Something Beautiful And Wicked Chapter 14

    Chapter 14: Smitten

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    Inside the house, Fang Qi followed Shi Yen to the kitchen.

    Shi Ailin was cooking when she noticed a familiar person came in with her sister. Her eyes widened. "Fang Qi?"

    Fang Qi smiled. "Hello, Ai."

    Shi Ailin ran up to him and squeezed him in a tight embrace. Shi Ailin looked up at him. "Are you still skirt-chasing women?"

    Fang Qi patted her head and rolled his eyes. "Would you like to know?"

    Shi Ailin flashed her teeth. "Nothing's changed, Fang Qi." Shi Ailin then grasped his hand, urging him to sit by the kitchen table. She then placed the dishes, and the three began to eat together.

    "Fang Qi. How did you and Yen reunite?" Wuxiaworld for visiting.

    "Through workshops," he replied, slurping his noodles.

    "He works for Yuan Shun," said Shi Yen.

    Shi Ailin choked over her broth. She glanced up at the two of them, wondering how they are not at each other's throats. She knew how much Shi Yen hated Yuan Shun.

    "Don't worry. Fang Qi claims that he can keep his personal and professional life separate," said Shi Yen.

    "That's right!" added Fang Qi.

    Shi Ailin laughed. Her smile then died. "Are you still friends with Luo Tian?" she questioned him.

    Fang Qi looked at her. "Hm. I am."

    Shi Ailin didn't look at him. "How is he?"

    "He's well," Fang Qi replied.

    Shi Ailin noted that Fang Qi didn't say: He's engaged. Somehow it made her feel relieved. She wasn't sure if the banquet worked, where the Luo's matched with any of the girls.

    "His brother is engaged," Fang Qi said.

    Shi Ailin's eyes widened. "Which one?"

    "Luo Rong. The third."

    "Really? But he's so young."

    "That's what I thought," Fang Qi said through a full mouth. "He claims to be in love. I doubt that could happen after one evening, but he's smitten with her. It's all an arrangement, anyways."

    Shi Ailin chuckled slightly. "And I suppose you're not smitten with anyone?"

    Fang Qi shrugged. "I don't know."

    Shi Ailin's mouth gaped. "Is it possible for a lady-killer?"

    Fang Qi rolled his eyes. "I may sleep around a lot, but yes, it's possible…at least, I think."

    Shi Ailin's eyes glinted. "Really? Who???"

    Fang Qi Shrugged. "I'm not in love if that's what you're thinking…but there's one woman I really want to bed."

    "Must you treat people like a conquest?"

    Fang Qi rolled his eyes again. "I don't treat them as conquests; I treat each as lovers...for a night or so."

    "And this one particular person doesn't want you to bed her?" Shi Ailin questioned.

    "I haven't asked because she's off-limits."


    "It's complicated," he said.

    "Ugh. I'm so curious."

    Fang Qi finished his noodles. "And what about you? Since you want to know so much."

    "There's no one for me."

    Fang Qi smiled playfully. "You sure about that?"

    Shi Ailin flushed. She then decided to change the subject. "Does Mr. Yuan know you're friends with Yen?"

    "Hm," replied Fang Qi. "You should have seen his face earlier today when he found out what Yen—"

    Shi Yen kicked him on the leg from underneath the table before Fang Qi could finish his sentence.

    Fang Qi yelped slightly and cleared his throat. "What I meant to say was, you should have seen his face earlier today when he found out...that Yen and I are friends. He wasn't too thrilled, but it was enjoyable to watch."

    He then turned to glare at Shi Yen and mouthed what he had been holding in, 'Owwww! What was that for?'

    Shi Yen smiled innocently, and Shi Ailin took the bait.

    When Shi Ailin took their dishes to the sink, Fang Qi turned to Shi Yen. "What are you trying to hide?"

    Shi Yen glared at him. "I don't want her to know that I'm practically scheming again."

    "Well, that's going to be difficult to hide, considering that's all you do!"

    Shi Yen scowled. "Oh, hush. I just don't want her to worry …she'll think I'll get into trouble…" she then smiled. "But I'm quite good, aren't I?"

    Fang Qi grinned widely. "Of course," he said, and he proceeded to tell her that after Yuan Shun found out what she did to him, he appeared as if steamed had come out his ears. "I think you're in trouble now," he said.


    "Yes. Yuan Shun was really pissed."

    Shi Yen laughed. "Good."

    Fang Qi chuckled, too, before Shi Yen asked, "How long have you and Yuan Shun been friends?"

    "Since I began University," replied Fang Qi. "He was my senior in the business program, and he was president of every goddamn club within our sphere," he said with slight envy, but his expression softened. "He participated in competitions and worked hard while he was still in school. He invested millions in his first year and made a name for himself by graduation. He even surpassed his father's contributions and lived up to his legacy."

    Shi Yen absorbed what Fang Qi said. It was a shame that she didn't want to be friends with Yuan Shun, as they may find things more in common than expected.

    "But, despite your obvious hatred for him, he's not a bad person," Fang Qi said to her.

    "Maybe so," replied Shi Yen. "But that won't stop me from wanting to strangle him."

    Fang Qi sighed and shook his head. He would have suggested to Shi Yen that to resolve her conflict is to have a quick tumble in the sheets with Yuan Shun to release any frustration, tension. But that was just his frivolous way of thinking, and he was sure that Shi Yen might slight his throat if given the chance.

    He was also aware that Yuan Shun didn't take any lovers; therefore, it wasn't like Yuan Shun would take her offer if it came to it. Or would he?

    Regardless, what Fang Qi needed to do was prevent Yuan Shun and Shi Yen from destroying each other, or many people will suffer their wrath. The thought made him shiver. But it was a good thing that he learned his schemes from the absolute masters themselves.

    Fang Qi then spent the rest of the evening with the Shi sisters, catching up on their personal lives. He enjoyed their company, and for once, he didn't have the desire to ravish any of them. It wasn't that they weren't beautiful—oh, they were—it was that he considered them as his genuine friends.