Returning From The Immortal World Chapter 758

    Chapter 758

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    Chapter 758: Killing Enemies Under Sword Formation

    Tang Xiu glanced at the distance, his murderous intention soaring in an instant. Five lightning-like forms flashed from the edge of the woods some kilometers away as though they were sharp arrows unleashed from a bow. In just a few breaths, they had dashed in front of them.

    Mr. Tang.

    Basils cold eyes fell on Tang Xiu. He was currently vexed and annoyed inside as the Darksoul squad members under him had been in surveillance for two days, and also snuck into the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Yet, they still couldnt put the Blood Poison into Tang Xius meal, since Tang Xiu neither ate nor drank anything during these two days.

    Tang Xiu glanced at the four vampires behind Basil and was instantly able to identify them. They were the ones who chased Jin Shi and the others two days ago, and then were forced to retreat by his sword. It seemed their injuries were better already.

    Youre also a member of the Stygian Club?

    With the graceful bearing and elegance of a noble, Basil used his slender white fingers to fiddle with the metal ball as he nodded and said, We are Sir Keith Moores subordinates from the Stygian Club indeed. Those assassination agents from before were very rude towards you, Mr. Tang, and thus weve already executed the escaped werewolf. Our Lord has been wishing to see you, Mr. Tang, so I hope you can give us face and follow us.

    He wants me to see him and yet you ask me to go? Tang Xiu sneered. This is Chinese territory, yet hes still this arrogant? This is really more than enough to kick his ass. SCRAM and tell that guy that he had better move his ass if he wants to see me. I might go to see him if Im in a good mood.

    Basil stopped fiddling with the metal ball instantly, a murderous glint flashing in his chilling-cold eyes. Then, he said coldly, I know all of you are all Oriental cultivators, Mr. Tang. But Ive seen the strength of your men and they can never beat my Darksoul squad. You yourself indeed have some skills to be proud of, but Im afraid it wont be enough to show them off before me. Hence, please follow us if you dont want us to fully suck all the blood of you and your men.

    Are you threatening me? Tang Xiu sneered and ordered, Awu, replace Zidan and form the Decagon Sword Formation. Ill personally fix this brat if he dares to move.

    Roger that!

    Mo Awu, Jin Shi, and the others stood up and instantly released their flying swords to hover around them. Basil only looked at them with contempt and instantly retreated 100 meters. The four vampires grinned and licked their lips, pulling cane knives from the sheaths on their backs. It was their Bloodkins outstanding spirit weapon, the Stygian Demon Blade that blossomed dark lights.

    Defeat his men and capture him!

    A vampire Count grinned hideously. As he spread his wings, he dashed toward Mo Awu in a flash, as he raised the cane blade and hacked down to divide Mo Awu into two halves.


    In the face of death, Mo Awu did not panic but shouted loudly. His flying sword instantly grouped with the other nine flying swords as his figure disappeared in a flash to catch up with Jin Shi and the others, who were already floating mid air. While they trod on the void, their figures turned imaginary and erratically, drifting from spot to spot.


    The four vampires also streaked to the sky. Their individual strength was a level stronger than Jin Shi and the others, so they slashed their four Stygian Demon Blades, attempting to kill the ten men.

    While Basil, who stood 100 meters away, wore a smile. Two days ago his four Darksoul members were able to chase after Tang Xius men and got them beaten. And now, in his eyes, they would finally kill them. Their ending was already fixed even if they changed another man.

    He really could not understand as to why Tang Xiu would be this stupid. Did he not see how distressed and miserable his men were as a result of the battle two days ago?

    More than a kilometer away from them.

    Several men and women hiding on the other side of the forest could clearly see the scene of the battle, whereas Siou, one among them, tightly gripped a stiletto and looked enthusiastic.

    Big Bro Siou, it seems like we dont need to move right now. Basil is now having his Darksoul members getting into action, so well be able to benefit as the third party, A cute girl donned in a black leather coat spoke in a whisper with a smile on her face.

    Yeah. Youre right, Siou nodded and smilingly said. No matter who wins and loses, they both will end up losing and well be able to remove all of them the moment we appear. Hehehe War Intelligence Elder will definitely reward us handsomely.

    I really cant wait to see them end up suffering mutually, The girl giggled. Anyways, who do you think will win between them, Brother Siou?

    It should be Basil, of course, said Siou. Dont tell me you havent noticed it yet! Basils Blood Brother, Alody, has yet to appear, and you too know hes much stronger than him.

    The smile on the girls face receded like a tide, hatred now suffused in her eyes, She then said with thick resentment, Alody, huh? This damned vampire bastard! Hes the one who caught me in the past and imprisoned me in the Blood Pool for 14 years. He ruined my mental ability and also my killed my big sis. I must kill him myself today, and let his soul burn in Hellfire

    Siou grabbed her hand and scolded her, Contain your aura! Else they will notice you.

