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    A few days had passed since the day of the election of the class president.

    Huang Yu had studied the multiple cultivation techniques he had obtained with great zeal. Despite this, he had only progressed a little in the creation of his new cultivation technique.

    Although he had a great learning capability, being able to more or less derive the entirety of any martial art with just a few looks, the only thing he had to go off here was merely theory.

    Not only that, it wasn't enough just to mix and mash the characteristics he wanted into his technique, he would have to learn their inner workings and redesign them from scratch in order to make a cultivation technique that not only worked but not kill him as well.

    Luckily for him, he had a pretty good head start for the medical part of the cultivation techniques since he had the inheritance of the Divine Doctor. However, he would still have to understand all the philosophy behind it as well.

    This also wasn't considering the fact that the philosophy was slightly wrong as well after all.

    For some reason, the cultivation in this world worked a lot differently from Daoism. Instead of returning to your roots and learning from nature, apparently the way cultivation worked here was to forcefully elevate oneself to a higher level.

    The only ones that truly tried returning to nature were gods. Apparently, gods embodied the concept of the domain they take control over.

    But the method of ascending to godhood was either to use a godhood tablet, connect to the divine realm, or get the position from another god. Without it, unless they completely reverse the process they had taken, or undergo the horrifyingly difficult process to elevate oneself further, they would be stuck at Rank 99.

    This theory he had come up with also fit with the need of spirit rings to breakthrough bottlenecks every 10 ranks and the low lifespan of even those at Rank 99.

    When he had initially arrived in this world, he had hoped that the beings here weren't overpowered. However, he found out he was wrong when Yun Ming blocked his Dreams of Ancient Times.

    He couldn't estimate the specific level of Yun Ming's strength, but Huang Yu knew that he was at least capable of destroying smaller celestial bodies.

    If this was the level of a Rank 99, then what about Rank 100 and above, which went up to the legendary Godking realm?

    Their strength would surely be unimaginable.

    Thankfully, he had the King's Wisdom. If he didn't, it would have been extremely difficult to thrive in a world like this.

    Due to this theory he had hypothesised, he would need to recreate an entirely new philosophy in order to fill up the gaps of the cultivation techniques.

    A cultivation technique is made up of both medical knowledge and Daoist philosophy.

    Since he was trying to make a cultivation technique that would return to nature, Huang Yu believed that he would 'naturally' learn all the laws of the universe if he cultivated this way.

    It was a stark contrast to how Spirit Masters would have to learn laws, which was to specifically focus on trying to sense and try to comprehend a singular law each time. The efficiency of the two different methods were like heaven and earth.

    Sighing, Huang Yu stopped his studying for the day. It was really tiring to do all of these even with his extremely analytical mind. This would really be impossible had he not had it.

    Huang Yu pushed himself off the chair he had been sitting in before making his way back to the academy.

    He had to remind himself that all of this would be worth it.

    [Baek Rok]


    [Gor Yo]

    Each of those kicks were struck at the multi-elemental bolts of energy that were aimed at him.

    With that, the bolts of energy were instantly dispersed under the horrifying force behind those kicks.

    Taking a step forward, Huang Yu suddenly swung his arm backwards as he felt a space fluctuation behind him.

    The swing made contact with a tri-coloured tornado, courtesy from the person he was sparring with at this moment.

    It was naturally Gu Yue whom he was sparring with.

    Having destroyed the tornado with ease, Huang Yu's eyes darted left and right as he tried to find Gu Yue. He quickly found her standing around 50 metres to his left as she was charging up a powerful elemental attack in her hands.

    Taking a sharp breath, he shot a powerful kick in Gu Yue's direction. A forceful shockwave was released from the kick as it quickly blasted towards her.

    Widening her eyes slightly in surprise at Huang Yu's brute strength, she swiftly teleported out of the way of the incoming shockwave.

    Huang Yu saw this and disappeared from his spot.


    Gu Yue wasn't even able to react before Huang Yu kicked, driving a powerful force through a twist of his hits.

    Just before it touched the side of her face, Huang Yu stopped abruptly. With a smile, he lowered his leg before taking a step back.

    "I win."

    It was an utter suppression from Huang Yu. Gu Yue hadn't even been able to exert up to 30% of her true capabilities as a result of Huang Yu completely suppressing her.

    Hearing this, Gu Yue sighed. "Even without any of your other abilities, your martial arts are still this insane. Did you really not use any spirit energy?"

    "Nope. Not even a drop. So are you convinced now?"

    Gu Yue smiled wryly. "I don't even know why you want me to learn pure martial arts. With my martial spirit, wouldn't it be better for me to focus more on my spiritual power instead?."

    "But martial arts is always a good compliment to a fighter. If you had practised a martial art, would you be teleporting away each time I come near?"


    Huang Yu sweatdropped hearing this.

    "Ok, maybe that wasn't the best example. Then what about this? When you punch, you can infuse elements into your fist right?"


    "If you used martial arts, you could be extremely deadly in a hand-to-hand battle by using your elements that way. Martial arts exist to increase the force you exert in your attacks y'know?"

    Hearing this, Gu Yue wasn't really convinced. However, since Huang Yu seemed so enthusiastic about it, she decided that she would just oblige and learn martial arts from him.

    The fact that she could spend more time with Huang Yu played a factor as well of course.

    "Fine then, I'll try it out. I'm not sure if I have talent for this so you'll have to guide me ok?"

    "Of course!" Huang Yu smiled infectiously, causing Gu Yue to smile as well.

    Huang Yu tapped his chin before going into thought for a while before he spoke again. "So we start training here tomorrow at 2pm?"

    A nod in affirmation was Gu Yue's reply.

    There were reasons that Huang Yu wanted to teach Gu Yue of course. The first was that she was falling too far behind him now. She was a great training partner with her skillset so he wanted to try to improve her strength so that he could have a better sparring partner.

    Not only that, he wanted her to be able to improve her strength so that she would be able to protect herself better as well. Although she was strong, it never hurt to have another trick up one's sleeves.

    Huang Yu beckoned Gu Yue before the two of them returned to their dorm room together.

    "Can I not make battle armour?"

    Those were Huang Yu's words as he faced down Shen Yi and Wu Zhangkong in the lecture theatre when they stated that all the students would have to form groups to make battle armour.

    His remark was something that had brought shock to every student in the class.

    Who didn't want to be a battle armour master? Those that were one were considered elites in this world and received amazing treatment no matter where they went.

    However, Huang Yu right now was showing his complete and utter disdain towards the usage of them.

    "Why don't you want to be a battle armour master Huang Yu?" Wu Zhangkong asked. Having been acquainted with Huang Yu for over four years already, he knew that Huang Yu would always have a reason when he refused to do something.

    "It's kinda a waste of my time to make one to be honest."


    Awkward silence permeated the room as Huang Yu's words reverberated throughout it.

    After a few moments, Shen Yi broke the silence. "Becoming a battle armour master is the greatest honour a Spirit Master could have. How could it be a waste of time?" Shen Yi's left eye was twitching as she asked this.

    "It's a waste of time because I feel that it is a waste of time." A smile appeared on Huang Yu's face.

    Shen Yi almost couldn't resist punching him in the face.

    "In that case, then prove to us that you don't need battle armour then." Wu Zhangkong said.

    Huang Yu raised an eyebrow hearing this. "How do I do that then Teacher Wu?"

    "You will fight every single student in this class at the same time. If you can beat them without using your sword intent, I will personally petition Elder Cai to remove the restriction of having to make battle armour for you only. Is that fine?"

    Hearing those words, Huang Yu smiled.

    "It's absolutely perfect."