Resurrection Of Shinto
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    Resurrection Of Shinto Chapter 1

    Chapter 1: Hung Up Just After Crossing

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    First time on the flower boat!

    How can I pretend to be an old driver who often gets on the flower boat!

    Wait online! Very urgent!

    Dou Changshengs sixteen-year-old face is slightly immature, and his moon-white brocade robe sets off a slightly swollen body, and a paper fan is held between his five short fingers.

    As Dou Changsheng slowly opened the paper fan, the ink painting was revealed.

    is not made by famous artists, but it is also unique.

    Bright eyes, staring at a group of Yingyingyanyan girls, are showing their graceful posture, especially those beautiful locks of hair flying slightly, long slender eyebrows, and a pair of eyes looking forward to charming. Speak the same.

    Suddenly, a shadow in the darkness faded.

    just dont know why? I always have a bad premonition. This premonition is extremely depressed, as if there is something in the dark, peeping at Dou Changsheng.

    carefully observed the Quartet, did not find anything wrong, and immediately suppressed this idea.

    Do it in turns, and come to my house this year.

    Dou Changsheng didn't expect that he just wore it directly after just sleeping.

    Its just that the place where I came from is slightly wrong. I just passed through a boat with flowers and flowers, watching the girls singing and dancing, silk and bamboo misty, I was a little excited.

    She cringed in her previous life. He was nearly thirty years old. He was still a pure Yang body. He tried to try, but the laws and regulations were strict. Now its a legal business to live another life. But for many years, the rules cant be broken for a while.

    Minded and left directly, but he was embarrassed to speak.

    I experienced this embarrassment in my previous life. I went somewhere together and squatted on the sofa outside, listening to two or three dog-headed friends being chic in there. They were entangled and bitter, and I really couldn't be an outsider.

    Hesitated in every way, and finally Dou Changsheng picked up the wine glass in front of him, and drank the slightly bitter wine inside in one sip. The wine was strong and courageous, and when he became courageous, he dared.

    Its just that the alcohol level is slightly worse. Dou Changsheng drank a glass and didnt feel any impact at all. This is no different from beer. With Dou Changshengs ten bottles of beer, he needs to use an altar to drink this wine.

    looked at the fat man with white aside, and at the moment he held a young girl up and down his hands, Dou Changsheng secretly sighed, this is the legendary old driver.

    This ancient woman has a slightly poorer appearance. After all, she has not been nurtured by beauty and cosmetics. She can optimize from seventy points to over 80 points, or even over ninety points.

    It's just that a certain part is more prominent, but it is a bonus item. In the end, it is not bad, but there is no shadow, which is quite strange.

    Shadow, no!

    Dou Changsheng's original look of carelessness and carelessness, but suddenly became awe-inspiring, his eyes narrowed involuntarily, and he looked at the woman in Fat Bai's arms.

    At this moment, it is night!

    Above the painted boat, the burning oil lamps and torches, the painted boat is brightly lit.

    Oil lamps and other things are not as bright as energy-saving lights, so there are some dimness, there are no shadows, it is not too obvious, but if you concentrate on watching it carefully, even if it is dim, you can see clearly as long as it is bright.


    The light is looking at the shadows, and the scene before my eyes is extremely strange.

    The white fat man's arms were embracing, and it was empty, and the faint shadow of his fingers could be seen, but he was stroking the air.

    It's the end of July, which is the time when the summer is hot.

    The breeze was blowing slowly, and the heat wave was wave after wave, but Dou Changsheng felt a chill in his heart for some reason.

    This is the source of bad feelings in my heart, there is a problem here!

    The lights flickered like beans.

    The light also swayed. I don't know whether it was a problem in my heart or the fact. Dou Changsheng looked at Yingyingyanyan's girls on the side. The beautiful faces were bright and dark, but they felt terrible.

    glanced, the girls on the cabin of the painted boat looked at it seven or eight, except for the invisible angle, there was no shadow.

    I thought this was a gift package for traveling through, and I could only use a certain tone at the end. The fate that even the little sister hadn't been involved in, but I didn't expect that the start was **** difficulty.

    These 80% may be ghost ships, except for a few guests, all are female ghosts.

    Calm, calm, calm.

    Dou Changsheng repeatedly muttered in his heart, knowing that he exclaimed at this moment, then everything is over.

    It may be that I guessed wrong, there are no shadows in this world.

    A ghost without a shadow is not necessarily a ghost. Even if it is a ghost, there are also great achievements made by the sages of Ning.

