Road To The Crown
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    Road To The Crown Chapter 255

    Chapter 255: We can go back?

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    28th July 1574

    "What do you mean we can visit the mining town? Aren't we kinda in aa hurry?"

    Just when I thought that we would get some more carriages filled with food and supplies, Jan just came and announced that there would be no problem with me inspecting the progress that my mining town made myself!?

    "Oh? You really believed that we could do it as fast? I'm sorry but as great as our armies are, we are nowhere close to the level that your people can achieve when it comes to organisation and logistics. Best case scenario, it will take us at least two days to pack up, get everything set and done and finally depart! So yeah, there won't be any problems for you to go and visit this great mining town of yours! By the way, on the side note I always wondered, why do you call it this place a mining town? It's not like there is any town in place there, so how come this name came to your mind?"