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    Vol 3 Chapter 752: I Sacrifice My Blood To The World

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    Thunder God Kingdom!

    Thunder is like a dragon and snake, stretching its teeth and claws from mid-air.

    Dou Changsheng sat in the Lingxiao Hall, his eyes peacefully watching the empty Lingxiao Hall.

    Golden divine light bloomed in the eyes, and the pupils evolved into pure gold colors, which had directly touched the enshrined gods list in the dark, watching the high hopes of the gods.

    The deity that Dou Changsheng first looked at was Chi You. This soldier **** has a bright future. He is the mainstay of the gods and is entrusted by Dou Changsheng as the facade of the gods.

    Each deity has its own upper limit, which is related to a series of conditions such as character, wisdom, and ways of doing things. The divine position rises to the sky step by step, from the mundane to the first-order divine position. This is not uncommon for Dou Changsheng. difficult.

    The key is to ascend to the sky in such a step, whether you can control the divine position, obtain the matching abilities, and completely master the authority of the divine position. This is a difficult task.

    Virtue is not coordinating. This is not only common in the commonplace, even in the Shinto.

    If you don't have a heart to keep learning, you can easily reach your own ceiling and reach your own limit, and you can't get promotion. An example is Feng Tianhe who betrayed Dou Changsheng.

    In Feng Tianhe's opinion, he was unfair. It was because he had mistreated the man who made great contributions during the creation of the Shinto. But in reality, Feng Tianhe could not keep up, and wanted to occupy a high position and hinder the promotion of the gods. A catastrophe.

    With the help of the gods' talisman, Chi You's experience of Dou Changsheng was all in his eyes. After he knew that the body of another Chi You contacted Chi You, Dou Changsheng already had an idea in his heart.

    Shinto is just using people, and this is to add high-end combat power to Shinto.

    Watching the development of Chi You, Dou Changsheng looked away. Now is not the time to start. If Chi You merge with each other, Shen Chi You will have the upper hand, and then the strength will explode, and it will be able to achieve big gains at no cost.

    Meimei da.

    The next person to watch is Fang Changxiu, and this one is going to the Great Wei world. This world is in the midst of the world, and Qin lost his deer and the world.

    The troubled times are suitable for the promotion of Shinto. In the troubled times of the Wei Dynasty, Fang Changxiu promoted his beliefs quickly. He was also the one with the fastest progress among the gods, and he did not disappoint Dou Changsheng's expectations.

    The world of the Great Wei spread the belief to the world, and it will not take too much time. By that time, Fang Changxiu's credit will be enough to go further and successfully break the threshold of immortality.

    All the gods like Fang Nihuang and others waited and watched. Their progress was quite gratifying, but there was no major difficulty. After all, when Dou Changsheng chose the world, he had already deliberately ignored the mighty world of fragmented heaven and earth. All are weak world fragments of heaven and earth.

    When they complete the strategy of one world, they can be promoted to the fifth rank, and after opening the second world, they can accumulate it, which is the positive fifth rank.

    For the promotion of Shinto power, Dou Changsheng has his own set of plans. The highest belief can only be the fifth rank. If you want to be promoted to the fourth rank, you must understand the law. For how they understand the law, Dou Changsheng will then cast a ten thousand thunder platform. .

    Wan Lei Terrace is a place where laws condense, and this is the best place to practice and understand the laws of Thunder Dao.

    Dou Changsheng condensed all his mind, his eyes slowly closed at this moment, motionless, like a statue.

    He was cultivating his own energy and spirit. It has been a long time before Dou Changsheng opened his eyes again, and a light burst into his eyes.

    Essence and Qishen was restored to the peak, Dou Changsheng was full of energy, and the law began to manifest out of thin air.

    The law of mines, wood mines, fire and mines, and earth mines.

    The Four Laws are like four stars, surrounding Dou Changsheng's stalwart body, just like stars surrounding the sun.

    The bright light blooms, and the second-level laws derived from the thunder are manifested in the Lingxiao Temple, stirring the situation in the four directions, when the power of the laws appears, the great vortex above the sky, the deep thunder vortex with a little purple in it, The speed of rotation is getting faster and faster, like a volcano about to erupt.

    The four laws are like stars, and the remaining nine law runes, one by one, appear in front of Dou Changsheng.

    These nine law runes are exactly the Jin Lei law runes. Dou Changsheng took the lead in practicing the Five Thunder Laws, using the theory of the five elements to grow and restrain each other, starting from the law of mines that he is most familiar with, and continuing to the law of earth mines.

    Native gold, the law of golden thunder is the last one. With the help of the era of earth immortals, Dou Changsheng has mastered the nine runes of the law of golden thunder, but because the era of earth immortals has not been opened, the nine laws of golden thunder have not been opened. Fu culture is a golden thunder rule.

    Compared with the nine runes that merged with other laws, the difficulty of merging the nine runes of the law of golden thunder is greatly reduced, because the rule of five thunders is only the last one.

    The five elements reproduce and restrain each other. Under the influence of the power of the four laws, the last golden thunder law already resonates.

    The runes of the Nine Laws have already begun to be connected to each other. They have become a whole, like a circle, only part of each is still exposed, like a sawtooth outside the circle.

    Dou Changsheng's eyes were focused, and he had never relaxed because of this last rule.

    The more critical the moment, the less Dou Changsheng dared to neglect, the runes of the nine laws were merging, and time passed bit by bit.

    At the same time, outside the world.

    Heavenly King Hall, Nine Heavens.

    Above the huge divine bird, the towering palace of the Heavenly King, and the wide and boundless square.

    At this time, a high platform is divided into nine layers, and each layer has nine treasures, including swords, spears, swords, halberds, gems and jade. There are ninety-one eighty-one types.

    Each treasure presents a different color, and the colors of the colorful colors intersect each other, reflecting the dazzling colors in all directions.

    In the eastern position of each floor, there is a person sitting upright.

    This identity is different, there are demons, demons, immortals, and Buddhas.

    There are nine people in total, all sitting in the east with their backs to the west, and one with his eyes closed, as if sleeping.

    On the ninth floor, at the top of the high platform, sitting in the east is an old man.

    A decayed air filled his Slowly opened his eyes, and an ancient vicissitudes of life emerged. This is an ancient god.

    His gaze looked around, looked at a certain location, slowly nodded, and finally looked at the remaining eight floors, each of which was sitting on the bones of a heavenly immortal, even though they were dead and did not succeed in passing the end of the law. Tribulation, but every heavenly immortal is made by gathering the spirits of heaven and earth, they are just true spirits dying.

    After so many years of rhyme and cultivation, he has been a bit like a fairy in the past.

    The old man retracted his gaze, looked at the direction of the human world, and preached word by word: "I will sacrifice to the world with my blood, and pray for the prosperity of the Heavenly King Palace."

    A total of the fluctuations in the darkness suddenly came.

    A low voice sounded: "The King of Heaven!"

    "The old minister is gone!"


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