    After taking a few deep breaths, Dou Changsheng managed to settle down.

    Whether it is a ghost ship, or scaring yourself.

    The gentleman does not stand under the dangerous wall, thirty-six tactics, the best tactics.

    "Young Master!" Jiao Didi's voice sounded, the voice was fascinating, and it was able to make people think. If a quarter of an hour ago, Dou Changsheng would definitely be a hormonal rise, but now he can't help but feel aroused.

    Like a certain animal, the hair is about to stand upside down.

    "My son, what's wrong with you, but you feel sick?"

    Dou Changsheng panicked, and on the surface he didn't dare to show half a point. After all, he was nearly 30 years old in his previous life, and he has experienced a lot of wind and rain. If the green students who have just entered the university, they are already flustered and do not know what to do. Up.

    The more the critical moment, the more flexible Dou Changshengs brain, shaking the paper fan in his hand, soothing the fear in his heart, opened his mouth and preached: "Who dares to say that this son is not good!"

    "It's really bullying!"

    "You, and you."

    "Wait for this young man, wait for him to return to the mansion, take an elixir, and this young man will kill ten people in a row tonight!"

    Dou Changsheng was furious, and stood up and shouted loudly: "Dou San, quickly bring my son back to the mansion and get the elixir?"

    Dou San is a real person, the son of the Dou family, but he is not beside Dou Changsheng at the moment. He has been sent away by Dou Changsheng when he came to Huafang.

    So shouting is destined to be futile, and this is also Dou Changsheng deliberately.

    was full of anger, and opened his mouth to reprimand and preach: "Dou San actually ran away and asked my son to pick it up personally. After he returned, he would be severely punished and sent him to dig holes in the fields."

    "The girl will wait for my son for a while, and my son will be back in half an hour."

    Dou Changsheng angrily closed the paper fan in his hand, and the potential of life and death exploded. The acting skills were not superb, but it was barely reasonable.

    "Why are you leaving, the elixir, we have a lot here!" The white tender jade arm that could not be covered by the green light gauze wrapped around Dou Changsheng's arm.

    The woman leaned against Dou Changsheng's body completely, and the lips with red lips were less than an inch away from the ears of Dou Changsheng, exhaling and preaching.

    Dou Changsheng has a stiff body. Even with superb acting and superb performance, he can't make the opponent stick to it without half reaction. He flicks slightly, touching the woman's tender white arm that seems to be able to get out of water.

    has a slight feeling of coldness, if I didn't understand it just now, this scene is nothing.

    But at this moment, there is suspicion in my heart. July is in the scorching summer. Whose body will feel cold, it is not the cold winter.

    I dare not say that the other party is a ghost, but 80% is not a good thing.

    forced herself to hold back the reaction of pushing away the woman, but forced herself to hold her.

    looked at the other party, the dim light flickering from side to side, Dou Changsheng watched the beautiful face of the woman light and dark, and his heart was even more frightened.

    Calm down, I haven't exposed myself yet.

    Although this painting boat imitates the Qinhuai River, it is the boundary of Takize County, and it is also a handan toddler.

    The painting boat and the dark piles under the Daze Lake are fixed. They are not a real painting boat and can sail in the Daze Lake.

    This is what looks good, but it is actually a fake boat. More accurately, it is worse than a boat similar to a painted boat.

    Looking for a reason, if I have no choice, I would jump on the boat and swim ashore. I am also a master of the water.

    The more calm he is, the more sweaty drops appear on Dou Changsheng's forehead.

    "Summer is hot, quickly wipe my sweat!" Dou Changsheng said with a calm attitude.

    "The son!"

    "You know how to call slaves!"


    "Look and appreciate!" Dou Changsheng quickly fumbled out of his arms, took out a piece of broken silver, stuffed it into the woman's palm, touched the cold little hand, Dou Changsheng couldn't help taking a deep breath, and then Slowly exhale, calm the fear in my heart.

    The woman yelled, took out her handkerchief, a faint fragrance diffused, and she began to wipe the sweat for Dou Changsheng half coquettishly.

    "Go Hongyu girl, go in with Fat Master and be happy!" The Fatty Bai beside Dou Changsheng hugged the Hongyu girl and got up.

    When passing by Dou Changsheng, Fatty Bai stretched out his chubby palm, patted Dou Changsheng on the shoulder, and preached boldly, "This brother should leave early if he doesn't work well."

    "Just your small body, you even cut ten girls, do you want to laugh at Fat Master!"

