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    Vol 3 Chapter 756: Unmeasurable Robbery Oneone Hundred

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    On the first day of the new year, the palace banquet.

    Accompanied by the blurry night, the earth was wrapped around, and the hazy moonlight swayed from mid-air, and it was over.

    At the exit of the imperial palace, officials in official uniforms walked together in twos and threes, their faces glowing blush, this was the look of drunk, and there was no sorrow in the morning and the light of joy filled everyone. In the hearts of an official.

    The officials who can come to the palace to participate in the banquet are not low-ranking officials. They are already closely related to Da Chu. Even if the dynasty is changed, they have never been able to have a better official position than the current one.

    Once the emperor and the courtiers, if they change their dynasties, they will lose their current positions. The University of Chu has been established for nearly 30 years. This is already a generation, and Da Chu is orthodox.

    The banquet has ended, but the impact of this has not dissipated. I don't know how many people can't sleep this night.

    The Emperor Chu in the palace was also in a bright side hall at this time, receiving the courtiers and kings. This time the Emperor Chu broke through directly and the undercurrent has disappeared, but it does not mean that this time things will be saved. Passed.

    At the beginning, the undercurrents were raging, and the sane people always wanted the final situation to become clear before they could start their hands. However, there are always some people who do not know the current affairs in the world. These people do not know that they have to wait for the situation to become clear, but they want to preempt. Be the first to vote for the title.

    To make a good impression on the Palace of Heavenly Kings, people like this are not among the few who want to make merits.

    If there were no such characters, then the Palace of Heavenly Kings would not be able to set off such a big momentum. Chaos was everywhere in the world. Now that with the help of breakthroughs to stabilize the hearts of the people in the world, the Emperor Chu next raised his butcher knife and started cleaning. These guys.

    The news of Emperor Chu broke through. At this time, the time for a banquet was already spreading to the world.

    Zhongzhou, Sanqingshan.

    Three fairy mountains, suspended in the air, are located at an altitude of one thousand meters.

    From a distance, one can see that a waterfall pours down from the top of the mountains. The water of the waterfall has never fallen to the ground. Instead, it follows a certain trajectory, like a line, winding through the air through three mountains.

    The three fairy mountains with beautiful mountains and clear waters, filled with mist, are connected by waterfalls, independent of each other, but they are a whole.

    Sanqing Mountain, this is neither Yinghuazhou Yuqing Mountain, nor Shangqing Mountain, nor is it Taiqing Mountain, nor is it the three famous fairy mountains.

    These three mountains and rivers are just using great magic power to refine ordinary mountains and rivers with countless resources. Sanqing Mountain is a dojo, but it is also a magic weapon.

    The Sanqing Dao has moved the dojo. This was an event that happened three years ago and it was a sensation at the time.

    But it was only limited to this, the great catastrophe came, the great world dispute, the three clean roads began to merge, the two sides helped each other, this is not an unacceptable thing.

    At this time, the uppermost position of Mount Sanqingshan was filled with white clouds, which continued to accumulate, like an island of clouds.

    There is a pavilion in the cloud island. At this time, the real man of Donghua is holding the Three Treasure Jade Ruyi in his arms, as if he is holding a child, gently reaching out and touching it, looking at Shangjing from afar and preaching: "The Emperor Chu made a successful breakthrough. , This barrier is over."

    "The affairs of the Palace of Heavenly Kings need to be delayed."

    Taoist Xuanhe flicked the whisk in his hand, his eyes were as clear as water, and he spoke in a flat tone: "The battle between Emperor Chu and King Taiwei is just a small matter."

    "We don't need to go off the court, we are waiting for them to decide the outcome and pick the fruits of their own."

    "The real danger is imminent. If you calculate it carefully, it will explode in about 23 years."

    Donghuas free and easy manner disappeared, stroking the three treasures jades wishful movements, he could not help but pause, as if he was pressed for a pause, stiffened for about a quarter of an hour, and said with a solemn expression: "Jade The situation in Qingxian Mountain is a little bit lighter, the Patriarch's power can last for 25 years."

    Xuan Qingzi slowly opened his mouth and preached: "The Shangqing Dao is more serious, about 20 years."

    "The weird power of Shangqing Immortal Mountain has begun to seep out from Shangqing Immortal Mountain. Pang Dao proposed to establish Sanqing Mountain, which means that the strangeness has already appeared in Shangqing Mountain. Even though Pang Dao found out and banished him immediately, he immediately set up a formation. I dare not stay."

    "For this reason, Xiang Dao set up Shangqingshan in a large formation to prevent any life from going there."

    Taoist Xuanhe's white brows wrinkled involuntarily at this time, and his tone was slightly bitter, "That is to say, we still have about twenty years."

    "The Sanqing Immortal Mountains are connected to each other, one is broken, and the remaining two can't hold on."

    "And Sanqing Immortal Mountain is the main location of the seal, and it is an unstoppable trend that the one broke the seal."

    The Three Treasure Jade Ruyi in Donghuas hands was glowing with heat, a lustre flowing from above, and he shook his head slightly to deny the preaching: "The one who broke the seal is but the one who breaks the seal will not completely break the seal. ."

    "Our Dao Sect family, although it is the main seal, but Buddhism also has the Demon Race and the Demon Race, they can still maintain it, and that strength will not be at the peak by then, and it will take a lot of effort to recover."

    Xuan Qingzi's palm was missing fingers, and he waved from mid-air to preach: "This time the Heavenly King Hall worships the world, and the recovery of spiritual energy is accelerated. It doesn't take 30 years. Only ten years will be able to open the age of heaven."

    "The era of the heavenly immortals opens. The Palace of Heavenly Kings, the Palace of Nine Emperors, and Da Chu, these three will compete for victory and defeat, which is more than ten years. This is a great thing."

    "The winner must act as the forward and charge for the world."

    "This is the general trend, and they are not allowed to back down. This immeasurable calamity will finally really break out."

    Master Donghua also echoed his preaching: "The sky is falling down, and there is a tall top. To this day Dao ancestors and others have not appeared, and the other brothers and sisters are also incomplete."

    "I don't believe that all of them have not survived the end of the law. They have the arrangements of the ancestors. As long as there is no change, they will definitely survive."

    "Nowadays, no one is in the head, I really want us to top the tank."

    "Wait until Da Chu, the Nine Emperor Gods Palace, the Heavenly Kings Palace will be the winners and losers, and the world will be unified, and we will find them all, especially to wake up the Buddha."

    "This is natural."

    The remaining two agreed.

    Looking at each other, each parting, Xuanhe Taoist looked up at the sky, and finally sighed.

    They are really two uncomfortable juniors.

    However, the Buddha had a fat body and a wide face, which was really a good shield.

    The three looked at each other again, and all of them were excited.


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