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    Resurrection Of Shinto Book 3 Chapter 767

    Vol 3 Chapter 767: The First Battle Is The Decisive Battle And The First Battle Will Determine The Universe

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    One hundred thousand mountains!

    The upper crown Jingyun, the lower ground veins, majestic and unique, like a cloud platform.

    The wisps of demon energy rushed into the night, and the sky was covered with blue demon clouds, and the demon clouds accumulated together, covering the sky and the sun, and the world was dim.

    The big demon spreads its wings, soaring into the sky between howlings, and when the wings are inflamed, a violent wind blows up, raging violently, rolling up the tall trees growing in the mountains.

    The big demon's sharp mouth opened, and a ten-foot behemoth running from the ground suddenly rose from the ground, spun from the sky, swirled by a strong wind, and finally fell into the big demon's mouth.

    Spreading his wings, the big demon has disappeared without a trace.

    A man stood on the ground, staring at this scene calmly.

    The man had ears with lobes, his nose was high, his eyes seemed to be awake and drunk, his skin was crystal clear, shimmering with a dazzling luster, and his light blue clothes were spotless.

    A strange beast swayed, the snow-white goat's beard trembled, his front hoofs slowly knelt down, and he was kneeling beside the man. His mouth opened and a loud voice came out: "Your demon master is about to fight, I don't know what my demon clan should do?"

    The demon master's drunk eyes slowly moved away from the distant scenery, watching a side of the sky, and a magnetic voice sounded: "Da Chu, the Nine Emperors Palace, the Heavenly Kings Palace, the three battles are just the disease of scabies, that ghost That's the big problem."

    "In the ancient times, the golden age, ghosts entered the world, and the world broke and the earth broke, and this barely stopped the opponent."

    "To this day, the seal is broken, and the ghost is about to escape. This is the most important thing."

    Bai Ze's eyes were filled with agility, and his voice slowly sounded: "It is so, so in this decisive battle, whether it is my demon race or demon race, they are all watching with cold eyes."

    "But that ghost is not a disciple of wisdom. The ancients used their own power to destroy a world. Now they are out of trouble, they must recruit minions and hide in the dark."

    "The Taoist ancestors of the Three Qings must integrate one realm, establish a heavenly court that has never existed in ancient times, dominate all directions, suppress the world, and unite the power of one realm, but how can the ghosts let the ancestors of the Three Qings be laid out without being indifferent?"

    "So this big Chu, the Nine Emperor Gods Palace, and the Heavenly King Palace will fight in the final battle. Ghosts will not give the Sanqing Daozu a chance to integrate into one world."

    "The first battle is a decisive battle, and the first battle will determine the universe."

    Bai Ze said in a lonely voice: "In the golden age of ancient times, like the demon saint of the immortal gods, my demon clan has more than one hundred members, and today it is less than one-third."

    "Other immortals and demons, etc., are only one-third of the ancient times. Most of them died tragically, and some died in the world of the end of the law."

    "The current world is far worse than the ancient times, and the powerful ancestors, such as the demon master, presided over the integration of the three realms, not to mention, because the world is promoted, they cannot enter the realm in real life, and only walk in the incarnation."

    "The injury in the ancient times has just recovered. It is extremely difficult to suppress the ghost again."

    "In the ancient times, both losers were hurt, and now they have never even had the ability to lose both."

    The demon master's eyes were calm, and his tone was righteous: "Through it through, knowing the future, avoiding evil and seeking good luck. This is Bai Ze, your talent, don't know what to do?"

    "Can you survive?"

    Bai Ze did not hesitate to consider, and decisively opened his mouth: "The ghosts occupying this world are already an irresistible trend. If you want to occupy a place in the future world, only by cooperating with ghosts can you not lose your high position in the future."

    The demon master was extremely calm from beginning to end. Bai Ze's shocking words didn't make the demon master any gaffe. Obviously, the demon master had already grasped the details of Bai Ze.

    The demon master smiled, the folding fan in his hand patted his palm lightly, and calmly preached: "Cooperation?"

    "well said."

    Bai Ze also showed a smile, smiling and preaching: "Your Excellency Demon Master is a strong man in the ancestral realm. He is in harmony with the heaven and is the strongest in the world."

    "This world is being promoted. When the world promotion is over, your demon teacher will improve in strength and will always be the strongest."

    "The ancestral realm should not be humiliated. How can you say that you submit to surrender? It is cooperation from beginning to end."

    "The master came to this world, not from the destruction of the world, but to trace a treasure. As long as this goal is completed, he will leave afterwards."

    "And this world is indispensable for those who are in charge, and it will naturally be left to the collaborators."

    "After all, this world, even if it is promoted, it is only a big world, which can accommodate golden immortals at most, and it cannot be cultivated into a large Luo Jinxian."

    "Even if the demon master wants to see the beauty of the heavens, the master can also give the demon master a place and leave this big world together."

    The demon master's plain expression from the beginning to the end, at this moment finally appeared moving, a trace of yearning appeared in his eyes, and he couldn't help but say: "Can you really leave this world?"

    Bai Ze looked at the demon master moving, and smiled deeper: "This is naturally true."

    "Even I can get a quota, with the status of your demon master, how can I not get it."

    "Your Excellency Demon Master can cultivate into the Ancestral Realm in this world. If you go to the Great Thousand World, your future is boundless."

    The demon master drunk his eyes and gave birth to a look, and the color of yearning became stronger, and the folding fan in his hand opened, gently inciting, repairing the ancestral realm, not a golden immortal, this is not the lack of potential of the demon master, but the limit of the world.

    If there is a big world that is large enough to accommodate Da Luo Jinxian, the demon master will have the confidence to make progress again.

    For example, the ghosts that destroy a realm, no matter their aptitude and xinxing, don't say that they are inferior to other ancestral realms such as one's own body, even other Taiwei Kings.

    No, not even the Bai Ze in front of him.

    If Bai Ze is in a big world, how can Bai Ze be a slave? The status of both sides will be reversed.

    But because of his great background, the world is strong, and he can cultivate into a golden immortal, stronger than his own ancestral realm that draws on the power of the world.

    The world.

    The demon master sighed in his heart.

    Looking at Bai Ze in front of him, he was worthy of being a demon wise man, and his words were directed at people's hearts.

    Retreat to take control of the world, and advance to the great world.

    The demon master sighed again, closed the folding fan in his hand, pointed repeatedly at the four directions, and said calmly: "Jiuying, Ji Meng, all of you come out."

    The voice A wave of demonic energy rushed up, like a pillar supporting the sky and the earth, the dark blue demonic air swept thousands of miles, the mountains and rivers collapsed, and the rivers were changed.

    A stalwart figure that looks like a **** and a devil has already walked out of the dark.

    The demon master stared at them, knowing that if he shouldn't, this incarnation was the fate of being siege, and they would not allow the news to pass.

    The demon master did not look at the demon saints like Ji Meng, but at one of the giants.

    The magical waves, like burning flames, surround the whole body.

    Every step out, the world trembles, like the center of the world, everything must be surrendered under your feet.

    The demon master's gaze disappeared indifferently, and at this moment there appeared dignity, and his mentality was already out of balance. Looking at the demon god, he lost his voice: "Devil Emperor?"

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