Shift The Side Character Heroine Chapter 525

529 Belief In Loneliness

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The university form teacher was a walking loudspeaker. However, he avoided putting students into awkward spots, unless the student was already attracting negative attention to him or herself.

Even so, such extreme cases would be handled by a superior, while the teacher who had called in the cavalry only needed to remain silently by the sidelines.

Rumors had it that form teachers were actually there solely to maintain the balance, without having any true power. They would be adept at turning a blind eye to just about anything. If they ever tried to take matters into their own hands, their attempts would end up backfiring, and they would suffer unnecessarily.

Just about any teacher could get picked at random for this role, even against their desires, leading to many unenthusiastic form teachers. If they ever took their roles seriously, they would only get unneeded hate piled on them.

Students always preferred fun, productive teachers who got them engaged into class activities, while providing all the main points that were hot topics for examinations. They did everything in their power to prevent their students from failing, even going so far as to evaluate their papers with leniency when the need called for it.

If such leniency still failed to prevent failures, the students only had themselves to blame

Of course, such teachers needed to keep up appearances, especially during rollcalls. A word of advice for teachers - do your rollcalls at the start of class, not in the middle or at the end, forcing your students to attend your lessons. Nobody likes that.

Students hated teachers who crammed everything into their lessons, teachers who went by the book, providing no insight of their own, while marking their papers and assignments as standard. Such teachers practically left no escape options for students. Watching students suffer was their joy.

Such teachers might instill fear and respect, but even so, they could be categorized into those who truly wanted nothing but the best for their studnets, unlike certain lecturers who would slander other lecturers when attending their lectures. How did such people end up being lecturers, anyway?

Zhao Youyue's form teacher was a mousey looking generic baldy, but he was well versed in sprouting nonsense. He could get hung up on a single point for over half an hour. He had a knack of inserting his past and flashbacks into unrelated matters. Apparently, his last batch of students had been garbage, and he had voiced out hopes that this batch would be better.

Next up was the self-introduction phrase. Good-looking students immediately gained high expectations. In this case, Han Leng's celebrity aura and popularity also brought a great deal of pressure upon him.

Of course, his peers respected him - on the outside, at least, but more than one of them did not believe that he belonged in the same room as them. His results had not even been close to passing, and yet here he was.

If Han Leng was the golden egg of his batch, his female counterpart would most definitely be the golden-haired He Weiwei. She had gone through lengths to prepare her self-introduction materials, and hoped to deliver an impactful first impression. Among the points she voiced out was her hope to make many friends in this university.

As she was expressing such a desire, she had gazed straight into Han Leng's eyes, as if she was implicitly marking him as a target for her social circle. With his help, she would experience a massive boost in reputation.

Of course, Han Leng remained unfazed, living up the rumors of not looking at girls straight in the eye. He turned back to his group of men and listened to their talk about the girls in class. Apparently, they had utterly forgotten about Zhao Youyue.

Han Leng took note of this. As expected of Lady Zhao? Every time when they got to a new environment, she could blend in with the commoners. MI6 would be proud.

Another girl stood out during the self-introductions. She was another of Zhao Youyue's roommate, Yu Xuefei. She seemed to have self-appointed herself as class monitor. As she spoke, she kept mentioning her high school life, how she took pride in helping and serving the students, so if everyone trusted her, she would like to continue supporting and serving the students.

Listening to this, He Weiwei laughed out. "Clearly you are the kind who takes undue credit as your own, while pushing the blame to those around you if anything went wrong. If not so, why did I open the door to see her doing all the housework, this afternoon?!"

He Weiwei was clearly standing up for Zhao Youyue. She was voicing her disgust towards Yu Xuefei to Zhao Youyue.

Zhao Youyue couldn't care less about that small incident, but she was annoyed at the prospect of facing these conflicts and arguments in the future. Two of her roommates had already made enemies of each other on the very day school started. It could only get worse from there.

Zhao Youyue had never expected this to be a common sight, but her travels in various worlds had given her great insight.

Most girls' dorms should be quiet and harmonious. The next 4 years would be spent together, no matter what. Was there a need to create such a scene?

The only explanation for this epic banging of heads was that He Weiwei and Yu Xuefei were equally hard-headed. They both had bright and positive high school lives. They were both used to being the center of attention, they were both used to leading weaker minds. One would have to yield eventually, but for now, sparks would fly.

Of course Zhao Youyue was also such a person, but she took a more discreet and infinitely more deadly approach. Her victims would fall into her trap, unbeknownst to their steps. By the time they learn of the position they were in, they would have already tasted the enjoyment of being Lady Zhao's underling, and would never escape ever.

The other girls seemed passive and indifferent to the power struggle. This did not mean that it would be the end of surprises, as others could be hiding in plain sight, like Zhao Youyue.

The headmaster's position in this institute was unlike that of their high school counterparts. They held absolute power, and nothing could topple them. Ambitious, determined individuals no doubt eyes this position.

Not everyone was able to be as free and easy like Zhao Youyue, as her standing was already high enough, and there was no longer any reason for her to care and fight over such puny matters.

Other than Han Leng, another boy was grabbing attention in a different manner. The classroom was huge, and most guys sat in front, but this individual had remained huddle up in a corner, as if he had been there his entire life.

His name was Du Hang. It was a generic, regular name. Even his self-introduction had been brief and simple. His messy hairstyle, his aloof smile, his lopsided eyes were outstanding in their own way. His smile was not one of friendliness, it was cynical, and silently jeered those who were greeted by it.

Du Hang was one who had completely given in to loneliness

A person who was truly strong did not need any aid. He was a lone rider, and the world was his backdrop.

This was Du Hang's life. He carried with him the "Bible of Solitude." As he remained self-entitled in his lone rider persona, sneering at himself, little did he realize that he was exhibiting the traits of a typical chuunibyou.