So Pure So Flirtatious Chapter 576

Chapter 576 Impulsive Punishment

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“It seems that they’re really fighting…” Wang Zhitao frowned. “It’s quite fierce, too!”

“What are they doing?” Huang Youcai scratched his head and said, “Was the drug too mild?”

“F*ck, if you ask me, who am I going to ask? This idea was yours. Now it isn’t working. What should we do?” Wang Zhitao said angrily.

“Let’s see how it goes first. It should be that the drug effect hasn’t been activated yet! It’s good to let these two people warm up, too!” Huang Youcai said, “The more intense the fight, the greater the conflicts between the two people. When the drug effect is activated and if Yang Ming XX [1] Xia Xue, then Xia Xue would have obviously thought that he was angry and uses it to retaliate against herself. Then Yang Ming will be finished!”

“Good idea! Brilliant, it’s brilliant!” After Wang Zhitao listened, he clapped and said, “Uncle Huang, you can really think long-term!”

Hehe, I have talked about it. I am planning for you and President Wang!” Huang Youcai respectfully said.

Yang Ming’s eyes turned red after what Xia Xue had done.This Xia Xue, I must teach her a lesson! I’m so glad I have good agility, if it was an ordinary person, he would have been disabled on the spot!

Yang Ming directly pushed Xia Xue on the bed. Impulsively, he pulled down her pants and revealed the white skin inside…

Ya! What are you doing?” Xia Xue was shocked and quickly exclaimed, “Why are you taking off my pants!”

“Don’t be noisy!” Yang Ming said with anger. “If I don’t teach you some lessons, you will be too proud of yourself!”

As Yang Ming said this, he raised his hand and slapped Xia Xue’s *ss. A red palm print appeared immediately.

Ah…” Xia Xue screamed loudly. She tried really hard to break free, but she couldn’t get rid of him. Yang Ming pressed her legs down firmly with his legs and used his other hand to press her whole body down. She was not able to move at all.


Ha! Yang Ming seemed to have taken off Xia Xue’s pants!” Wang Zhitao was overjoyed after listening to it. “Is the drug effect activated?”

“Why do I feel that Yang Ming is slapping Xia Xue’s *ss?” Huang Youcai said as he was puzzled.

“Who cares? It’s about there. Maybe Yang Ming has some sort of fetish and likes to play some sort of BDSM [2]!” Wang Zhitao said excitedly.

En, it probably is.” Huang Youcai also nodded accordingly.


The more Yang Ming beat it, the more excited he got. But he also didn’t want Xia Xue to feel too painful, so the strength of his hand had changed from the initial full force to the present state where there was only sound but no pain.

“Yang Ming, you stop!” Xia Xue had lived to this age and it was the first time she suffered such a big insult. She was already raging.

“Stop?Hmph! When I told you to stop before, why didn’t you listen to me?” Yang Ming said as he taught her the lesson, “Aren’t you a bad*ss? Aren’t you great? Let’s see if you still can be bad*ss now!”

“Yang Ming, I want to kill you!” Xia Xue was both ashamed and outraged!I am a girl, and I am still a girl who has never married yet. My pants were actually taken off by Yang Ming and my butt is slapped by him. If this is spread, how can I still face the world?

Ha! Still don’t submit?” Yang Ming was happy. “If you’re not submitting, then I will continue to slap. I’ll slap until you submit!”

“Yang Ming, if you dare, don’t ever let me get up! If I get up, it’s time for your death!” Xia Xue muttered.

“Sure, then I won’t let you get up!” Even though Yang Ming was speaking to Xia Xue, his hand didn’t stop at all. He continued to slap Xia Xue’s ass and the sound ”pak pak” continued.

Xia Xue saw that no matter how she threatened Yang Ming, he was not afraid of her at all. So, she closed her mouth, gritted her teeth, and endured the humiliation silently.

Yang Ming didn’t care that much anymore. However, he didn’t know why but his heart was unusually excited. Gradually, the power of hitting Xia Xue was basically gone, and the rest was more and more like stroking Xia Xue!

Xia Xue had already prepared for her butt to be blossoming [3]. However, it didn’t feel right anymore later!Is Yang Ming hitting me? I feel more like he’s giving me a massage instead!

Could it be that Yang Ming’s conscience took over him? After seeing how my butt can’t stand it anymore, he’s now giving it a massage?Xia Xue thought, puzzled.

However, if it was changed to other parts then it’s acceptable. But now, Yang Ming was massaging her butt! How can this part be simply touched by people?

