So Pure So Flirtatious Chapter 765

Chapter 765 The Group Photo Incident

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In fact, Shu Ya was about the same age as Chen Mengyan and Lin Zhiyun. If it really had to be compared, Shu Ya was still slightly younger. Her birthday was in December, the well-deserved little sister.

However, Chen Mengyan and Lin Zhiyun didn’t think about this problem. As fans of Shu Ya, they were flattered for being called as a sister by a celebrity.

Yang Ming was a little embarrassed. Although he had previously vaguely talked about the matters of the two girls with Shu Ya, it was still not easy to introduce. It was still unnatural. “This is Lin Zhiyun. You have seen her before, and she is Chen Mengyan…”

Oh, it turns out to be like this.” Shu Ya didn’t show the slightest abnormality. Shu Ya had met Lin Zhiyun, but she had never seen Chen Mengyan. Based on her perception, she had already confirmed that the girl next to Lin Zhiyun was Chen Mengyan. She just politely reconfirmed it.

Shu Ya took out two new CDs from a drawer, signed them, and handed them to Chen Mengyan and Lin Zhiyun. “Now there is still time. How about taking a group photo as a souvenir?”

In fact, Shu Ya wanted to take a photo with Yang Ming and keep it. When she missed him, she could take it out and look at it.

“Okay!” Chen Mengyan naturally didn’t understand Shu Ya’s intention. She was happy with Shu Ya’s warmth and affinity.

Chen Mengyan and Lin Zhiyun took turns taking photos with Shu Ya. When it was Yang Ming’s turn, Shu Ya casually asked, “What about you?”

“Me? I’ll pass…” Yang Ming had little interest in celebrities, so he declined indifferently.

When Chen Mengyan saw that Yang Ming didn’t have much interest in Shu Ya, she was somewhat annoyed.The big celebrity even took the initiative to ask to take a photo with you. Why are you still so arrogant?If it were other fans, they would definitely scramble for it, but Yang Ming said, “I’ll pass.”

In fact, this was why Chen Mengyan thought that Yang Ming and Shu Ya wouldn’t have any other relationship. There was such a reaction. A high-profile big celebrity and a college student, these two people shouldn’t have any intersection.

But Chen Mengyan ignored the fact that Yang Ming’s identity wasn’t just a college student, but a billionaire. She didn’t think that there was another layer of an unknown relationship between Yang Ming and Shu Ya.

“Yang Ming, why are you not giving face?” Chen Mengyan complained in a low voice.

Although the volume was low, in the quiet dressing room, it could still be heard. At the very least, Shu Ya, who was close to her, heard it clearly. Seeing Chen Mengyan talking for her, Shu Ya was happy. But seeing that Yang Ming didn’t have any interest in her, she said, “Then let’s take a group photo.”

“Okay!” Chen Mengyan answered before Yang Ming could speak up. Yang Ming had no choice but to stand up.

However, when taking pictures, the location of each person wasn’t easy to arrange. If four people had a group photo, there must be a priority. If Shu Ya stood in the middle, and Chen Mengyan and Lin Zhiyun were on the sides, then Yang Ming’s position was awkward. Should he stand beside Lin Zhiyun or Chen Mengyan?

However, if Yang Ming stood in the middle, and Chen Mengyan and Lin Zhiyun were standing on both sides, didn’t the main character, Shu Ya, have to stand on the side? It seemed inappropriate, right?

The best solution was to have Shu Ya and Yang Ming stand in the middle, and Lin Zhiyun and Chen Mengyan stand on both sides. Even if they were not standing beside Yang Ming, they would be standing beside Shu Ya. It was more appropriate this way.

This was also the result that Shu Ya wanted most. She had analyzed these assumptions before, so she asked for a group photo.

Chen Mengyan was standing on Shu Ya’s side generously; Lin Zhiyun stood on Yang Ming’s side with hesitation. Xu Li picked up the digital camera and chose the function of continuous shooting. It took seven or eight photos in a row.

Xu Li and Shu Ya were the closest. She knew Shu Ya’s thoughts well. Although she didn’t know about the “old relationship” between Shu Ya and Yang Ming, in the current situation, Shu Ya must have a good feeling about Yang Ming.

Originally, as a manager, it was necessary for her to discourage and eliminate such thoughts for Shu Ya. After all, if even a pure celebrity had a scandal, it wasn’t so wonderful. But her boss, Shu Haikuo didn’t object, so Xu Li didn’t have to care much.

In order to avoid Shu Ya’s dissatisfaction, she took a few more photos for Shu Ya to choose from.

After taking pictures, some staff came in. When they saw Yang Ming, they nodded and said, “Miss Shu, the concert is about to begin. Are you ready? The fans have already entered the hall…”

The staff member recognized Yang Ming’s identity as the organizer, so he didn’t feel too strange about Yang Ming being here.

“Okay.” Shu Ya nodded.

“Then we should enter the hall, right?” Yang Ming turned to Shu Ya and said, “I wish you a successful concert.”

“Thank you.” Shu Ya smiled sweetly.

