Second Chance In The Apocalyptic World Chapter 61

    Chapter 61: Upgrading Skill and Increasing Stats

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    "Ok, it's quite late and I know you were already quite exhasuted. So you should get back to sleep" Matt said to which Ethan only nodded his head and went back inside laying down on the sofa and directly aflling to sleep.

    Now that everyone was sleep Matt decided that it was time to look at his gains "Status" for visiting.


    [Strength - 20]

    [Agility - 20]

    [Vitality - 20]

    [Spirit - 30]

    [Ability - Teleportation]

    [Fighter Class - Soldier]

    [Survival Point - 6]

    [Skill Upgarde Pass - 1]

    "hmm... system upgarde the Mapping skill, it's the most practicle one for me right now" Matt stated.

    [Upgrading Skill - Mapping]

    [Mapping Upgarde complete]

    [Mapping - Show's a virtual map in the user's upper right corner of his vision which he can expand. Current diameter 2 KM from 0.5 Km. Icons aviailabe after upgarde are following colours: Red= Hostile, Blue= Allies, Green= Relatives and Friends, Yellow=Neutral, Black= Mutated Insect, Grey= Mutated Beast, Purple= Posisonous herbs and substance.

    Special Icons available in the next update such Spade =Rare Ores, Clover = Rare/ Mutated herbs and fruits or saplings, Diamond = Equipments, Melee Weapons and Guns, Hearts = Medicines, First Aid Kits and Other healthcare things]

    "FUCK!" cursed Matt when he saw the special icons that will be avialable to him in the next upgrad of his mapping skill.

    "System why didn't I got them in the first place, they are much useful to me then the Grey, Black and Purple color icons" asked Matt.

    [Stop being a greedy jackass and be happy with what you have gotten host] came a snarky reply from the Survival System.

    Matt was surprisd hearing that, most of the time his system replies in a monotone voice like a programme but whenever it has something to comment its voice becomes snarku and mean. Matt doesn't know if his system has a personaliyu of his own or whether it's gaining a personality while staying with him.

    *Sigh* Matt sighed as he took out two green gems that were the size of a nail of a pinky fom his inventory, that he had taken from the zombies head. Not wanting to waste anymore time Matt directly puts the two gems in his mouth and swallows them and waited for the feeling but instead he got a message from his System.

    [Host has eaten 2 gems of Zombies of Level 0 does host want to increase his Strength, Agility and Vitality by 1 each or do you have any other preference?]

    "What? What? System what the hell is this? Are you saying that you can even control the energy distributed by the zombie gems as well?" Matt asked in shock.

    [Yes, the Survival System controls everything in host's body. Anything beneficial for the body can be controlled by the system including the energy from the zombie gem and meat of Mutated beasts. Host can decide how he wants to use it. System can even control host's sperm if system desires to do so]

    "I am sorry! what? You can control my sperm how?" asked Matt.

    [System can control the sperms to make sure that hosts doesn't make anyone pregnant until hosts wants to and can even make it such that if hosts decides to make someone pregenant then she will become pregnant. System can eve make the child born from host's sperm has all of his abilities or some of his abilities according to hosts whishes]

    Matt's mind was blown away when he heard about the capabilities of his system.

    "Then why the hell you didn't tell me anything?" asked Matt

    [Host didn't asked and it wasn't necessary for host's survival] came the reply from his system.

    Matt was once again stumped by his systems remark and couldn't retort back.

    [Host please reply? Do you want to increase his Strength, Agility and Vitality by 1 each or do you have any other preference?]

    Asked Matt's system once again.

    "Add 2 in Strength and 1 in Agility, my Vitality is enough for now" replied Matt


    This time when the system added 2 points in his strength at once Matt didn't felt anything bad like before but only felt the increase in his strength. the reason being that the points gained from from zombie gems is different from the one gained from system. The System genticly increases his body stats while the zombie gems do that geneticly as well but its from the gems while the one from the system appears out of thin air.


    [Strength - 22]

    [Agility - 21]

    [Vitality - 20]

    [Spirit - 30]

    [Ability - Teleportation]

    [Fighter Class - Soldier]

    [Survival Points - 6]

    "Add 4 survival points in my spirit one by one" Matt stated, since he was so close to reaching Level 2 of his ability Matt decided to leave 2 survival points for emergency and focus on reaching level 2 for his ability.


    After 5 minutes Matt, felt the freshness in his mind and knew that his Spirit is just 6 points away from reaching Level 2 after which he would be able to use his ability for atleast 10 times and the distance will increase to 100 meter which was more then eough for him to survive for the next year in the apocalypse.

    'Now I can't eat the gems for the next 22 hrs so let's check my Map' thought Matt as he focused on the map on his upper right corner of his vision.

    The map expands in front of him and shows everything in the radius of 2 km to him.

    But since he is in a building and his map dosen't show the 3D version of the building Matt didn't knew on which floor the icons were refering too.

    For example currently there is a red color icon just a meter away from Matt, which means a hostile was just a meter away from him according to the Map but that wasn't true since there wasn't any zombie in this room and the room next to him was more then 10 to 20 meters away from him. The Map wasn't really helpful to him in the building and it won't be until Matt upgardes it to a level where it can show a 3D version.

    "Huh!" Matt exclaimed because he saw two yellow color icons on the map and they were 20 or so meters behind Matt seeing which he was surprised.

    Focusing on the marking on the map and then connecting few dots Matt was able to figure out where the survivors were.

    "I will be damned....There are two alive people on the rooftop!!"