yu in shock. They wanted to tell themselves that this was a dream, but reality was a harsh slap in their faces.

    The 'Shocks the Heavens' technique was one that took years of study and dedication from a Titled Douluo to create. Not only that, it was one made by the Scarlet Dragon Douluo, Zhuo Shi! That person was Shen Yi and Wu Zhangkong's teacher!

    The two of them respected Zhuo Shi very deeply. In their hearts, he was like an immovable mountain that acted as a pillar that shielded them from wind and rain.

    Elder Cai often made fun of Zhuo Shi as well. However, deep down, she respected him for his talents and capabilities in combat. She knew how difficult Zhuo Shi's techniques were to master.

    Hence, seeing Huang Yu stealing one of Zhuo Shi's techniques from Tang Wulin and using it so smoothly made all of them feel horrified.

    Was this type of talent one that should belong to a human? It seemed more like the talent of gods...

    Tang Wulin felt his breath caught in his throat. His eyes were wide open as well.

    Huang Yu's attack was extremely similar to his. It was so similar to the point where he even felt the Golden Dragon King's energy from Huang Yu's punch.

    Wasn't he supposed to be the only one with the Golden Dragon King's power? How did Huang Yu have it?

    This was also the reason Gu Yue was shocked.

    From what Gu Yue knew, other than having the third eye and a very special set of circ.u.mstances in his body, Huang Yu was a human. A very talented and powerful one, but a human nonetheless.

    Then how? How did he manage to obtain the Golden Dragon King's power and use it in that strike against Tang Wulin?

    The reason that was unknown to the two of them was that Huang Yu had always been studying Tang Wulin's bloodline.

    He would get samples of Tang Wulin's DNA often and study them to learn more about his bloodline. Out of all the DNA's he had ever studied, Tang Wulin's seemed to contain the most secrets, barring his own bloodline of course.

    The fact that he had been in contact so much about Tang Wulin's bloodline allowed him to perfectly replicate it with the King's Wisdom and use it as well.

    Trying it out, Huang Yu would say that it wasn't anything special. His own bloodline was far superior to it.

    If any god were to hear Huang Yu's words right now, they would want to choke him to death.

    The other students didn't know all this. However, their reactions were spectacular as well, with them all having their jaws wide open seeing Huang Yu perfectly emulate Tang Wulin's attack.

    At this point, Huang Yu let out a hum. "Shocks the Heavens not that bad."

    Not that bad? Was that the only rating the only one he would give to a technique that sent fear into the hearts of many?

    If Zhuo Shi were to hear these words, he would be spitting mouthfuls of blood in anger.

    Huang Yu smiled before holding out a hand. "I guess I'll try my own version of it then. Come out Jormungandr"

    As those words were spoken, a small ball of light suddenly came out of Huang Yu's body. The small ball of light quickly morphed into a small bearded snake that quickly rested on Huang Yu's outstretched palm.

    Tang Wulin, who managed to calm himself down enough thanks to his great mental strength spoke up seeing this. "What do you mean by your own version" Tang Wulin choked out, looking at the small snake on Huang Yu's palm.

    Gu Yue herself was a bit nervous herself. Although both Gu Yue and Tang Wulin had the most powerful dragon bloodlines in the universe, they could both feel something strange about the snake in Huang Yu's hands.


    The moment those words were spoken, Jorm's eyes turned blood red before it turned into strands of light that entered Huang Yu's arm.

    Huang Yu slid one foot back, and c.o.c.ked his arm in preparation to throw a punch.

    "I usually don't like to do names like these since they're kinda cringy. But, I gotta respect the source material, y'know?"

    Huang Yu twisted his body forwards as he threw the punch.

    "[World Eater Devours the Heavens]"

    The spectre of a massive head that was larger than a bus suddenly appeared behind Huang Yu's body. When Huang Yu's punch was fully thrown, the spectral head that very clearly belonged to Jorm roared loudly.

    A devouring energy was blasted in Tang Wulin's direction. In the face of this power, spirit energy or bloodline power, all of them were merely nutrition of this monstrous attack.

    Seeing this, Elder Cai attempted to teleport Tang Wulin out of the platform. However, to her dismay, there were no spatial energies to be used for teleportation!

    Unknown to her, the reason for this was that Huang Yu's [World Eater Devours the Heavens] rang true to its namesake and devoured even that!

    Elder Cai let out a tsk before she rushed downwards, her nine rings all summoned behind her back. Shen Yi and Wu Zhangkong weren't idle as well as they made their way to rescue Tang Wulin.

    Appearing in front of Tang Wulin, a brilliant moon was summoned by Elder Cai as it collided with the devouring energies.

