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    Vol 3 Chapter 766: Ge Tianshi Enters The World Part 1

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    Go to Beijing.

    Suffocating the world's aura, with the power of the world to support.

    The arch guard went up to the Nine Mountains of Beijing, and buildings appeared on it, and the buildings were connected together like a layer of armor worn on the nine mountains.


    An attendant holding the memorial in both hands, walked slowly to the table, placed it carefully, and then slowly left.

    Li Jiawen stretched out his hand to stroke his beard, the other stretched out, picked up a memorial, and watched it calmly.

    With a creak, the door was pushed open.

    Song Ci looked solemn and did not smile. After walking in, his gaze swept away, but a table was empty next to him. He came to his seat and sat down. After Song Ci took a sip of tea, he spoke calmly. : "Why didn't you see Wu Cifu today?"

    Chen Hongli's breath is towering like a mountain, sitting behind the table, like a statue. At this moment, he looked up at Song Ci and replied: "Heavenly Master Ge wants to enter the world. Your Majesty has just made an order for this matter. Wu Cifu hosted."

    Song Ci nodded slightly and said, "This is a major event, and some of Wu Cifu will be busy next."

    Li Jiawen rubbed his eyes, stretched his arms lightly, and looked at the people in the cabinet. The Da Chu cabinet is no longer as scarce as the previous one.

    Now there are two military officers, one Xuanjingsi, and three civil servants, making a total of six.

    And this is not the limit. For example, the status of Tianshi Mansion is not low. After Ge Tianshi enters the world, there must be someone in Tianshi Mansion who wants to join the cabinet and participate in politics.

    Moreover, civil and military officials have always been a bowl of water, and there will be one person in the military.

    General, General Hussar, then General Chariot should be next.

    After looking around at the left and right, Li Jiawen waved his hand to signal the servant to distribute the memorial in front of him, and distribute all the memorials to the cabinet ministers. After seeing everyone had a memorial, Li Jiawen preached; "Look?"

    "Fang County, Da Lizhuang, Li Zongmin ascended to the gods, the land from the Ninth Pin Da Lizhuang."

    "Jingxian, Juventus has become a god, and it is a parade of the nine products."

    "Recent memorials from various states, like snowflakes, have filled a house."

    "In just three days of daylight scenes, there are so many gods in the world, this is still discovered by the local government and the Xuanjing Division, and there will be more who have not been discovered?"

    Chang Pu, who had been silent and watched the memorial in his hand, suddenly threw the memorial in his hand on the table.

    With a slap, the force was used too hard, and the table quivered. Chang Pu said in indignation: "The village has land, the county has the city god, the river has the **** of the river, the mountain has the **** of the mountain... the world, mountains, rivers and lakes, every inch There are gods in the land, is this world the world of Da Chu?"

    "Or is it the world of gods?"

    For a while, the cabinet fell silent.

    A wave of depression filled the cabinet, like an invisible mountain, falling inches from above.

    After a long time, Li Jiawen preached slowly: "Speak carefully."

    "The deity is connected to my great Chu national destiny, and the yellow **** is the deity of protecting the country."

    "This matter still needs to ask your Majesty to make a decision. This is not something I can discuss."

    Song Ci, who was watching coldly, watched this matter have passed, and secretly cursed the old fox at Li Jiawen in his heart. You didn't start this topic. You are the plaintiff and you are the judge.

    This matter is destined to be unfinished, seeing the age of immortals begin.

    A battle involving the world is about to come, and under the crown of the Huang God in the Huangtian Palace, but the important pillar and combat power of Da Chu, how can he be chaotic and cut off his arm at this time.

    This subordinate will also look for an opportunity. The gods have been born one after another, and they have been targeted by Da Chu long ago, or suppressed by the two channels of Taoism and Buddha.

    But because the Nine Emperor Gods Palace and the Heavenly King Palace, as well as the three great forces of Great Chu, were vying for the world, no one had the heart to care about all of this now.

    The door was pushed open, and Wu Changding strode in.

    Flicking his sleeves, Wu Chang sat down and looked at General Chang Pu and asked: "It is five days after Ge Tianshi entered the world."

    "I am responsible for the etiquette, but protecting Ge Tianshi will have to trouble the general for a helping hand."

    "I don't know how many people can be deployed?"

    Chang Pu frowned deeply and spoke in embarrassment: "Establishing a network of earth veins, our military powerhouses and Taoist soldiers have been dispersed and guarding important counties and cities. Now if we want to deploy a group of guards, It is very difficult."

    "It is easy to create opportunities for the people of the Nine Emperor Gods Hall and the Heavenly King Hall, so that they can destroy the empire net of the county city."

    Wu Changding had a solemn expression and solemnly preached: "Some of the less important earth veins and networks, if you can discard it, then discard it."

    "Tianshi Ge is an important matter. This is the first celestial power to enter the world. After entering the world, it must be the target of public criticism. For us, Tianshi Ge is of great significance. Not only is the age of celestial beings with a top combat power, but The button for contacting Tianshifu."

    "The four heavenly celestial beings in the Heavenly Master's Mansion and the many earthly celestial beings must never give up."

    Chang Pu's frowning brows did not ease, and he shook his hand slightly and preached: "I know the importance of the Heavenly Master's Mansion, but now that the establishment of the underground network, all counties have been abandoned, and the unimportant counties have also been abandoned. Now the guarded counties have been abandoned. It's all about rushing."

    "It is an important node in the earth's veins that spread all over the world. If you give up one place, it may be the collapse of a state."

    Song Ci helplessly preached: "This matter is very troublesome. Tianshi Ge must be guarded. The importance of the Tianshi Mansion is related to the success or failure of the decisive battle, but if the Nine Emperor Gods Palace and the Tianwang Palace see the strong guardian power, give up killing Ge Tianshi. , Thereby attacking various county and city nodes."

    "The strength is weak, they attacked Ge Tianshi."

    "The initiative!"

    Xu Yuan, who had not spoken, suddenly spit out three words.

    Chen Hongli also opened his mouth and said: "This is really too passive, we must take the initiative,"

    "It is not necessary to mobilize power to protect Tianshi Ge. Tianshi Ge is a great power of heavenly immortals. He is not a Huangkouruzi who dares to enter the human world and naturally has a backing."

    "Instead of mobilizing the force, it is impossible to take care of the two sides and lose the initiative, it is better to not move."

    "Let the Nine Emperor Gods Palace and the Heavenly King Palace feel jealous, but they dare not act rashly."

    Wu Changding has a clear understanding: "The reality is the virtual, and the virtual is the real."

    Li Jiawen shook his head slightly and said: "Since you can't take care of both sides, then choose one. The guards will have to be deployed. Even if Tianshi Ge is strong enough, this will show Da Chu's determination."

    "As for being attacked on the county city, the underground network is destroyed, this is not a bad thing,"

    "Without such a price, how can I tell the price that Da Chu paid to protect Ge Tianshi."

    "As long as the Heavenly Master's Mansion helps Da Chu, all costs are worth it."

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