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    Nine Heavens!

    One side is like a tree root, rooted in the human world, and the other is in the boundary sea.

    The Boundary Sea was in darkness, but the world was shining with light, like a bright sun, and the light dispelled the darkness.

    Boundary Sea is free to move freely, and it must be immortal, but if it is located near the world, it is enough to move to immortal for a short time.

    Huo De's back wings spread out to cover the sky. A three-legged and two-eared Jiuding is like a mountain. It is located on Huo De's back. There are ravines on the scales and red magma flowing slowly. The scorching magma continues to flow into Jiuding.

    Jiuding is red, with terrifying heat permeating.

    There was silence, and no sound came out.

    Seeing this scene, Huo De continued to preach sincerely: "I implore the king to take in, Huo De is willing to go through fire and water for the king."

    In the nine layers of heaven, the divine bird stands horizontally in the sky, and a palace stands tall, like a divine bird crown.

    At this moment, standing on the white jade steps in front of the main hall, an old man in a white gown was stroking his long snow white beard, and his eyes were staring at the giant outside.

    Below the white jade steps, a stairway appeared, purely composed of golden light, layer by layer until it disappeared at the end of the field of vision.

    At this time, a figure wearing armor, strode up the stairs, and Hao didn't know when he had already returned to the Nine Heavens from the human world.

    This time the Palace of the Heavenly Kings was fully prepared, directly focusing on disrupting Da Chu, without intending to fight Da Chu recklessly, Hao Anran retired from the human world.

    At this time, before he boarded the palace, he was the first to bow to the old man stroking his beard: "Does Baihou allow Huo De to enter the realm?"

    Heavenly King Palace, four envoys and five princes, a total of nine are all gods.

    Sleeping since the ancient times to avoid the advent of the end of the law, the four envoys and five princes also have an accident, not all of them have recovered. At this time, everyone has their own things, and the host of the Palace of Heaven is Baihou among the five princes.

    Baihou didn't look at Hao, his eyes looked deep into the distance, and the fire virtue outside the world of Nine Heavens was reflected in Baihou's vision.

    "Huode was born in a monster clan, and he has noble blood, but his blood has always had a bad reputation."

    "The ancestor started his home with flattery and specialised in pulling carts for the demon emperor. This son also inherited the fine traditions handed down in the family. He was always dishonest during the ancient and active periods, and this beast was simply unreliable."

    Hao asked and preached: "Reject?"

    Bai Hou shook his head slightly and rejected Haos proposal before saying: "Huo De, a beast, has all kinds of shortcomings, but there is always one advantage. His own strength is still good. There is a vacancy in the position of Wu Hou, so he has taken in this Huo De. Yanhou's location is also suitable."

    Bai Hou said here, with a cold look in his eyes, and his tone was cold and preaching: "Giving Yanhou a high position, naturally I will charge for my Heavenly King Palace. Such high-end cannon fodder is always hard to find."

    "Hao, go personally and invite Huode in."

    As soon as Baihou's words were spoken, he rejected the preaching: "No, I should invite him personally."

    "There can be no negligence in status, and there can be no shortage of resources. Even if you want to be cannon fodder, you can't let it be faulty."

    "Know that my palace of heavenly kings treats outsiders with sincerity, and therefore two hearts."

    Baihou muttered to himself, but walked forward slowly, and in a blink of an eye he had come to Jiuzhongtian, standing in front of Huo De.

    Huo De is like a mountain, Bai Hou is small and unbearable, like an ant, he doesn't wait for Bai Hou to move at all, Huo De is very interesting and reduces his body.

    A breath of time, Huo De, has been transformed into the size of Michel, and the wings behind it are also like ornaments, and the Jiuding is like an incense burner.

    This time it was not Huo De looking down on Bai Hou, but Bai Hou looking down at Huo De.

    Bai Hou appeared satisfied. This Huo De's reputation was so unbearable that he would not be contemptuous of him if he only heard about him. Bai Hou had never really seen Huo De, and was originally the same. But when he really saw Huo De, he would You will find that this Huo De is really good at life.

    A guy who is not weak in his own nipples, slumped in front of him, bowed his knees, bowed to flattery, and changed his mind to be uncomfortable.

    Baihou looked at Jiuding behind Huo De, his gaze showed fluctuations, his eyebrows were already deeply wrinkled, like a Chinese character.

    "The Jiuding is the treasure of Emperor Yu in the Palace of the Nine Emperors. It has always been Emperor Yu's darling. This Jiuding is actually out of the world. I don't know what the Emperor Yu has planned."

    This kind of treasure, whoever it is, must be held tightly in the hand, but now the enemy's hands have appeared, which involuntarily puzzled Bai Hou, and at the same time, he was also alert.

    This fire virtue came to offer treasures and took refuge in the Palace of Heavenly Kings. This is a good thing for the Palace of Heavenly Kings, but it still buried a disaster in the Hall of Heavenly Kings.

    Baihou hesitated slightly, Huo De had already seen the gloom of Bai Hou, and quickly crawled forward a few times, and his mouth continued to preach: "The Palace of Heavenly Kings offers sacrifices to the world. The general trend is complete. My Huo De is sincere to the Heavenly King. This heart can be learned from the sun and the moon."

    "This Jiuding is a treasure dedicated to the King of Heaven. Everyone knows that my fire virtue is controlled by Na Yu. The thing I dream of is destroying this Jiuding and regaining freedom. If Lord Hou suspects that my fire virtue has two hearts, then Directly destroyed this Jiuding."

    "Without Jiuding, my fire morality is no longer under the control of Yu. After so many years of oppression, sealing, and insult, how can I not report my fire morality, and I am willing to crusade the pioneer of the Nine Emperor Gods Palace for the Heavenly Kings, and charge for the Heavenly Kings."

    Huo De's words were continuous, and the vigilance in Bai Hou's heart was drastically reduced.

    After seeing this scene, Huo De sighed in his heart. It was a pity that he didn't see the Taiwei Heavenly King. His ten percent flattery skill, now only spent thirty to four percent, he has already treated Bai Hou solved.

    If you want to charge yourself into battle, you have to see if you have such skills.

    Huo De recalled its birth till now. I dont know how many owners have changed. Most of them have died out in the long river of history. There are not many alive today, but Huo De is still alive today.

    Success or failure is not a big deal, it is important to live in the end.

    At present, there is no dragon slaying technique, but there is no dragon to slay. This is a sad thing.

    Thinking back to Emperor Chu and Emperor Yu, Da Chu and the Palace of the Nine Emperors, now that the three major powers are competing for the Palace of Heavenly Kings, they will be able to gather the three parties themselves.

    At that time, his own strength will definitely be able to go further, Huode's heart is fiery,

    Everyone knows that he majored in the law of fire, but he never knew it.

    There are three thousand avenues, all of which can be proclaimed.

    The cheap road, the gou road, this is also the road.

    Compared with the way of practicing fire and competing with thousands of practitioners, this way is the Great Way to the sky.


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