    As the two powers collided, Elder Cai noticed something wrong. Why did the attack seem to get stronger while she felt her own spirit energy being drained at a massive rate?

    With a sudden realisation, Elder Cai suddenly widened her eyes before quickly narrowing them again. Noticing that Tang Wulin had already been removed from the battlefield, she was about to truly put effort into pushing back before the devouring force.

    However, at that moment, the devouring force abruptly disappeared.

    Elder Cai turned to look at Huang Yu who was chuckling nervously while scratching the back of his head. "Sorry, I got a bit too excited and forgot to hold back enough for that punch"


    The battle was stopped after that despite there being Gu Yue left. After Huang Yu's show of power, there wasn't any point in him fighting her anyways.

    With that, Huang Yu was exempted from the mandatory creation of battle armour, which brought him great joy.

    As Huang Yu walked back to his dorm room with Gu Yue, she suddenly asked him a question.

    "Huang Yu, how did you use the Golden Dragon powers just now?" Gu Yue asked seriously. She had stopped questioning Huang Yu like this quite a while ago about his powers, but this was something that was too important to the spirit beasts.

    If Huang Yu had the bloodline of the Golden Dragon King as well, then they could

    Gu Yue blushed as rampant thoughts ran through her head.

    Huang Yu raised an eyebrow. "I borrowed it from Tang Wulin." Technically he wasn't lying. He had borrowed genetic material from Tang Wulin to learn to create the Golden Dragon King's energy. He just didn't specify what the 'it' he had borrowed was.

    No matter how much Gu Yue had learned from Huang Yu these past few years, she still couldn't outplay him when it came to a play of words like this. Hence, she didn't ask more.

    "Oh," There was a slight disappointment. However, she pushed it aside. Even if he didn't have it, it wouldn't change how their relationship worked anyways.

    Back in their room, Huang Yu found a small box on his desk. On it, was a note that read:

    'These are the herbs as promised in the contract.'

    Huang Yu opened up the small box, to find a spatial ring inside. He took a few moments to scan through the spatial ring, making sure Yun Ming didn't give him less than promised.

    Although he knew that someone as prestigious as Yun Ming probably wouldn't do something like that, it never hurt to be cautious. Who knew what was going on in the heads of man.

    After he checked that everything was there, he bade goodbye to Gu Yue as he left the dorm to go deliver these herbs to the Nox building. He would find time to study them later.

    While Huang Yu was out to stash his herbs at Nox, Gu Yue went up to the rooftop.

    As she stood under the pale moonlight, a voice suddenly made its way into her ears.

    "Are you admitting defeat on the bet? It doesn't even seem like you're trying to get Wulin's attention..."

    Turning to the source of the voice, Gu Yue was faced with a young girl with long flowing silver hair. She had amethyst eyes and was amazingly beautiful. "What bet? I don't remember any bet."

    The silver haired girl raised an eyebrow. "Are you trying to renege on the bet in that way? Isn't that too shameless for you considering your status, Gu Yue?"

    "I don't understand. What bet are you talking about? Do you have any proof of the bet, Na'er? I really can't seem to remember saying anything about it." Gu Yue asked with a tilt of her head. She tried to hide it, but the silver haired girl, now christened as Na'er saw the slight upward curves on the sides of Gu Yue's lips.

    Na'er frowned. "You're not planning on making yourself complete?"

    "Of course I am." Gu Yue said. She didn't deign to elaborate more on this.

    "Are you doing this because of him? You should know that your relationship can't succeed. The spirit beasts won't accept someone like him."

    Gu Yue gave a hmph. "I'll make them accept it."

    "They may not listen"

    "I'll force them to listen. If I obtain the Golden Dragon King's bloodline, all spirit beasts in the world naturally have to fall in line to my words."

    At those words, Na'er's frown deepened. "You're planning on killing Wulin for his bloodline?"

    A strange smile appeared on Gu Yue's lips. "That depends. Will you listen to me, or will I have to take things into my own hands?"

    Hearing those words, Na'er closed her eyes before letting out a sigh. Opening them again, she spoke softly. "You've changed. You would have never done something like this before."

    Gu Yue didn't answer as she turned to look at the beautiful and bright moon once more.

    Na'er sighed once more. "Can you give me some time? If you promise to not harm Tang Wulin, I'll return to you by the time the others turn twenty years old."

    Not receiving a reply, Na'er clenched her fists before she relaxed them. Shaking her head, she began leaving.

    "You've became the very thing you sought to destroy Gu Yue" With that Na'er left the area to return to the Sea God Island.

    A chuckle came out of Gu Yue's lips after Na'er left..

    "I know that I've become like one of them, but I don't mind."