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    A/N: Double update for a celebration since exams ended. This was supposed to be a short chapter, but I don't know how it ended up as this monstrosity. Enjoy the 2800+ words in this chapter though.

    Huang Yu stood in the middle of a massive platform as he was surrounded by a hundred other students. He was about to fight his entire class by himself, yet he appeared extremely leisurely, as if he was just taking a walk in a park.

    This naturally angered a majority of the students in the class. They were all proud sons of heaven and this was the first time anyone their age group had shown such disdain towards them.

    While a lot of them were clueless about Huang Yu's strength, there were also quite a few that had seen a glimpse of Huang Yu's power. Those that had were shivering in fear at the thought of fighting him again.

    Despite having so many other people fighting with them, they didn't feel secure at all.

    On the platform as well was Gu Yue. She wasn't going to try and fight him since she knew that it would be a worthless endeavour.

    None of them were going to scratch Huang Yu unless he allowed them to anyways.

    "Gu Yue."

    Turning to the source of the voice, she was greeted with the sight of Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, and Xu Xiaoyan.


    "Let's work together. We haven't sparred with Huang Yu together for a while and we all have grown quite a lot since then. With everyone else in the class as well, I'm sure that we can finally edge out a win." Tang Wulin said enthusiastically.

    He tried to grab Gu Yue's hand in order to pull her into the group, but to his surprise, Gu Yue moved her hands behind her back before she answered him. "I'm sorry but I won't be fighting."

    Tang Wulin was slightly confused by her actions. Didn't they use to hold hands often in the past? Why was she avoiding him when he tried to do so now?

    Xu Xiaoyan suddenly cut in. "Big Sis, why? Don't you want to finally beat Huang Yu once?"

    "I've beaten him once" Xie Xie blurted out with a cheeky smile.

    "You want to say that to his face?" Xu Xiaoyan asked with a raised eyebrow.

    Xie Xie instantly paled before he shook his head frantically, causing Xu Xiaoyan to laugh at him and Tang Wulin to chuckle slightly.

    At this time, Gu Yue gave her reply. "There's no need. I've been sparring with him for quite a while already. It wouldn't make a difference whether I choose to join or not."

    "But don't you want to fight together with us?" Tang Wulin asked.

    "I'm sorry." Gu Yue said as she shook her head.

    Slightly downtrodden, Tang Wulin left along with Xie Xie and Xu Xiaoyan as they prepared for the battle to begin.

    Wu Zhangkong, Shen Yi, and another person suddenly appeared in the sky. The other person that appeared, stood in front of both Wu Zhangkong and Shen Yi.

    It was Elder Cai.

    When she had heard of this battle, she had almost laughed in disdain. With Huang Yu's strength, how could he possibly lose to a bunch of brats?

    However, when she heard that Huang Yu had agreed not to use sword intent, her interest was piqued.

    To her knowledge, all of the feats that Huang Yu had done that day was because of his powerful sword intent, a testament to how well Huang Yu managed to trick her.

    She didn't have a clue as to Huang Yu's normal battle prowess without sword intent. Hence, she wanted to gauge his prowess in his other aspects of combat.

    Huang Yu noticed their arrival, but chose not to comment on it. He wouldn't try to continue the feud with her as long as she didn't act as reasonable as she did previously.

    Channeling spirit energy into her throat, Elder Cai declared,

    "The battle begins now."

    Instantly, a wave of martial spirits were summoned as they all charged at Huang Yu who was at the epicenter of all of their attacks.

    A smile appeared on Huang Yu's face as he dropped down into his fighting stance. As the attacks neared melee range, Huang Yu took a deep breath before he just disappeared from their line of sight.

    Extreme feelings of shock struck the hearts of every student. How had he managed to just escape so quickly like that despite having so little maneuvering space!

    They were swiftly brought out of their thoughts as they suddenly heard a shout from within their ranks.

    Turning to the source, they were greeted with the sight of Huang Yu utterly demolishing five students having an average cultivation of Rank 35, with absolute ease.


    Huang Yu slammed his elbow into the gut of one of his classmates, bending him into an < shape. Before he was sent flying, Huang Yu grabbed his arm and used him as a shield to block an energy beam.

    The student quickly disappearing a flash of light, Huang Yu dashed forward.

    [Open Palm Strike 4]

    Huang Yu struck four students in the throat with powerful blows from his palm. Having eliminated those students, Huang Yu disappeared once again in a burst of speed.

    He was akin to a spectre, fading in and out of existence, eliminating 3 to 6 students every time he did so. Huang Yu seemed to easily escape their senses every time and his skill in martial arts was unprecedented.

    Flying on top of the platform, Wu Zhangkong stood there with a cold expression, yet Shen Yi could tell that Wu Zhangkong was radiating a type of pride that said, "This is my student. He's stronger than all of you."

