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OngoingBook 3 Chapter 768

    Resurrection Of Shinto Book 3 Chapter 768

    Vol 3 Chapter 768: All Worlds Merged The Decisive Battle Broke Out

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    Kingdom of God!

    Dou Changsheng stood on the Colorful Rainbow Bridge, with his hands hanging down naturally, his eyes staring at the world intensively.

    Ge Tianshi entered the world.

    This is like the fuse of gunpowder, the fuse of the war.

    The moment Ge Tianshi entered the world, the war also followed.

    A heavenly immortal can enter the realm, which for the Palace of the Heavenly Kings and the Palace of the Nine Emperors, is the quick target after killing.

    As long as you can kill Ge Tianshi, no matter how heavy the price is, it is worth it, even if it hurts the vitality of the Nine Emperor Gods Palace and the Heavenly Kings Palace, it will not hesitate.

    The meaning of a **** is too heavy.

    This is high-end combat power, enough to change a big battle, or the rise and fall of a race.

    Da Chu, Palace of Heavenly Kings, Palace of Nine Emperors.

    The competition of the three big forces seems to be a huge three forces, but when it comes to it, it is actually a battle for high-end combat power. The strong below the world, their cooperation with the big formation is only an auxiliary, not a decisive force at all.

    Therefore, before the Tianxian era started, successfully killing Ge Tianshi not only eliminated an enemys high-end combat power, but also played a role in killing chickens and monkeys, warning Tianshifu and other gods not to get involved this time. War.

    How can Dou Changsheng not know the meaning of this, but for Dou Changsheng, this is what he has to do.

    The establishment of the Earth Veil Net is related to the establishment of the thirty-three days. If you want to prevent the Heavenly King Palace and the Nine Emperor Gods from jointly destroying the Earth Veil Net, you must use Tianshi Ge as the bait to catch them all.

    Both sides have their own goals, and a big battle is inevitable.

    But this has been deduced so many times that I don't know how many things are in my grasp. With the moment Ge Tianshi entered the world, everything was out of Dou Changsheng's control.

    Ge Tianshi's entry into the world is a signal, and this is true.

    However, Dou Changsheng miscalculated the concentration of the war. When Ge Tianshi entered the world, the ten thousand worlds that were originally peaceful and connected with the human world suddenly changed at this time.

    Although many fragments of the two worlds of heaven and earth are connected to the human world, they have been integrated into the world, but they are only part of it. The real world essence of the world fragments is in the hands of the great heavenly immortals, or the earth immortal Tao fruit. .

    They made the world of fragments of the two worlds of heaven and earth, the small one became the cave sky, and the big one became one world.

    In the end, a unique environment was formed, such as the Heavenly Master Realm, the Heavenly King Realm, the Nine Heavens, the Nine Emperor Gods World, etc., and the fragments of the heaven and the earth were occupied by the strong.

    At this moment, Jiuzhongtian, which had been in a stalemate, suddenly rushed into the world.

    The barriers of the world are shaking, the world is roaring, standing in the middle of the kingdom of God, Dou Changsheng can feel that the world is shaking.

    It was like a great earthquake that swept across the world.

    On the land of China, divine light continued to rise from all over the world. One emperor's deity began to use divine power to protect their respective boundaries. The county and county cities also had formations to protect the city from falling.

    The world is colorful, with various spells and treasures present.

    Not only is the government strong, even if it is the private strong, this moment is also taking action to protect the Quartet.

    The peaceful Dou Changsheng was moved at this moment.

    Sure enough, everything has changed and everything cannot go as desired. I thought that the Tianxian era would be opened in Taiping 38 years. Even if it was shortened, it would take ten years to prepare, but I never thought that the Heavenly King Palace would continue to shorten the time.

    The Palace of Heavenly Kings masters the world and rushes to the human world. This approach is completely a lasting battle, breaking the boat.

    This ancient fairy **** cannot be underestimated at all.

    I used a Tianxian as a bait to lure the Tianwang Temple and the Nine Emperor Gods Temple in the world. I thought it was a big deal, but compared with the Tianwang Temple, it was purely insignificant.

    One side of the fragmented world smashed into the world barrier, like a meteorite rushing into the atmosphere, the birth of the world barrier hindered, and the world was collapsing layer by layer.

    It is like peeling off the wall, layer by layer, and the world is constantly struggling forward. After crossing the barriers of the world, the volume has been sharply reduced by more than ten times, but as a side of the world, it is still a giant.

    But at this moment, the fragmented world suddenly collapsed, like an exploding cannonball.

    The shattered fragmented world turned into countless dots of light, madly scattered in all directions, the dots of light danced in the air, and began to dissipate continuously, turning into pure power to merge into the world.

    It looks beautiful and bright, but it is hidden in it, but it is a **** crime.

    The world of fragments of heaven and earth, among them, there are few living beings that bred flesh and blood in the world of fragments of earth, but there are also a large number of souls, and there are creatures in every fragment of the world. This fragment of the world collapses and merges into the human world.

    The consequence of this is the extinction of life in one world, the death is clean, and there has never been a living person left.

    Dou Changsheng's eyes narrowed when he saw this scene, and he didn't know how many people were shocked.

    Because the extinction of this realm was not the end, but the beginning, the Palace of Heavenly Kings seemed to only control the Nine Heavens, but the remaining fragmented worlds were not a few.

    Now all of them are rushing towards the barriers of the world. Such crazy actions have made Da Chu furious.

    But many immortals were indifferent, and for them, no matter how many died, they were just mortals, all of them were ants.

    Immortal and ordinary are already different lives.

    Palace of the Nine Emperors.

    The emperors gathered, one by one watching the crazy world crash.

    Fuxi's eyes were squinted, and he could clearly see that with an impact, the moment the world was destroyed, the original power of the human world was growing, and the speed of world promotion was accelerating.

    Xuanyuan was above the main position, suddenly got up, and said in a deep voice, "Can't wait."

    "Taiwei's last sacrifice has already won the favor of Heaven. This time we promote integration and will definitely win the favor of Heaven."

    "We can't remain indifferent."

    Emperor Yu had a solemn expression, and his deep voice resounded through the hall: "My Nine Emperor Gods Palace has mastered the world of fragments, and the clansmen have moved to Jiuding."

    Xuanyuan stroked his palm and praised: "Okay,"

    Fuxi also agreed: "Since there is no worries, let's start."

    Suihuang sneered and preached: "Too Wei wants to fight."

    The emperors looked at each other and smiled, Fuxi and Suiren looked at each other, revealing a hint of intriguing looks.

    With the unification of the opinions of the emperors, the Nine Emperor Gods Palace controlled the world and moved at this moment.

    Rushed towards the world in a sudden.

    At this moment, the world is shocked, and I don't know how many immortals lose their color.

    No one had expected a great war that would affect the whole world. It had already erupted suddenly, instead of just a few years before it happened.

    The world is being promoted, and the immortal boundary has been shattered with the fusion of the world.

    The age of immortals has come.

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