Silver's Otherworldly Adventure
OngoingBook 2 Chapter 24

    Silver's Otherworldly Adventure Book 2 Chapter 24

    Volume 2: Zombie World: The Land Of The Dead Chapter 24 Pov's And Development

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    I've live my life full of guilt thinking of what have I done to my younger brother Corvius, I didn't mean any of that to happen I just want him to stop crying for a moment so I switched him with another baby near or cabin but.. It resulted on him dying.

    I blame myself for what have I done in many years, I even accepted my family's decision on marrying Theseus even though I don't love him. I do have favorable impressions on his Brother Newt he's sweet, but he loves magical creature and monster alike so It remided me how a monster I am for killing my brother so for many years I can only treat him as a friend we barely talk anymore and lose connection since we graduated on Hogwarts.

    I focused myself on work in the Ministry of Magic it's full of darkness and political scheme keeping them(Purebloods) in power they don't even know that almost the difficult job is handled by Half-blood and Muggle-Born without them there is no Ministry at all yet they keep oppressing them, they are all idiots and bigots they don't know progress and revolution they keep insisting their twisted philosophy that Pureblood are superior but we mostly rely on the Half-blood , Muggle-Born and house elf to do 'our' job.

    Some Pure-Blood just sat on their own comportable chair ordering everyone even they do not fit on their position only few are worthy of their own position they just want 'Power' but they aren't even worthy.

    I hid my trueself and pretend to be what they expect me to be but I hate it. I hate my father and family It's disgusting they only thing of me as a tool, toy or gift which can be given to anyone who can give them more power. I accepted my fate becoming a political tool and engage to someone that I don't love to atone for my sins in killing my younger brother.

    Theseus is a goodman but I don't feel any shred of love in him, maybe I will love him someday but thinking the fact that my marriage will give more power to my cold hearted father and family whom I despise and hate it disgusted me. I want to be free from my family control but sadly I can't as I want to atone for what have I done.

    But It all change when I met 'him' a handsome man with white hair like platinum with searing red at edge. He look like the combination of eastern and western lineage, his eyes make him more distinct than others as it is Heterochromia Lilac(Light purple) to the left eye Iris and White Platinum color to the right Iris.

    He not only save me from Grindelwald but so was my brother Corvius I'm happy he's alive and living well even though as a muggle as the wizarding world is chaotic and full of scheme. He remove my guilt destroy the shackles that tied me, He gave me a new life a chance to be myself and not be restrained. I can never repay him enough but I want to be with him, by his side even though he already have 'Queenie' I want to accompany him even though I just met him but I know, I have fallen for him as not only he gave everything that I ever wanted the 'freedom' that I yearned he also no one has ever done break the guilt that tied me.

    I know some of powerful wizard have many wives and lovers like my father as we do not follow the muggle law and we are open to polygamy. I think Queenie also know this as she did not try to stop Nagini and I, to be close to him so I may have a chance to be with him, I plan to talk to Queenie about this as she is his lover and treated me like her sister..



    They all called me 'freak' my parent abandon me when they found out I have Malediction they sold me to a circus to become a joke and laughing stock of everyone, people came to see my despair of becoming an animal they were entertained by me becoming a snake but they don't even know that I was suffering nobody wants to be an animal forever I don't deserved this.

    I don't know how long I've been with the Circus becoming a sideshow and laughing stock, but I made a friend named Credence as they also thought of him as a freak. I thought I finally found a friend who can understand me so I help him found his true Identity. I thought we were friends but he also left me...

    I know I don't have more time being human I can feel the curse getting stronger and I don't know what to do.... then he came he save and cured my curse, I no longer feared turning to animals forever he gave me a new life a new purpose to accompany him I want to be with him the one who lifted me from my despair. He gave me a new family a new life the things I only dreamed of...


    Silver POV

    It's been a week since we arrive at Racoon City the powerplant is already build and running in my pocket world powering the Villa. I also found an apartment to live in and I'm also preparing for the Calamity that will swept this world.

    I stole 'some' money on the federal bank as our money is old and outdated so when we stole the money we became a New's topic luckily no one saw us and how we got in and stole the money. Queenie, Leta and Nagini did not adapt quickly but I transfer some of my past memory how the modern world works how to use Cellphone, TV and etc.. the common knowledge everyone knows. They also found out that the clothes they bought in 1927 are old fashion and can't be use here so it can only be store for now in there cabinets well I do enjoy when they tried it on and showed me it was Amazing and enchanting.

