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    Vol 3 Chapter 755: Dragon Qi

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    A real monarch from the Fourth Grade and Five Thunder Academy!

    The magnificent voice resounded in the kingdom of God at this time, and even spread to the kingdom of gods.

    In the hearts of every believer, a word came out involuntarily.

    Praise to the envoy of Wu Lei Yuan!

    This is like wheatgrass blown by the strong wind, falling down one by one in an instant, and the voice of praise resounded all over the world.

    The fourth rank of the positive rank is equivalent to the earth immortal Tao fruit. At this stage, the gods of the gods are no longer in the position of the heaven and the earth. Everyone is in charge of the party, and the master of the heaven and earth order.

    If the praising vision appeared, if it was this one alone, it would be enough to cause a sensation in the world, but it is a pity that since the arrival of the new year, there have been many visions in the world. At this moment, it is Dou Changsheng who is striving to break through to the earth immortal Taoist fruit.

    In a world of great controversy, if you do not advance, you will retreat.

    When the current situation has reached this point, the fighting has become more fierce. There is no room for relaxation like at the beginning. Now those who can break through will never delay, for fear of saving resources for a while and never regaining the cultivation base, so that their enemies or It is a competitor who directly kills in secret.

    So all of a sudden, many visions were born in the world.

    Suan Jingji was busy at this time, and the birth visions were recorded in the book, and then began to transport to Beijing.

    Go to Beijing, the Palace of the People.

    This large hall stood tall, with tall stone pillars supporting the hall, and Li Jiawen was sitting on a chair. At this time, not only Li Jiawen was here, but all the cabinet members gathered here.

    The Great General, General Hussar, Chief Xuanjingsi, and other cabinet members, as well as other imperial kings, are sitting on the other side with the prince at the head.

    All the senior leaders of Da Chu gathered here, and they were waiting here.

    Mr. Zhang, who was full of wrinkles, was holding a whisk in his left hand and was walking in front of him. An attendant followed Mr. Zhang, holding a tea tray in both hands, and placed a piece of white and flawless white jade in it.

    After seeing Director Zhang arrived, the prince's eyes appeared to fluctuate, and he preached in a flat tone: "Is there another news from the Department of Suspension?"

    Manager Zhang took the jade slip from the servant, walked slowly to the prince's side, lowered his head and preached softly: "This is an urgent message from Huzhou."

    Respectfully holding the jade slip with both hands, the prince reached out and grabbed the jade slip. The jade slip diffused with a shallow white light. After the prince watched the jade slip with ten lines, the jade slip in his hand shook, and streams of light emerged.

    King Wu stretched out his hand and grabbed it. He looked at the slightly smaller jade slip in his hand. He had already read it at a glance. He said coldly, "There is a blue bird's mouth that holds the Tao fruit. It has fallen since Lai County. I never thought it would be peaceful. Huzhou, there is a hidden ancient immortal."

    Huzhou is a borderland in the south close to the Shiwan Dashan Mountain. From the borderland, the three continents and Huzhou are connected. It has always been a mixture of people and monsters, dragons and snakes, and is not a favorite of the fairy family.

    King Wu's words fell, and no one answered. The hall was relatively quiet and the atmosphere was extremely heavy.

    A banquet will be held in the New Year to entertain hundreds of civil and military officials. If the color is bright today, but your majesty has never left the customs, everyone can't help but feel anxious. Even if they know this day, only one third has passed, and two thirds are left. time.

    But there was involuntary worry in my heart. If I couldn't break through this day, then this would be a big event that broke the sky.

    Since that day, His Majesty retired from the dead and made the move of breaking the boat. This is to squeeze the potential of the great Chu and let the great Chu's luck develop quickly.

    With the help of the great Chu national fortune, and then make a breakthrough in one fell swoop, if it fails to break through, then the hidden dangers will break out, then the foundation will collapse, the great Chu has no national fortune for 30 years, and it will not wait for the next age of immortals to begin. Chu couldn't hold on anymore.

    Li Jiawen was worried, and the others were not much better. They were getting better and better, but they couldn't tell from the outside.

    At the same time, in the middle of Beijing, among the mansions, all eyes gathered in the palace. They were the spies of various forces. They gathered here to find out whether the banquet was held.

    In a mansion, a big tree with luxuriant branches and a tall crown, the green branches and leaves are constantly shaking at this time, and the sound of rustling is heard.

    Ji Ming was standing under the big tree, the tree canopy blocked the sunlight, Ji Ming, who was under the shadow of the tree canopy, stared at the direction of the palace with piercing eyes.

    The Emperor Chu broke through the cauldron and wanted to fight desperately. Although he knew that Emperor Chu had few hopes for success, Ji Ming couldn't help but feel worried.

    Logically speaking, the hands of His Royal Highness this time are not unrelenting.

    A series of methods, seemingly not fatal, but it is like putting a rope on a beast. At first, I didnt care and didnt cause much damage. Because the rope was too loose, the rope would be locked continuously until it got let. The beast suffocated to death.

    The Age of Earth Immortals blocked the chances and enlightened the law, and not long ago disrupted the world, making the Great Chu turbulent, causing the ups and downs of luck.

    Why did the Emperor Chu break through in the first time? It is because this is the past, if the Emperor Chu cannot break The Palace of Heavenly Kings will definitely not let this opportunity go. There will be strong people from the earth immortal Taoists attacking Shangjing, even if it is. There are many powerful immortals in the Great Chu, and they are blocked by the dragon qi formation, but this will consume the dragon qi, and the hope of Chu Huang's breakthrough will be lower.

    The Palace of Heavenly Kings had already calculated the Emperor Chu to death, and the rope on this neck became tighter and tighter.

    This time the Emperor Chu failed extremely high, but Ji Ming still couldn't feel at ease. A series of reasons did not convince him. Ji Ming showed a bitter smile. Just thought of why, he was hostile to the Emperor Chu, and the Emperor Chu created it many times. miracle.

    From the beginning of the battle between Wu and Chu, to Ying Long, and then to Feng, now Rong Chengzi.

    After changing several bosses, the strength has been continuously improved, but in the end, all of them have failed. That is to say, the boss, Rong Chengzi, has not acted, and there is no loss.

    A dragon chant sounded.

    Ji Ming raised his head and looked towards the palace. At this time, the tall trees also showed delicate features, and a pair of tree eyes were looking at the palace.

    The dragon yin sounded, which represented that the big Chulong was agitated.

    This sound was filled with joy, not a whine, and many things had already been explained.

    But listening is never as good as watching. Ji Ming watched the dragon rise in the direction of the imperial palace, and it exploded violently for a while, more than three to five times more violent.

    Ji Ming knew that Emperor Chu had broken through, and an inexplicable color appeared involuntarily.

    The Emperor Chu actually created the Qi machine again. This time he achieved a breakthrough, and the undercurrent of Da Chu would disappear without a trace. This time it settled down, and there was nothing to shake. The next time the real great era began.

    Regrettably, no matter how gifted the Emperor Chu was, he was just dying to struggle.

    The age of immortals is destined to end, thirty years is too short.


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