    Elder Cai, looking at the battle, had her brows furrowed. There was something strange about the way Huang Yu was circ.u.mnavigating in this battle.

    He was moving at extremely fast speeds to perform his feats of disappearances and reappearances. However. What confused Elder Cai was the fact that Huang Yu's legs weren't moving that quickly nor were they exerting large amounts of force despite him moving at such speeds.

    Watching for a while longer, her eyes suddenly widened. 'Is this a footwork technique? It seems comparable to the Tang Sect's Ghost Shadow Perplexing Technique, but I've never heard of a technique like this before. Or maybe

    He made it himself?'

    Elder Cai suddenly sucked in a sharp breath, drawing the attention of Wu Zhangkong and Shen Yi. She quickly calmed her expression before waving them off.

    The thought she had just entertained had frightening implications. Shrek Academy had wanted Huang Yu to join for the sake of his powerful sword intent and so that Shrek Academy's name wouldn't be ruined by her actions previously.

    However, if it was true that Huang Yu actually had the capabilities to create his own techniques, that was a different talent entirely! It was one arguably even more important than just sheer combat power!

    The knowledge to create general techniques that could be used by anyone.

    Shrek Academy had truly hit a goldmine in Huang Yu if that footwork technique was his own.

    Back down on the platform, Huang Yu dodged a staff aiming for his cranium with a tilt of his head. Taking a step, he seemed to teleport behind the attacker before knocking him out with a strike to the nape.

    Huang Yu's footwork technique was one that he had created on a whim. He had created this footwork by analysing Wu Zhangkong's Ghost Shadow Perplexing Steps and a few other footwork techniques from other people in Nox.

    It was called Bo-bup, and it roughly translated to Way of Walking from Korean.

    Why from Korean? This was a martial arts technique and the martial arts he used was Taekwondo, so he might as well.

    But to be honest, the Taekwondo he was using now had changed quite a bit from the one he had originally learned.

    This version was far more powerful and deadly. In terms of lethality, he would say that it even surpassed the likes of Krav Maga.

    Perhaps he would have to give it a new name. Renewal Taekwondo perhaps?

    Huang Yu was suddenly broken out of his thoughts as he dodged a sudden scythe that had been aiming at his neck.

    Shifting his gaze to see that it was Xu Yucheng who had attacked him, Huang Yu's lips curved up slightly as he easily sidestepped several swings of his scythe.

    Xu Yucheng sneered before suddenly swinging his scythe in a strange arc, four yellow rings appearing behind his back as he did so.

    Aimed at Huang Yu's vitals once more, Xu Yucheng's scythe glowed black as it rapidly approached its target.

    As it was about to make contact, the scythe suddenly stopped, as well as all the other students who had been preparing to attack Huang Yu as well.

    "N, no way" someone stuttered out

    "What type of monster is he? How is a monster like him in the outer court?"

    "You're telling me that he is thirteen just like us?"

    All this was because of how Huang Yu had stopped the spirit ring empowered scythe swing from Xu Yucheng.

    It was with just a single finger.

    Xu Yucheng had never felt such despair in his life. How could someone be so powerful? Not even Spirit Douluos could do something like this without using spirit energy, but somehow, their peer, Huang Yu could?

    With a smile on his face, Huang Yu slowly bent the finger he had used to block the scythe swing.

    Elder Cai's eyes narrowed seeing this before she suddenly released spirit energy, shocking Wu Zhangkong and Shen Yi.

    Xu Yucheng was instantly teleported out of the fighting platform with that burst of energy from Elder Cai. Before he could question why he had been teleported out, he saw several flashes of light appear at his former position.

    A trail of cold sweat dripped down his forehead as he realised that he had very nearly been cut into pieces.

    'This guy is a maniac' Xu Yucheng thought fearfully.

    Of course, Xu Yucheng didn't know that Huang Yu would never have done so. The most that Huang Yu would have done was to strike at several non-vital points to knock him out.

    Most of the remaining students, seeing this, didn't even want to fight anymore. All they wanted to do was to jump out of the platform.

    Noticing their fear, Huang Yu tried to provoke them into attacking. He hadn't had enough fun with this battle yet.

    "So is this all?"

    The only answer to his words was complete and utter silence. No one dared to give a reply.

    "Pathetic." Huang Yu sneered.

    "Who are you calling pathetic?"

    The moment Huang Yu heard those words, he felt as if he could really win the Oscars for Best Actor this year if he was still on Earth. His acting skills were truly too phenomenal.

    At the side, Gu Yue had a look filled with pity on her face. 'That person who just answered that just got baited so hard by Huang Yu...'

    Turning to the source of the voice, a menacing smile appeared on Huang Yu's lips. "Hoh? Wu Siduo, you're approaching me?"

    A hmph was the reply he got in return as she initiated a spirit fusion between her Hell Civet and White Tiger martial spirits, releasing a powerful aura that removitated the other students.