    (AN: Resident evil 2002 timeline)

    At first they were confused by the jeans, shorts, skirt, Lingerie, T-shirt and bikini which shows too much skin but I said it was the modern trend and norm they reluctantly bought some ehem.. I mean a lot.. as they find T-shirt, skirt and jeans being use by everyone so they went on a sphree as for the bikini when they saw the how guys are attracted to women wearing bikini in TV well they decided to buy it also no more old fashioned robes...

    I spent the money to buy books about physics, thermodynamic, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and biology books I also bought a custom Class B RV/Motorhomes, new home appliances like TV and cellphone for them to use as Smartphone is still not fully developed. I compelled the shop owner and employees of the shop to customize the RV's space inside after expanding it using expansion charm to make 5 small rooms in the back, 1 mini Bar, 1 living room( with TV, Xbox, Ps4, and DVD player), 1 small Kitchen, 1 refrigerator(with expansion charm), 10 cabinets(with expansion charm) and small bathroom then I modified the RV made all parts of Vibranium and Adamantium making it more durable as f.u.c.k, echanted the tire to increase durability and self repair rune expand the water tank and fuel tank space with expansion rune, water generating rune, water purifying rune and weight reduction rune while on the waste storage I input some cleaning charm, purifying charm and Auto-cleaning rune which transform the fecet to dust, put some expansion charm on each room (5 rooms) making it more large I compelled the crew again to install all things needed on the room and do not question how the RV have a big space inside so we collaborated.

    I build the things they can't like swimming pool(Of couse enchanted with rune to purify the water automatically) and other stuff So we build : [1.Armory(No weapon yet empty as authors wallet) , 2.Bathhouse/swimming pool (also has Prefect bathroom which I created/build), 3. Play room/Lounge(where you can relax, watch movie and play games, play table pool also has bar) , 4. Guest room( 10 big double deck bed along with big TV and small bathroom), 5. Master Bedroom (with TV, Xbox, Ps4, DvD and bathroom(Prefect bathroom size) ] after building the things they can't I left as they only needed them to connect the wiring of the appliances, install furniture like (couch, sofa, massage chair and etc) , Water purifier, air conditioning and other thing which is needed making the space inside more comportable. I let them add CCTV camera at back and each side of the RV(monitors in the RV's living room).I also let them install electric motor which can be use to Run and operate the RV using electricity incase we run out of fuel, as for the engine, gears, motors and important part of the RV's made of Vibranium, Adamantium and Uru metal to enchance runes and charm that will added like cooling rune and heat suppression rune so it will never Overheat. Then I added weight reduction rune and charm on the RV to support the weight inside making the RV same as any ordinary one but almost indestructible in this world, so now we don't have to worry about overloading for extra precautions I also added balancing Rune making the RV balance all the time when moving.

    (AN: poor wallet.. )

    (AN: if your wondering how the Wiring is connected to the room with expansion charm well the room already has wiring before enchanted with expansion charm they only needed to add more wiring inside the room).

    The Mechanic and Engineer told me that the small electric generator of the RV can't sustain all the energy needed for the appliances to work so the only problem is the Power Source which can power all the things inside the the RV as I'm still learning how to build a Arc reactor and studying thermodynamic, mechanical engineering, Physics and electrical engineering so I plan to connect the powerplant in my Pocket dimension to the RV if needed as the RV is still not finished.

    The plan was to connect a new wiring in the Powerplant and use the suitcase as a portal or doorway which is connected to my pocket world then connect the powerlines inside the Master Bedroom where the fusebox of the electric generator is located to supply electricity if I still can't create an Arc reactor before the Apocalypes.

    For now let's wait for the RV to finish and relax as I, Queenie, Leta and Nagini currently on my pocket dimension and they were amaze by the large villa, vast forest and Large World Tree Leta and Nagini also drink the World tree sap(salve) making them more younger(early 20ths) and beautiful of course they immediately showered to remove old skin using the energy that the Sap gave them their core became more stronger they are almost ready to breakthrough(4th for Leta, 3rd for Nagini Queenie is currently on 4th) . Currently Leta decide to practice and learn more spells she was busy, Queenie dabbles in mind arts fortifying her mind scape, as she has talent in Legilimency and Occlumency and Nagini is currently with me... swimming on a white two piece bikini in the pool while I'm reading books on a hammock and sipping Pure Orange Juice.

    (AN: Dumbledork is on 4th tier when he is already old).