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    Vol 3 Chapter 764: Conferred Gods List Breeds Gods

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    Located in the south of Shenzhou.

    This is an ordinary river. Since ancient times, no myth has been left, and no literati or poker has left calligraphy.

    This is an ordinary river, from west to east, flowing violently from west to east, bringing vitality to both sides of the Mianjiang River.

    At this time, a light spot slowly appeared in the center of Mianjiang.

    In the dark water bottom, a light was born, dispelling the darkness in all directions, and silt and river grass were clearly visible.

    This is like the birth of a light spot the size of a fingernail, and there is a power spread in it, like the beginning of a wave of water to spread out one circle after another.

    The aquariums swimming in the middle of the Mianjiang River seemed to be affected. The nearby aquariums all swarmed in, rushing towards the bright location.

    In less than a quarter of an hour, a large number of aquariums occupies the light.

    Where the dim light shines, no aquarist dares to step forward, only instinct they want to step forward, but they are born with fear.

    This is not fear, but natural suppression, as if the rules dare not make mistakes.

    As time passed slowly, more and more aquariums surrounded the light spots, and the light spots began to change.

    Rules derive from the light spot, and invisible fluctuations spread to all directions, affecting Mianjiang. The moment the gods' talisman was conceived and formed, it collapsed directly, as if the world was inaccurate.

    At this moment, not only the Mianjiang River, the 36 prefectures of China, but also the ten prefectures and three islands of the East China Sea, countless spots of light were scattered in the air.

    This is like the brilliance of the sun, spreading to any place in the world.

    Regardless of the mountains, rivers, lakes, and seas, there are spots of light falling.

    Dou Changsheng stared at the Conferred God List, the divine power accumulated over the years, along with the constant squandering of the Conferred God List, was disappearing continuously.

    Dou Changsheng didnt know how many years he had been preparing for this drama where the gods were born. He had already started preparing before he became a fairy road. Until now, Dou Changsheng has been a fairy fruit. Seeing the immortal era is coming, Dou Changsheng can prove it. Daoxian is god.

    It took a long time to prepare, and there were myths and legends in it, and at this time the list of deities was moved.

    Spread out all the sky light spots, these light spots are so thorough and pure that outsiders can't see it at all.

    Dou Changsheng stood on the top of a high mountain, watching the seeds swayed by this sacred list calmly. Next, he needed the cooperation of heaven and earth, and the permission of heaven and earth could begin to take root.

    With so many seeds of the gods, if you want to condense the gods talisman, it is simply impossible to do it with the power of Dou Changsheng alone.

    There are too many divine powers involved, which is already an astronomical figure.

    Therefore, the heaven and the earth must cooperate, the heaven and the earth allow, the gods are born, and the heaven and the earth do not allow, then all this will be in vain.

    Dou Changsheng raised his head slightly and looked at the Conferred God List that was fluttering in the sky. At this time, the Conferred God List exuded a faint joy. This was not a mentality, but an instinctive reaction.

    The Conferred God List has always been stored in the soul of Dou Changsheng, in a place that cannot be explored.

    The first few appearances were nothing more than projections, and the moment when the Fengshen Bang really showed the true body.

    A golden scroll trembling in the wind.

    The foreign identity of the Fengshen Bang has finally been washed ashore at this moment. In this world, he has obtained the identity of the Fengshen Bang.

    However, if you want to perfectly integrate into this world, there is still the last step. That is the birth of the gods. When the gods really come out, the Conferred God List is a spiritual treasure born from heaven and earth, and the world is left on it. brand.

    Affinity with this world, there is no more separation.

    This also means that the Conferred God List can be fully utilized, and it can also start to make up for the shortcomings of the Conferred God List caused by crossing the world with the help of the power of heaven and earth.

    Dou Changsheng was silent for a long time, and then he respectfully hooked up to heaven.

    With Tianjue and Six Waves Emperors, Dou Changsheng naturally has the qualifications to communicate with God.

    In a solemn tone, he preached word by word: "The three realms are unified, the world is chaotic."

    "Extraterritorial demons have entered the world, eroding the Quartet, turning into ghosts, and polluting the world."

    "So much so that the suffering of all beings in the world is unspeakable, and the immortals are ruthless, only fighting for power and gain, regardless of the survival and death of the people, and ignoring the crisis of the world."

    "Today, Dou Changsheng declares to go to heaven, and is willing to establish all gods, to control the laws of the world, to reconcile the yin and yang, to sort out the veins, to kill the ghosts, and to restore the order of the world."

    "God, please!"

    The words fell silent for a while.

    On the top of the mountain, the wind was whistling, and there was a woooo! ! ! ! ! !

    Without any other voices, Dou Changsheng's heart sank, and the words that stopped, he didn't dare to pause, knowing that only words could not shake the heavens.

    After all, Dou Changsheng has always owed this account. Although it is the uncle who owes the money, he still has to pretend to be a grandson when borrowing money.

    "I would like to swear by using Fengshen Bang as the medium to swear to exterminate evil spirits outside the territory."

    "The evil spirits do not die, and the gods will never be prosperous."

    "Dou Changsheng's heart can be learned from the heavens. Please God's grace."

    Dou Changshengs patriotism and sincere feelings are undoubtedly manifested, especially the desire to eat demons alive, and the grace of nurturing the world has been reported. No matter from which point of view, Dou Changsheng at this moment is an urgent need for the world. , A good son who worries about the world.

    The last word fell, and the roar of the Fengshen Bang was born.

    Like the bombardment of thunder, the roar of the gods.

    In the trembling Conferred God List, lines of text appeared on it.

    One by one the gods swiftly across the top of the list of gods.

    The land, the city god, the night travel god, the day travel god, the river bo, the mountain god, etc., too many gods, all appeared.

    Fengshen Bang is at a speed that is visible to the naked eye, the color is more vivid, and the whole shows endless majesty and more sacred. Just looking at it will give birth to a sense of offense, wishing to commit suicide and please atone for his sins.

    Dou Changsheng felt relieved, and God was fooled again.

    The evil spirits do not die, and the world will be slaughtered by the evil spirits. Where is the possibility of great prosperity in the Shinto.

    It is even more important that the Conferred God List is the medium, otherwise how could the Conferred God List have the qualifications to control the gods in the world.

    Only in this way can the gods rune control, and the born deities are subject to the list of deities.

    Although there were twists and turns in this wave of operations, it was still considered to be ???????? But next time, it must be serious, this **** is getting worse and worse.

    Dou Changsheng had an inspiration in his heart, wondering why?

    This time the operation is wrong, and the next time you have to pay back part of the arrears, and then borrow more.

    It is not difficult to borrow and borrow again. No one wants to borrow you if you don't want to borrow again.

    At the same time, the light spots swayed began to derive divine talismans.

    I don't know how many lucky people, take this opportunity to jump up.

    But unfortunately, because their lives are controlled by Dou Changsheng.

    Life and death are all in one thought.

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