    Alright! The girl suppressed her hatred and firmly nodded.

    Near the mist-shrouded mountain, ten blurred figures constantly flashed as the ten flying swords were transformed into thousands of sword images that formed layers of blooming lotus made of overlapping sword lights. As the shadows of the four Stygian Demon Blades came hacking at them, one of the sword light lotuses instantly detached and collided with the blade lights.


    Two auras clashed and burst into a thunderous deafening explosion. As the sword light lotus was torn into pieces, the four Demon Blades turned similarly fragile, but its blade lights were still sweeping upwards. The first clash between them showed that the four vampires were much stronger. However, in just a flash moment, the situation was reversed 360 degrees, as another wave of the separated sword light lotus directly countered the blade lights.


    The four vampires had a change in expressions. They quickly swayed their bodies in uncanny ways, floating upward for several meters to escape the sword light lotus that kept crashing down at them.


    Mo Awu roared. The Decagon Sword Formation that had been completely formed instantly crashed down, covering the four vampires. The Lotus flower sword lights emerged out of the blue and stormed over toward the four Count-ranked vampires.


    A vampire Count smashed two sword lights, but his body was contaminated by more and more sword light lotuses. Immediately, his body was battered with a terrifying wound as his blood splashed. The other three vampires were also facing similar predicaments. Along with the increase of sword light lotuses, more and more wounds were carved on their bodies, and even their flapping wings were also wounded in just a few seconds, slowing down their speed a lot.


    A vampire roared and instantly caught up to gather with the other three vampires. They frantically slashed their Stygian Demon Blades and smashed hundreds of sword light lotuses in one go.


    Mo Awu snorted and flung toward the vampires front. His flying sword pierced the vampires chest and kicked him flying backward. In the next moment, Jin Shis form appeared in an instant and stabbed the vampires throat with his flying sword. Nearly in a flash, after he stabbed him, his palm also clapped the vampires head, while Xue Sha then followed suit

    Puff! Puff! Puff

    The three-dimensional sword formation consisting of sword light lotuses, and amid the flashing forms of ten figures, inflicted great damage to the four vampires, and the several wounds were absolutely fatal to them.


    Mo Awus group of ten finally stopped attacking and instantly seized their respective flying swords. At the moment, they surrounded the four vampires and hacked them lightning fast!


    Shrill screams sounded from the four vampires mouths. Two vampire Counts had their bodies disintegrated by the sword lights as pieces of their flesh fell one by one, raining down blood. The other two vampire Counts, one of which was crushed and smashed to the ground, completely lost his aura, while the last vampire Count was heavily smashed to the ground, dying accompanied by splattering layers of dust.

    How is this possible?

    The tragic situation left Basil stupefied. The massacre shocked him too much. He was full of confidence that his four subordinates would be able to decimate Tang Xius men. Who would have thought that the result turned out the other way around

    Vexed distressed! His heart was simply bleeding!!

    It had to be noted that his four subordinates were Count-ranked vampires and also his most powerful underlings, from which he was able to have a higher status in the Stygian Club. Else, by relying on only the strength of his and his Blood Brother, it was impossible for them to be taken seriously in the club.

    Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

    Mo Awus group of ten descended from the sky and stood in a neat order in front of Tang Xiu. Other than having their bodies stained with the four vampires blood, they did not suffer any injuries at all.

    Great job!!! Tang Xiu applauded. Count-ranked vampire are just mediocre.

    Basil flashed to the side of the battered and only living subordinate he had now. When he checked his injury, he felt a bit better inside since his Core Nucleus was not crushed despite having grave injuries. Hence, there was still hope for him to survive.

    At this moment, Tang Xiu appeared in front of Mo Awus group of ten in a flash. As he unleashed the long swords, a sudden burst of power that could tear the sky and devastate the earth asunder was instantly swept out and inundated Basil and the wounded vampire Count. The might of a hundred meters sword image greatly increased after absorbing the Heaven Earth energy as it struck Basil. It was just one strike, but the blow made Basil instantly turn frantic. His figure instantly vanished and flashed backwards 100 meters. He had not the time to rescue his subordinate at all, leaving him to be cleaved into two halves.

    Despite escaping, Basil had already been hit by the sword qi, and his bleeding wound looked especially terrible.


    An obscure shadow suddenly swept away from Tang Xius side.

    Tang Xius pupils shrunk, and the invisible crisis made all his hair become erect in an instant. He had no time to release his spiritual sense, relying only on his superhuman perception and instincts to brandish his long sword to the left.