Rise Of Destruction Chapter 31

31 So You Were In An Orphanage Once..

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Amon was breathing intensively as he looked at the smiling man in front of him.

Currently, Amon's robes were ripped, he had bruises all over and was breathing raggedly.

"Come on, it's been only less than four minutes since we started...are you going to represent my sect with this much skill?"

Manifesting another spear with his energy, Amon jumped high and stabbed towards the Sect Leader with all he had. He poured everything into this one spear, after this there would be no more mana in him, not until he restored it.

In return to this stab, the man only extended his arm forward and met the spearhead with his bare palm.

No sound was emitted as the hand and blue mana spear collided. The spear we disintegrating bit by bit and finally, a 'thud' sound was heard as Amon fell on his one kneecap.

Feeling something hot close to his face, Amon lifted his head. The Sect Leader's spear was in front of him while the Leader himself was playing with the hand he blocked the spear with.

"Amonelius flame...Tell me everything about you, from the start to the end!" said the man as he stared at Amon with his sharp eyes.

'What's there for me to hide, except just some memories from a past life...'

"I am an orphan from Cab town...Then I stumbled upon [Everburning Flame Mantra]...Meeting Red Lei was at the time where I was about to..."

It took Amon almost one and a half hour to explain the very details from his life, starting from old Martha to the Blood Racing Peaches.

During that time, the Sect Leader sat cross-legged and listened to his story, becoming more and more interested in it.

"So you were in an orphanage once... Listening to you, I did not discover any lies. It's strange however that you possess the blue flame.

Im called Green Flame Han, and except me and my daughter, I do not know another person who possesses different flame than the normal... Fate is a weird think Amon. Would you like to be my disciple?" as he said that, the sect leader looked at Amon with expectation.

Amon was shocked. He was always curious why his mana was blue when he was a fire mage, not to mention that the one who wanted to teach him was an expert at the Materialising Realm. It was simply a dream for many young mages in the world known to Amon so far.

Amon didn't think much. The sect leader was someone who had something in common with him - a different flame, not to say about the other advantages of being a disciple of a mage at this rank.

"Yes, this disciple accepts master!" while saying this, Amon bowed down.

Going on the path of magic required one to enter a state in which he would be alone for big or small periods of time and Amon knew that.

Having a master who would teach him didn't change that, but now he would have someone who would guide him.

"Rise...rise... I want to give you a title, 'Blue Flame Amon'. What do you think about that? " asked Green Flame Han with joy on his face. Only he, himself knew how much he would boast in front of his friends, now that he found a disciple suitable for his teachings.

He was the only person known to possess a green flame along with his descendant, but now he had a disciple! Not a green flame possessing but a blue one! It wasn't the same but only a true expert on the higher realms of magic would know that finding another unique person like Amon would be close to impossible.

"I am happy about it master!" said Amon, who was very excited right now, and continued:

"Master you said something about blue flame. Is it the reason for my mana to be blue when I'm a fire user? You have green mana yourself!"

Amon wasn't shy to address and ask his new teacher and maybe a father you could say, as the relationship between a disciple and a master was said to be more special even than the one between a father and a son. Han in return was happy and smiled when he was addressed like that.

"Yes. Flames can vary. Blue and green for example are stronger than the orange, yellow and red flame, but not always. It all depends on how dense the mana is, if yours is denser, your flame will be stronger than the normal.

That's what I've also been wondering about you. I gained my flame through a lucky encounter and my talent increased by leaps and bounds. You, however, seem to be naturally born with it.

Enough with that for now. Now that you are, my disciple, I can't let you lose to the Valeera girl. I am a spear master and will only teach you spear, halberds and similar weapon techniques along with hand combat and defensive skills. Eat this pill and we will begin!" as he said that, Han threw the red pill to Amon after which he closed his eyes to meditate.

'So old Lan from Roger's manor was right about my talent...its just that when my spirit energy became blue fire spirit energy, my talent increased by a big margin...'


Nodding and popping the pill in his mouth, Amon closed his eyes as he began executing various hand seals.

From within his body, a big burst of outer energy was taking place and Amon controlled this energy towards his spirit paths which led to his core and rings.

As the energy was running inside his body, it also tempered it.


It was as if his bones, tendons, muscles and skin screamed and cried. Black excrement was flowing out, his hair was growing wildly as he was becoming skinnier yet his body was becoming more defined.

The energy from the pill was enough for Amon to upgrade his last ring to the maximum, storing as much as energy possible in the Elementary Realm.

After some time, Amon opened his body and was met with his teacher's green eyes and a wave of green mana. This wave threw him away but it also washed his body.

"You upgraded it to the max, huh. Good. If you want to build up and fill up your rings faster you must have a strong body. It is a known fact that a person with a tempered body can store mo mana. I see you've trained your body for some time but it's not enough, even with the Everburning Flame Mantra.

Plus, it's good for battle prowess but you still need to build up a body which is suitable for battle. Just having bulky muscles isn't enough. Every thread of muscle must go through a battle with the weapons you're good with, it will adapt to it and built up reflexes!

Let's begin our training now. We will train from now until the time for tournament comes!" as he said that Han threw a spear out of nowhere, to his new disciple.