Moreover, as Yang Ming touched it this way, Xia Xue suddenly had a very strange feeling. It was a feeling that made her feel a little excited yet nervous. The pain from before was completely gone, and it was replaced by another feeling that she never had before!

It could be described as uncomfortable, yet at the same time, it was somewhat comfortable. But it was a comfort that was hard to withstand. Wasn’t there a saying that there’s something we feel like rejecting in our mind but we couldn’t act it out, instead we have to act like we’re accepting it.? Xia Xue was feeling exactly as such.

This made Xia Xue felt somehow lost! It was indeed wrong for Yang Ming to touch her like this, but she suddenly felt reluctant to part with this odd feeling…

Over there, Xia Xue was struggling with her inner self, and Yang Ming here had also gradually become absent-minded…

Looking at Xia Xue in front of him, suddenly there was a very evil thought in his mind –Have sex, have sex! Have sex with Xia Xue!

Since I have already touched it, it won’t make much difference anyway. Looking at Xia Xue’s look right now, she doesn’t seem very repulsive to me… I might as well…

As Yang Ming thought about it, he couldn’t help but start to reach to the bottom of Xia Xue’s body…

Ah!” Xia Xue was shocked and immediately woke up from the semi-conscious state just now! After her sensitive part was assaulted, how would Xia Xue not be nervous! That part was different from her butt, and it can’t be simply touched by Yang Ming!

The awakened Xia Xue immediately shouted to Yang Ming, “Yang Ming, what were you doing! You dared to behave like a hooligan [4]?”

As Yang Ming was scolded by Xia Xue, he suddenly became awake and his hand’s movements immediately stopped! What was I thinking of doing just now? Recalling his previous thoughts, Yang Ming was shocked by it!

How could I have such a thought just now? Actually thinking about XX [1] Xia Xue? If I really did it, then what should I do with the relationship with Xia Xue?

What if Chen Fei knew it? What should I do then?

As Yang Ming thought about this, Yang Ming was immediately shocked and cold sweat started dripping off him. He immediately took away his hand and looked at Xia Xue awkwardly, “I didn’t I just want to teach you a lesson…”

“Then where was your hand reaching to!” Xia Xue yelled angrily.

“I… forget it…” Yang Ming knew no matter how he explained it, it was useless. The fact was the fact. He felt really troubled in his heart,What is this? Why do I feel so strange today? I’m being impulsive so easily?

When Xia Xue saw Yang Ming like this, she felt even more wrong.You have touched it, and you left it as such. And you even say forget it?She really thought of tearing Yang Ming into a thousand pieces. But she didn’t know why that her whole body was feeling rather powerless. She felt too lazy to go to beat Yang Ming up. Instead, she lay on the bed and actually cried loudly.

Yang Ming was shocked by this crying! In his opinion, Xia Xue was always so tough like a man. It’s almost impossible for her to cry. How come suddenly she cried?

“Xia Xue, what’s wrong with you?” Yang Ming asked carefully.

Wu wu wu wu...” Xia Xue didn’t answer. She just cried and groaned there loudly.

Ai!” Yang Ming sighed. He helplessly let go of Xia Xue and stood up, “Xia Xue, I am wrong. Can you not cry?”

“Wu wu wu wu…” She still cried in response to him.

“You’ve won. I lost. In the future, I’ll buy you a meal whenever you want. Does that work?” With no choice, Yang Ming can only start listing down conditions to tempt Xia Xue. Who made him make such a mistake himself?

I actually wanted to have sex with Xia Xue. It was all my fault!

Xia Xue still didn’t answer. Yang Ming shook his head and smiled bitterly. He turned and entered the bathroom.

Why is my mind so confused today?Yang Ming washed his face and leaned up against the window sill of the bathroom. He took out a cigarette, lit it, and started smoking it.

Yang Ming had rarely smoked now, except for troublesome things like now.If Xia Xue continues to create trouble with this issue and if Chen Mengyan knew this, I’m guaranteed to be finished! Attempting to have an ill intention toward Chen Mengyan’s father’s female subordinate… This is a big crime!

Let’s have Xia Xue calm down, too. I shall stay in the bathroom for the time being. Anyway, I don’t know how long we would be locked in for. I have plenty of time to guide this silly girl!

Now, Yang Ming no longer intended to compete with Xia Xue anymore.Whoever wanted to be better, so be it then! If she is willing to accept my treat, then I’m willing to pay! Who made me take advantage of her?

Although I just touched it and I didn’t feel anything much, I’ve touched it after all! I can’t deny it!