    Hahaha! ! ! ! ! !

    The frantic voice sounded, and Fatty Bai was arrogant and arrogant, and finally pointed to Dou Changshengs chest before leaving, preaching dismissively: "Leave early!"

    "Otherwise, you will be the bones of your body, I'm afraid I won't be able to leave here tonight."

    "You!" Dou Changsheng was angry.

    "One waste, I don't know if I have the capital."

    "Is it because you want to die under the peony, and you can't be a ghost."

    The white fat man laughed violently, and strode away, not forgetting to molest the red jade girl in his arms, his fat fingers gently dragged the other's chin and preached: "Is the fat man right?"

    "Lord, you are right!"

    Dou Changsheng was about to yell at him, but in the end he changed abruptly, no, the white fat man's tone was wrong.

    Leaving the two characters, Bai Fatty said more than once, especially the ghost characters he pointed out.

    Although the ghost characters are inconspicuous in this passage, Dou Changsheng is already suspicious now, and he can be described as a soldier in his heart. He immediately understood the different meanings.

    Fatty Bai also found a ghost here and wanted to let himself go.

    This is what Fatty Bai deliberately insulted and took the opportunity to tell Dou Changsheng.

    There is something abnormal here, that's for sure.

    The beginning is the difficulty of the ghost ship hell. This crossing is not as good as not coming. In the last life, although life is not too good, you can still afford to rent a house. Meals and meals are meat. One person is full and the whole family is not hungry. Lives freely. It is much stronger than fear and fear at this moment.

    changed his tone, and finally spit out four words: "Insult to gentleman!"

    "My son hasn't asked the girl's name yet?" Dou Changsheng laughed hard, pretending to be normal and asked.

    "Nujia Ziyu!"

    "Purple, the master is noble, jade, the master is beautiful!"

    "Ziyu, a good name!" Dou Changsheng searched the Erliangyou in his stomach and said a compliment.

    "Thank you for the compliment, Mr. Zi!" Ziyu smiled, and the white jade fingers slid gently on the back of Dou Changsheng's hand.

    There was a plop, as if something heavy fell into the water.

    "Someone fell into the water!" Dou Changsheng quickly let go of Ziyu, strode over to the guardrail of the cabin deck, and looked at the place where the water was constantly splashing.

    With the help of the firelight, it was still possible to see a figure throbbing.

    "My son is the most anxious for justice and justice. There is no reason to save someone who has fallen into the water at this moment!" Dou Changsheng shouted loudly, and rushed out of the guardrail.

    After knowing Fatty Bais prompt, the hesitation in Dou Changshengs heart disappeared without a trace. One person may have a bad judgment, but if there is Fatty Bai, there will be no mistake.

    In this ghost place, there is a danger of imagining the snake until dawn, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com goes far beyond diving.

    Even if the diving is in the dark, it is far more dangerous than the day. But as a guy who grew up by the sea in Dou Changsheng's last life, plus this place is not far from the shore, the danger is not that great.

    is just a little bit, it seems that I didn't understand it, which made Dou Changsheng a little anxious.

    But this is already a side-effect, and now such a good opportunity must not be let go, rushing out to save lives.

    Accompanied by the exclamation sound, Dou Changsheng plopped and fell into the water. It went so smoothly, which was really unexpected.

    If one survives, there will be future fortunes.

    When I go back, I must go to the temples and Taoist temples to offer incense and worship Buddha and Taoism.

    Dou Changsheng moved quickly and swam towards the shore, but just now he moved, and suddenly his body became stiff, and his charming voice sounded: "My son, where are you going?"

    Ziyu's beautiful face is parallel to Dou Changsheng, suspended on the surface of the water, there is no body underwater, only a head.

    Dou Changsheng was frightened. If he hadn't prepared for it, he would have been frightened and fainted. He swam to the shore, and immediately sank, his ankle was grabbed by a icy palm.

    The palms of his hands are like iron tongs poured with steel. No matter how hard Dou Changsheng struggles, Dou Changsheng's body is sinking steadily.

    In the end, I drowned in the water of Lake Daze. Time passed slowly. I couldn't bear it anymore, and I was drowned in the lake.

    At the last moment, Dou Changsheng thought of something that he had never understood.

    The opponent is a ghost, how could he let himself run away so easily.

    faintly, as if seeing a golden light.

    heard a word.

    Justice may be late, but it will never be absent.

    Do not!

    Goldfinger may be late, but will never be absent.