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    Vol 3 Chapter 765: Gods Are Born

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    Zhou County, Populus Township, Dali Village.

    A middle-aged man with a thick beard, his eyes blank at this time, was sitting upright on the dirt floor, leaning on the hard and cold wall tiles.

    His lips squirmed slowly, and his thick black beard continued to squirm.

    "Am I dead?"

    "How is this going?"

    These two sentences have been repeated more than a hundred times.

    After a long time, the middle-aged man came back to his senses.

    There is no longer the initial blankness in the eyes, and there is brilliance in the bottom of the eyes.

    "I am Li Zongmin!"

    "The Li clan of Dali Village."

    With one sentence after another, the brilliance in Li Zongmin's eyes became brighter, like two divine lights, bursting out of his eyes.

    Slowly standing up from the ground, Li Zongmin at this moment has completely recalled everything.

    Looking down at his hands, they are white and tender, and the rough cocoons on them have disappeared, and the traces of working in the farmland during the day have disappeared.

    I moved my arm gently, and the shoulder pain left by all the years of work has now disappeared.

    He stretched his arms recklessly, and didn't dare to move his arms too much. Now there are no restrictions.

    Everything is different.

    Li Zongmin knew that he was dead.

    In the scene before death, the memory clearly emerged.

    The arrogant Chu calmed the troubled times, the imperial court established the Heavenly Master's Mansion, suspended the mirror division, eradicated ghosts, and the world was peaceful, but the ghosts did not completely disappear, and they constantly appeared.

    No ghost has been born in Dali Village in the past ten years, and I never thought that a ghost appeared not long ago.

    This ghost image damaged many people in Dalizhuang, cut off the internal and external contact of Dalizhuang, and was unable to pass news to the Tianshifu and Xuanjingsi. As a result, the patriarch called on the young and strong of the clan to gather ten people to rush out of Dalizhuang to report.

    I am one of them, and I should have rushed out of Dali Village to report.

    But this is a ghost trap, the old patriarch is already dead, and now it is the ghost occupying the old patriarch's shadow, controlling the orders of the old patriarch.

    The purpose is to let the young and Zhuang break through separately, so that they can break through each.

    This calculation was seen through by Wang Xiucai, who returned home from the village, and told herself in secret. ,

    Li Zongmin showed a bitter smile, didn't he feel anything at the time?

    It was only after death that Wang Xiucai saw why he didn't do it by himself, but went to inform himself.

    I also blamed myself for being rushed by that Wang Xiucai. In order to protect the lives of his tribe and family members, he directly fought the ghost.

    Although the ghost was burned with flames in the end, Li Zongmin also successfully died in the ghost's hands under the struggle of the ghost.

    At this time, Li Zongmin looked bitter, but did not regret his death too much. This time he saved his tribe.

    The clan is connected by blood. This time he died for his clan, and the wives and daughters he left behind, under the protection of the clan, will definitely live better than before.

    After all, if even the hero who protects the clan can't take care of it, then what cohesion the clan still has, the minds of the people have long been distracted and completely dispersed.

    Li Zongmin complained about himself. In his early years, he also studied and practiced handwriting. Although he had not achieved much, he has always been proud of it. He did not expect to be easily fooled by Wang Xiucai.

    Li Zongmin took a deep breath, eliminated self-pity, and planned to go home first.

    The laws of the Great Chu are strictly regulated.

    Even after death, it is in the jurisdiction. How ghosts are formed is not a secret in the world, even the villagers know.

    After death, the resentment persists, or after it turns into a ghost, kill other ghosts and devour the ghost by force, thereby increasing the time to stay in the sun.

    When a person dies and turns into a ghost, it takes only seven days. After the first seven days, the soul will disappear.

    For these seven days, Da Chu advocated staying at home and seeing more of his family. As for devouring other ghosts, or using Yin Qi to increase the stay time, Da Chu did not allow it.

    If it is found by the Heavenly Master's Mansion and the Xuanjing Division, it will even sit down and affect the Yang Shi family.

    There is a large family in Zhou County. After the death of the Patriarch, he turned into a ghost. He didn't dare to swallow other ghosts, twisted himself and turned into a monster, but with the help of Yin Qi, he wanted to continue to live as a ghost.

    However, they were tracked down by the Suspension Mirror Division. Not only the ghost died, but the whole family of Yang Shi was suffering. Although they had not killed all of them, they had confiscated all their property. This is simply not as good as death. Many people did not suffer. The past died.

    The laws of the Great Chu are harsh on ghosts, and Li Zongmin didn't dare to overstep, not to mention devouring ghosts and twisting himself, he was no longer himself, even if he did not dare to cultivate with ghost energy.

    This is an honest plan to go home, after seeing his wife and daughter, waiting for the first seven to dissipate.

    In fact, there are many choices. Become an ancestor spirit, or be devout to the gods during your lifetime, you will be introduced to the gods, and if you don't contribute during your lifetime, you will also get runes from the gods and have the qualifications to absorb Yin Qi.

    Blindly persecuting and not giving a way to survive, this is a hidden evil, and if it keeps accumulating, it will become a catastrophe sooner or later, so I opened an opening and gave a way to survive.

    Li Zongmin was stunned. No, he first saw Wang Xiucai and was able to analyze the general trend of the world. If he had this ability before his death, he would not have been doing farm work for more than 20 years.

    I became smarter after death, and I haven't heard of this benefit.

    Li Zongmin stopped his pace, but saw a position not far away, filled with golden light.

    In the light faintly, a talisman can be seen, slowly rotating in the golden light.

    Even if Li Zongmin hadn't read a book, he knew that the shining light was a treasure, and he couldn't help but walked towards the light. Just when he came to the edge of the golden light, the golden light shone on Li Zongmin.

    Li Zongmin couldn't help feeling the tingling, and the seemingly real body was completely illusory.

    The body was constantly melting, Li Zongmin showed regret, and he was careless, but there was not much fear in his heart, and he would dissipate in about seven days. This was just a step early, but it was a pity that he did not look at his wife and daughter again.

    A faint golden light, like a silk thread, emerged from Li Zongmin's body.

    The light like a sharp knife suddenly softened at this time. Li Zongmin could not help but feel mysterious as he looked at a golden thread in his thorough body.

    I don't know what this golden thread is but after looking at it, a feeling came into my heart.


    This is my merit after saving the villagers of Dalizhuang.

    Jin Guang was not repelling Li Zongmin, Li Zongmin stepped forward and finally grabbed Fulu.

    The magical talisman entered the body instantly, and Li Zongmin's aura was permeated, sacred and inviolable.

    A solemn voice echoed in his mind.

    From the Jiupinda Lizhuang land: Li Zongmin!

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