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    Vol 3 Chapter 757: Immortal Body Twoone Hundred

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    Thunder God Kingdom!

    At this time, it is expanding rapidly.

    The incense air that continuously gathered, they continued to gather together, like a long dragon, rushing into the kingdom of God mightily.

    The emotions of joy, anger, sorrow, sorrow, etc. contained in the incense atmosphere are constantly being rejected, turning into a force of desire to entangle the kingdom of God.

    This is like the soil of the kingdom of God, it is the cornerstone of the kingdom of God. They and the pure incense atmosphere, both of them are continuously integrated into the kingdom of God, allowing the kingdom of thunder to expand.

    The Thunder God Kingdom is vast, and at this time the narrow scope of the past can no longer be seen. Today's Thunder God Kingdom is like a small world. It already has three or four counties, and it has initially completed self-sufficiency.

    Thunder God Kingdom continues to expand, and one day after all, it will become a world.

    However, it is a pity that the growth of Thunder God Kingdom has an upper limit after all. It is impossible to transcend the human world, and can only parasitize the human world.

    However, the size of a kingdom of God is limited, but if the gods of the world, their kingdoms are all gathered together, there is little hope of detaching from the human world, because after all, this is born in the human world, but if it turns into a **** world, it will Not impossible.

    Dou Changsheng stared at the expanding kingdom of God, and began to think silently in his heart.

    Watching the expansion of the kingdom of God, the Thunder Maelstrom hovering in the sky, at this time the Thunder Maelstrom was born with changes.

    The five thunders of gold, wood, water, fire and earth appear in the thunder vortex. They are arranged in the direction of the five elements and separated by a certain distance. At this time, they slowly rotate to form the thunder vortex. It forms a cycle.

    The tendency of Thunder God Kingdom is more obvious at this time, and this change of Thunder God Kingdom is closely related to Dou Changsheng's **** position.

    Dou Changsheng's divine position is the true monarch of the Five Thunder Academy. This can be seen from the name that the Five Thunder Academy is in charge of the Five Thunders, and as one of its chief officials naturally controls the Five Thunders.

    The **** is in charge of the five thunders, plus the rule of five thunders mastered by Dou Changsheng, the two are superimposed, naturally giving birth to an extraordinary influence.

    Dou Changsheng looked at the great vortex above the Thunder God Kingdom, the slowly rotating thunder vortex, and the five thunders continuously evolving.

    Dou Changsheng naturally mastered the five thunders, a supernatural power regenerates itself, and the five thunders are right.

    The liver is the wood of the east soul, the lung is the gold of the west soul, the heart is the fire of the southern god, the kidney is the water of the north essence, and the spleen is the soil of the middle palace.

    This supernatural power, the five thunders, was perfect, and Dou Changsheng suddenly felt the changes in the divine body.

    The divine body has begun to evolve towards the immortal body since it stepped into the **** of the green jealousy, but from the fourth stage, it is only muscles and flesh, etc., and at this time, after the fourth stage, the five thunder formation is the most difficult to quench Refining the parts of the five internal organs, at this time has been tempered.

    Originally, he had to go a step further, and he would only possess the immortal divine body after the third rank. At this time, Dou Changsheng had initially possessed it.

    The inside and outside are like one, completely natural.

    However, this is not comparable to the immortal body of the gods, and it is still a bit worse.

    When the tempering process was over, Dou Changsheng felt himself, and a bloodstain appeared on the wrist with a light stroke of his finger from his skin.

    A drop of golden blood emerged, crystal clear, like jade.

    The cut wound was completely healed at this time, and no trace was visible.

    This is not a true immortal body, it is probably just a shelf, Dou Changsheng has a clear understanding in his heart.

    The upper limit of the restoration of the current immortal divine body is definitely not as good as the true immortal divine body, and it cannot be immortal, even if it is divided by a chaotic knife, but as long as the flesh and blood survive, it can be restored to the original state.

    It's not difficult to divide the corpse into five horses, and you are not afraid to chop it with a knife and axe. Dou Changsheng can't bear it for fear of being chopped into flesh.

    And the true immortal divine body should have the King Kong not bad, not the one that can hurt, but the one that only strengthens the resilience, and the defense is quite inferior.

    This can be called the Immortal Divine Body (Elementary). Although the defense is not good, this terrifying resilience is enough to rewrite a battle.

    Behind Dou Changsheng, a thunder drum appeared, surrounding Dou Changsheng.

    One thunder **** drum and five thunder **** drums correspond to the five thunders, wood, water, fire and earth.

    Dou Changsheng had already made preparations to take this opportunity to be promoted to Thor.

    This was originally the Thunder God Drum of the Earth Immortal Tool, and it took the opportunity to be promoted to the Earth Immortal Heavy Tool, that is, reaching the level of the Earth Immortal Dao Fruit.

    For this promotion, Dou Changsheng has been preparing for a long time, and the various resources needed don't need to be bothered too much. The various rare treasures that are needed are searched for by the powerhouses in the Great Chu.

    Thor drums are re-finished and have nine sides in total. This is not nine Thor drums.

    Even if Da Chu is rich in the world, it is not impossible to refine the nine-faced fairy-level immortal artifacts at once. The key is that the same immortal artifacts are impossible.

    This is just a real three-sided Thor Drum. They change into three and merge with each other into a whole.

    Dou Changsheng turned a blind eye to things outside the and he was concentrating on refining treasures and constantly enhancing his own strength, but the Emperor Chu outside was worried.

    In just a few days of sunlight, what happened outside the human world has been passed on to the human world.

    In order to prevent exposure, the avatar lurking in Jiuzhongtian did not have any changes, such as cross-border communication, but the Heavenly King Hall sacrifices to the world, such big actions do not require avatar transmission, Chu Huang also knows all.

    The Temple of Heavenly Kings worships the world and arouses joy in the heavens and the earth. With this, the Heavenly Kings are obtained, which greatly increases the vitality of the Temple of Heavenly Kings.

    The Palace of Heavenly Kings will not put an end to this news, on the contrary, it will be advertised.

    After Chu Huang knew about this, he finally knew why the Heavenly Master's Mansion had been separated from himself in the past two days. Ge Yuxuan, the representative of the Celestial Master's Mansion, did not have the same tacit understanding of the past and retreat.

    Obviously, the Heavenly Master's Mansion has received the news, and now Ge Yuxuan is hesitating whether to give up Da Chu.

    This is not a trivial matter. If Ge Yuxuan leaves, it indicates that he is not optimistic about Da Chu, then it will cause a chain reaction, until the other arms leave, then Da Chu's power will collapse by half.

    What people want is the general trend.

    If you lose the general trend, even if you have the strength, you will be eccentric.

    Just like the battle of crossing the river in the previous life, no matter how many soldiers are touched, they will be defeated in one battle, and they will be swept away in the end.

    I have just passed a crisis, and a new crisis has arrived.

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