Chen Mengyan, Lin Zhiyun, and Yang Ming went out together from the dressing room. Chen Mengyan was obviously dissatisfied with Yang Ming’s approach. “Shu Ya is a big celebrity. Why are you being so arrogant?”

“So what if she is a big celebrity? A celebrity isn’t human?” Yang Ming smiled indifferently, “If I speak fewer words to her, am I not afraid that you will be jealous?”

Hmph, I won’t be!” Chen Mengyan snorted. She didn’t care whether or not Lin Zhiyun was there. She said, “Previously, didn’t we say that if you could pursue her successfully, I won’t be jealous?”

Chen Mengyan had already treated Lin Zhiyun as one of them, so there was no need to avoid anything. However, after she said that, she remembered that Lin Zhiyun was now a member of the family. Lin Zhiyun had a right to talk, so Chen Mengyan said, “Sister Lin, you still can oppose it…”

“I… have no comment…” Lin Zhiyun naturally followed Chen Mengyan’s opinion. She was very happy with Yang Ming, so she didn’t have too many requests.

“You see. We have no opinion. If you missed the opportunity, you can’t blame us.” Chen Mengyan closed her hands with a smile.

Yang Ming shook his head and didn’t take it seriously. Celebrities, they looked beautiful, but the filthy stories in the entertainment industry wasn’t a secret anymore. Since the XX incident [1] was exposed, Yang Ming had no interest in these celebrities anymore.

Although Shu Ya looked very pure, who knew of the things behind? Yang Ming didn’t want to be cuckolded.

Bao Sanli and Hou Zhenhan had never dared to go far. They were standing not far away while waiting for Yang Ming. When they saw Yang Ming come over, they immediately greeted, “Brother Yang, are we entering now?”

En, let’s go now.” Yang Ming said.

The group entered the VIP section in the front row of the concert through a special passage. This was separated from the audience behind them. It was a relatively independent area, so no one was coming and going.

Yang Ming’s seat was the most central position of the VIP seats. Bao Sanli and Hou Zhenhan were sitting on both sides. Both of them were uncultured people, and they were not interested in celebrities. But since Yang Ming came, it was inappropriate for them not to attend, so they chose to sit at the sides.

Then, those who entered the hall were some reputable young masters of Song Jiang. Their parents were either rich or high officials. Most of their tickets were sent by Bao Sanli as gifts. These officials and businessmen naturally didn’t have time to come to the concert, so they gave the tickets to their children to let them attend.

However, Yang Ming just heard of these people. He knew it from the information from Bao Sanli, but he had no relationship with them. What surprised Yang Ming was that Sun Zhiwei actually came as well.

Sun Zhiwei had mingled with Wang Zhitao last time. Once Sun Jie learned of that, she had heavily reprimanded him. After that, Yang Ming became his brother-in-law, so he didn’t dare to trouble Yang Ming again.

However, he didn’t have much of a favorable impression of Yang Ming. When he saw Yang Ming here, he didn’t greet Yang Ming.

Yang Ming didn’t care. He just treated Sun Zhiwei as a child.

With Sun Zhiwei, there were a few young people that Yang Ming didn’t know. But at first glance, their family conditions were good. All of them had an arrogant demeanor.

Yang Ming also didn’t bother about him. With this kind of childish temper, he would gradually mature and grow up after he suffered some losses. Now, he really couldn’t do anything to Sun Zhiwei given his relationship with the Sun Family.

What made Yang Ming a bit surprised was that the young man who scalped the tickets at the entrance actually sat in a VIP seat.

“Who is that?” Yang Ming pointed to the young man and asked Bao Sanli.

Oh? The son of Vice President Qu. What happened? Brother Yang, did this kid mess with you?” Bao Sanli asked subconsciously.

“Not really. Just asking.” Yang Ming waved his hand and said nothing.

Sure enough, he is from inside the company.Yang Ming smiled bitterly.No wonder he can get the tickets! The home thief is the hardest to guard against. How can this kind of ticket scalping by the internal people be stopped?

Yang Ming assessed these young dignitaries of Song Jiang while these people were also assessing Yang Ming, sitting in the middle of the VIP seats with two beautiful companions. The strangest thing was that they had never heard of this person before!

In particular, the two underworld’s kings, Bao Sanli and Hou Zhenhan, had accompanied him by the side which made Yang Ming’s identity even more suspicious.

There weren’t many people in the VIP section, so it was full in a short time. But the rest of the audience were not seated yet. The crowd was bustling; only half of the audience had entered.

“Yang Ming!” A familiar figure flashed into the VIP seats and saw Yang Ming. The person asked in bafflement.

Yang Ming looked up and saw Tian Donghua and his girlfriend, Wang Xue.

“Old Tian!” Yang Ming was also surprised that Tian Donghua would appear here, but after a little hesitation, he understood. The Tian Family in Donghai had a similar position as Bao Sanli in Song Jiang. Because of Yang Ming’s relationship with the Sun Family, Bao Sanli would also send some VIP tickets to the Tian Family.

“You are here, too? D*mn, your position is quite bad*ss?!” Tian Donghua noticed the position that Yang Ming sat in, and he couldn’t help but be stunned.