    She instantly charged at him, her claws at her sides ready to attack Huang Yu. At this moment, some of the students began charging as well. Most notable of them were Zheng Yiran, Yang Nanxia and Luo Guixing, who was ranked nineteen on the Genius Youth's Ranking.

    Huang Yu was happy to see this. It wouldn't be fun if he was only beating up people who were more or less punching bags.

    This made it all the more interesting.

    As all the students quickly closed the distance between them and Huang Yu, Tang Wulin suddenly made his appearance.

    With the help of his spirit soul and the power of his spirit rings, he summoned golden blades of Bluesilver Grass that wrapped around Huang Yu.

    Not only that, Xu Xiaoyan activated the ability of her martial spirit which was to attempt to stun Huang Yu for a second.

    Xie Xie was already in front of him, activating his own set of abilities as well.

    Tens of other abilities were launched, all determined to make Huang Yu eat his words. With the combined power of all of their attacks, they were sure that they could defeat this raid boss at last.

    To their dismay, the only reaction Huang Yu gave in return to all of their efforts, was this phrase,

    "So you have chosen death"

    Huang Yu casually ignored Xu Xiaoyan's martial spirit ability that was able to stun even Wu Zhangkong for a brief moment. He ripped apart Tang Wulin's golden Bluesilver Grass then shot a foot up Xie Xie's chin.

    [Baek Rok]

    Xie Xie was instantly eliminated as Huang Yu's foot made contact with flesh. Looking at the attacks that were arriving at this moment, Huang Yu sneered before their attacks were blown back by four black rings that appeared behind Huang Yu.

    This proved that Huang Yu had already increased his cultivation to Spirit Ancestor rank!

    Looks of shock and dismay filled the faces of the others when they realised that all their efforts had been blown away by Huang Yu alone.

    Not only that, Huang Yu had four black spirit rings! This meant that all of them were over the ten thousand year old level! How could they even hope to compete?

    Wu Siduo gritted her teeth when she saw this. How could someone be this strong at this age? It didn't make any sense at all.

    Due to her pride, she wasn't discouraged by Huang Yu's show of power. Instead, she ignored it and directly charged at Huang Yu again.

    [Scales of the World Eater: Sword Mode]

    With that, Wu Siduo was eliminated the next moment before she could even react.

    'Wha..' Wu Siduo thought in confusion when she found herself suddenly outside the platform. She looked at the area she had been in previously to find that there over thirty blades piercing the floor she had previously been standing on.

    A shiver ran down the spine as she realised how easily she had been defeated by Huang Yu. Was the gap between them really so large?

    With Wu Siduo defeated, the students started to crack. Wu Siduo was ranked ninth in the Genius Youths Ranking and the strongest student in the class in their hearts even though she was the vice class president. With a pillar of support like her disposed of so easily, a lot of students didn't even want to fight against Huang Yu anymore.

    One by one, students began leaving. After a few moments, there was only Huang Yu, Gu Yue, Tang Wulin and Xu Xiaoyan on the platform.

    Tang Wulin was not to be daunted despite Huang Yu's strength. He charged forwards, a golden ring appearing behind his back as his arm turned into a Golden Dragon Claw.

    "Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens!"

    With that, a powerful bloodline power emerged from Tang Wulin as he threw an incredibly powerful punch.

    Huang Yu raised an eyebrow hearing this. Was the tradition of having attacks with long names appearing now?

    Huang Yu sidestepped Tang Wulin's punch before pulling him into an armbar. He was forced to let go, however, as Xu Xiaoyan shot a high-speed icicle at his head where his bandana was at.

    Tang Wulin jumped forward trying to take the initiative for the fight. However, whether it were powerful haymakers or quick jabs, Huang Yu deflected and countered all of them with shocking ease.

    Noticing this, Tang Wulin signalled Xu Xiaoyan who used her martial spirit to try and immobilise Huang Yu again.

    Huang Yu ignored it, shocking Xu Xiaoyan as he suddenly punched out in her direction.

    A concentrated burst of air pressure was quickly shot towards Xu Xiaoyan. Unable to react in time, she was deftly eliminated.

    Tang Wulin gritted his teeth sensing this happen, but he charged on as he tried to use what he considered Huang Yu's opening to land a blow.

    Mobilising the blood essence of the Golden Dragon King, he punched forwards again at Huang Yu's chest.

    "Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens!"

    As the powerful fist quickly neared Huang Yu, Tang Wulin was suddenly shocked as Huang Yu met his punch with one of his own.

    Not only that, he felt a very familiar power being used on him before he was blown away.

    Landing several metres away, Tang Wulin spat out a mouthful of blood from Huang Yu's blow.

    Looking up, he was met by an amused look on Huang Yu's face. When Huang Yu opened his mouth to speak, his next words caused the blood of every student, including Gu Yue to freeze.

    "Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens, was that how you did it?"