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    Vol 2 Chapter 516: Techara Vs Junmaro

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    Techaras defenses are completely different from others.

    The battle suit he used is made of pure vibrating gold, which can withstand all attacks.

    Neither the fiery fire of the Chakra bullets, the paralysis of the Thunder Chakra bullets, or the powerful Wind Chakra bullets, could not penetrate his suit.

    Not only that, Techaras vibrating suit is also equipped with various advanced weapons.

    is not used in "Captain America 3: Civil War" because the enemies he faces are basically superheroes.

    He didn't intend to kill these superheroes.

    But now it is different.

    The enemies that appeared on this grassland were all Wakanda invaders.

    Their purpose is to destroy Wakanda and then occupy here.

    as the new king, as the panther.

    Techara will naturally not give in or compromise on this matter.

    There is no good or evil in this, it has nothing to do with right and wrong, but the two sides have different positions.

    And Techara firmly believes that what he did is just an act.

    With the expansion of the purple energy field, all the invaders surrounding Techara were lifted out in an instant.

    "Get out of me!"

    Techara's footsteps didn't stop at the slightest. As soon as he solved these enemies, he immediately rushed, and with the power of the Black Panther God, overturned all those who were blocking his way.

    The physical quality of these intruders is equally strong.

    I dont know if it was Techaras illusion.

    When fighting against them, Techara felt that everyone had taken heart-shaped grass, which greatly strengthened his body.

    If it were not for the increase in the vibrating suit, I am afraid that these guys would directly drag me down.

    However, Techara was very clear about what he was going to do.

    His task is not to eliminate the invaders as much as possible, and then reduce the pressure on his own people.

    What he needs to do, the important task he needs to accomplish...

    is to end this war completely!

    He must solve Xu Fan by himself!

    If you use your energy to deal with these invaders, it will only consume your energy in vain!

    "Su Rui, haven't you confirmed Xu's position yet?"

    Te Chala began to inquire about Xu Fan's specific location.

    The two armies fought in the grasslands of Wakanda, and there were countless people everywhere.

    Techara thought he could rely on the power of the panther **** Buster to perceive.

    In the end, Techara found that he could not lock Xu Fan's position on this battlefield.

    Actually, this is not caused by Busters weakness.

    but Xu Fan did not appear on the battlefield at all.

    Now Xu Fan is standing outside Wakanda's energy barrier, watching the war.

    When Techara heard the news from Princess Su Rui, he was stunned on the spot.

    "Isn't Xu planning to intervene at all?"

    Te Chala rolled his throat. Although it was the first time he had confronted Xu Fan, he learned of his toughness from his father and Buster.

    This kind of toughness naturally made him extremely confident.

    It's just Techarawan never expected.

    Xu Fan will be so confident.

    He didn't pay attention to Wakanda's resistance at all.

    In his consciousness, dealing with Wakanda does not need to act by himself.

    "I will let him realize how wrong this idea is."

    Techara has a low voice, but there are no guards around him.

    This sentence is more like talking to yourself, and more like an oath.

    Then, he ordered Su Rui to close the energy barrier of Wakanda.

    Anyway, this thing cannot withstand Xu Fan's army and his attack.

    will become an obstacle to approaching Xu Fan instead.

    After understanding the ins and outs, Princess Su Rui immediately followed what Techara said.

    But she just opened the area barrier between Techara and Xu Fan.

    Xu Fan is not the only enemy who looks at Wakanda.

    But even so, Techara's plan to approach Xu Fan was not so easy to complete.

    At the beginning of this war, someone locked Techara.

    He is the right-hand man of Oshemaru.

    The blood successor who once forced Xiao Li and Gaara into desperation!

    Jun Maro!

    Just as Techara once again solved a group of guys who blocked him with the power of the vibrating suit, Junmaro suddenly fell from the sky!

    blocked his way.

    Both sides face each other's eyes, and both can feel the difference in each other's body.

    "Step aside."

    Techara was the first to win, he didn't intend to fight the guy in front of him.

    "I have no interest in you."

    Techara let out a low growl.

    This sound is not only momentum, but also contains certain magical power.

    is enough to force ordinary people back.

    Kun Maro is not very human.

    He can give up his life for Oshemaru.

    The only value in his existence is to clear all obstacles on the road for Oshemaru.

    Including the current Techara.

    Seeing that Junmaro didn't say a word, he raised his right hand slightly, and gradually raised the milky white finger bones on his fingertips.

    This sudden scene made Techara unexpected.

    did not wait for his body to react.

    Junmaro's phalanx flew out like a bullet and went straight to Techara's throat.




    These finger bones hit Techara's vibrating suit with great precision, making a violent noise, and then being directly bounced out.

    But even the stray bullets that fly out have a strong lethality. Wakanda warriors who will be accidentally injured, or prisoners in the research institute.

    was killed on the spot!

    Te Chala glanced at the fallen dead subconsciously.

    There was a stormy sea in my heart.

    He has never seen anyone able to shoot bones out of his body and still have such amazing lethality.

    This guy in front of him is so terrifying in strength.

    "How many guys like you are Techara couldn't help but ask.

    But Junmaro just squeezed his shoulders.

    He was not surprised by the failure just now.

    It would be better to say, if the man in front of him was really easy to kill, he wouldn't have been staring at him in the first place.

    "The suit you are wearing is made of vibrating gold. Not only can it absorb kinetic energy, it is also very hard."

    Jun Maro asked instead, "Same as I guessed, you really are not that easy to deal with."

    "However, since I worked for Mr. Oshemaru, I have never failed."

    Junmaro said to himself, his right hand slowly raised and stretched to his back, his spine began to bulge.

    After he held one end of the spine, the whole spine was like a sharp sword behind his back. He pulled it out and held it tightly in his hand.

    is like a bone sword and a bone whip.

    Techara thought about Junmaro up and down, and couldn't help taking a breath.

    This guy is really hard to deal with.

    But in any case, Techara wouldn't let such a guy block his way.

    He ran again and rushed towards Junmaro.

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