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    Seized By The System Chapter 779

    Chapter 779 Ancient Etiquette

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    Zheng Dao stayed to chat with Oldman Ren for a while. After a while, Vigilante A finally entered the living room.

    The three of them made some small talk before settling down again.

    “Elder Ren, you came all the way here. Is there something you need?” Fang Ning, who was pulled out by Sir System to deal with the situation, asked.

    “Oh, I heard that the Venerable One had just conquered a new arcane realm recently that’s able to lead to places everywhere,” Ren Ruofeng quickly explained, getting to the point right away.

    He wanted to enter that Land of Sanguinity to do some exploring.

    “That’s simple, you can just go right ahead.” Fang Ning pointed his finger and a light gate appeared right in the middle of the living room.

    Looking at the light gate, a clear stream was visible.

    “Oh…” Ren Ruofeng did not expect it to be so easy, and he was very touched.

    It was, after all, a place of strategic importance, and it was still under construction, but the other party was so willing to completely open it to himself. This kind of trust was extremely rare.

    If it was someone else, the person would never be this generous.

    He cupped both hands before his chest as respect and stepped into the light gate.

    After settling Ren Ruofeng neatly and quickly, Fang Ning immediately slipped back to play.

    Although Sir System was unhappy with his actions, there was nothing he could do.

    When Zheng Dao saw that the Venerable One was about to return to his bedroom, he hesitated before saying, “Venerable One, Old Ren mentioned a private matter just now.”

    With that, Fang Ning had to come out again…

    “What is it?”

    Zheng Dao then explained everything about how the fellow became his matchmaker. After listening to the entire situation, Fang Ning was completely speechless.

    This made Zheng Dao slightly anxious. Was it possible that there was something wrong with it?

    “Venerable One, is there something wrong with this?”

    “Oh, nothing,” Fang Ning said as he waved his arm in dismissal, “I was just thinking what would be a nice gift for you… Forget it, go back to what you’re doing first, we’ll talk about this later.”

    “Thank you for your concern, Venerable One. Alright then, I won’t disturb the Venerable One anymore,” Zheng Dao hurriedly thanked him and left.

    “Look, even Old Man Zheng’s getting married already. When will I ever get married?” Fang Ning wondered gloomily.

    “Get married? You’re so stupid, really. Aren’t you getting along just fine now? Why do you need to find someone to control you? Clearly, you have no experience in it. Let me just tell you that once you get married, you’ll be finished,” Sir System said loudly.

    “…” Fang Ning remained silent for a while before finally speaking, “I can’t just stay as a bachelor for the next hundred years, can I?”

    “It won’t take that long, perhaps just about a hundred years,” Sir System consoled him.

    “…” Fang Ning instantly felt that life was no longer meaningful.

    Right this moment, Ren Ruofeng, who was entering the Land of Sanguinity, was nervously investigating the arcane realm.

    Clearly, he had a great purpose for specifically requesting to enter this place.

    Unfortunately, he had been making little progress. After all, they only had one Land of Heritage in their hands.

    Now was the opportunity to enter another arcane realm. In fact, this arcane realm had spatial attributes, so there must be more secrets lying around to be found out.

    He had once calculated the Vitality passage between the Azure Mountain Realm and Earth, but in the end, he merely became a cat’s paw. The Azure Mountain then moved above the Lunaette, and completely broke away from China’s control.

    As he went deeper into the Land of Sanguinity now, he was trying to calculate how many places could this arcane realm possibly be connected to.

    If he was lucky enough, perhaps he could find some clues from this arcane realm that proved whether it was a creation of the Upper Realm.

    After all, since it could lead to everywhere, it was very likely to be connected to some place in the Upper Realm.

    If he could prove this point, it would be of great significance.

    That would mean that he had direct evidence that could verify that the arcane realms on Earth were at least related to the people in the Upper Realm.

    He walked along what was once the River of Blood. This river ran through the entire arcane realm, so obviously, there was some significance to it.

    All he could see was that the water flowing in the River of Blood was now crystal clear, and there was no longer the stench of sanguinity.

    A thought suddenly occurred in Ren Ruofeng’s head. Where was all the water coming from?

    There might be a river in the Land of Heritage, but it was formed by rainwater. The water vapor must be from a foreign planet.

    However, since the river in this arcane realm was stretched out the whole arcane realm, if it was to rely on water vapor from an outside source, it must have a similar climate to that of a tropical rainforest.

    If not, it was impossible to support such an enormous flow of water.

    At this thought, Ren Ruofeng continued exploring along the river.

    Half a month soon passed by.

    He had finally discovered an unbelievably shocking truth… It was quite likely that this River of Blood had something to do with the Upper Realm’s dried-up Sky River.

    This was because the Heart River personally crafted by the River God of the Sky River on Earth had too many similarities with the River of Blood.

    When the River God of the Sky River formed the Heart River, he must have had made it based on the structure of the Upper Realm’s Sky River.

    However, he thought this was strange. According to the information brought back by Qiao Anping and his people, Bodhisattva Spirit King and many of the Upper Realm’s great gods had been here and even stayed for a long time. Was it possible that they did not realize this?

    It was either that or perhaps they had already known about it, but had chosen to deliberately conceal the truth?

    Well, should he report this to the Venerable Dragon God then, or did the Venerable Dragon God had already knew about this too?

    He thought about it again and finally decided not to say anything for the time being. He was worried that once the truth came out, the impact would be too much.

    He had to think carefully and decide how to deal with the situation.

    However, he was now able to confirm that the many arcane realms on Earth were indeed related to the Upper Realm’s people.

    Still, it did not necessarily mean that the people of the Upper Realm had arranged this.

    Ren Ruofeng could feel himself getting closer and closer to the truth, but he was still lacking evidence. If he only used his assumptions, he would never be able to convince others. After all, anyone could have a wild imagination, but there was only one truth.

    Finally making progress in finding out the origin of the arcane realm, Ren Ruofeng quickly left the Land of Sanguinity.

    At Mount Indigo Monastery.

    Old Master Ma stood on the flat ground behind the monastery with a solemn expression.

    The surrounding trees were shedding their yellow withered leaves, and the autumn wind rustled in the air. Seems like it was another year of cold winter.

    The ancients would say that this clear and crisp autumn climate was the perfect season to kill.

    Another shadow emerged in his mind.

    Not far away, the fairy maiden was using his complete collection of materials to come up with some strange arrays of formations.

    The pattern was complicated, crisscrossing horizontally and vertically… Meanwhile, a wisp of colorful gas circled above.

    Either way, he did not understand it all, hence making a face that showed that although he did not understand anything, he was still in awe.

    Right this moment, he still had the chance to send a message on WeChat to True Dragon, to allow him to come and destroy it.

    However, he was not able to do it… Even if they ruin the moment this time, were they able to ruin it the next time?

    Sooner or later, the Upper Realm’s gods would still come down.

    A gigantic shadow hovered over his mind.

    After some time, he noticed that the fairy maiden before him suddenly stopped.

    “Maiden, is the summoning formation finished?”

    “Yes, thank you for your help. The materials are actually prepared just nice,” the immoral dressed in white nodded in response.

    “Oh, thank you for your high praise. Do you know which god will be descending this time? Is there anything we should avoid from doing?” Old Master Ma asked quickly.

    A trace of pity could be seen on the face of the fairy maiden dressed in white as she shook her head, “This supreme deity might not be used to the current atmosphere of this realm. In short, if you treat her with ancient etiquette, perhaps that may be better.”

    “Ancient etiquette?” Old Master Ma was confused.

    “Yes, I’m sure you ancients have a rough idea on what to do when you meet a celestial being…” the fairy maiden in white responded softly, “I can only help you to this point, there’s nothing more I can say that’ll be of help.”

    Old Master Ma remained confused for a while before making a mental note to himself to be more vigilante.

    He hurriedly said, “Thank you for the tips, fairy maiden. I still have some matters to handle, so I’ll leave first.”

    “Alright, just go,” the white fairy maiden nodded in response, not making things difficult for him.