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    Vol 3 Chapter 751: Lucky Dragon

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    On the first day of the new year, banquet the officials. "

    The voice of sneer sounded from above the northern prairie.

    Hao Duan was sitting on the horse's back, and under him was a silver-haired horse, about ten meters high, like a giant beast. The position behind Zi Hao was a neat cavalry.

    The horses are strong, full of fiery red color, and a stream of scorching blood emanated from the horses.

    Each of these horses, as if they know how to practice, even though their four hoofs are motionless, the breath that spreads out of them has a kind of rushing mood.

    A knight, they wear leather armor, the leather armor wraps the knight and the horse together as a whole, with a machete hanging from their waist, and a spear in their hands.

    The position of the face, wearing a black mask, completely concealed their appearance, making people invisible.

    Hao had received detailed information in less than an hour of what had just happened on the court hall, and his expression appeared contemptuous, and he preached in a cold tone; "The Emperor of Chu is at the end of his way, and he thought Take a risk, cut off your back, and persecute yourself."

    "So that Da Chu's luck will flourish, and then he will break the boat and become the fruit of the earth immortal."

    The lieutenant wearing a mask on the side was using a clean white handkerchief to wipe the spear in his hand, and he agreed with the words: "If you want to destroy your own potential, this is purely a dead end."

    "Now Da Chu is restless on all sides, and there is turmoil everywhere. Da Chu's luck has diminished. In addition to the opening of the Earth Immortal Era ten years ago, Chu Emperor has missed the Law of Enlightenment in a great battle. The possibility of this breakthrough is very slim. "

    "If the Emperor Chu does not break the cauldron and sink the boat, then the great Chu still has 30 years of national fortune. During these 30 years, the Emperor Chu has been able to break through to the immortal fruit. Nowadays, there is no more way for Da Chu to go through the ruin of the Chu Emperor. Its been 30 years since the countrys luck."

    Hao pulled the reins, raised his eyes to the direction of Zhaozhou in the distance, holding the spear high in his hand and preaching: "Since Emperor Chu intends to break the boat, then we will give Emperor Chu a big gift."

    "This time it was not just a looting, it was about to break a city."

    "Broken the city! Break the city! Break the city!"

    Cheers sounded from the rear, and the cavalry kept moving their spears up and down, shouting loudly.

    Hao Yima took the lead, and all the cavalry followed. Between the horses running, there was a flash of lightning, which disappeared in an instant and appeared at the end of the distant field of vision.

    This is a light cavalry, coming and going like the wind, the Heavenly King Palace is obviously well-intentioned.

    In just half a day, the news has spread all over the world. As long as it is related to interested people, they all have known the news of Emperor Chu's retreat.

    Compared with the Emperor Chu, they didn't care much about the Yellow God. The Yellow God was different from the Chu Emperor. The Chu Emperor was born in the grass and rose from the end of his life, but the Yellow God was different.

    Huang Shen was born noble, was the son of Huang Tian, and had his own inheritance of Huang Tian. Even if someone deliberately blocked Huang Shen's breakthrough, Huang Shen's breakthrough was unstoppable.

    Breakthrough is only a matter of time, and there is no possibility of failure.

    The Yellow God is powerful, but as long as the Emperor Chu can't break through, the Yellow God will be unable to sing alone and will never be able to unite with the Emperor Chu.

    At that time, even if Huang Shenqing did his best to support Da Chu, it would only be a long time delay. Sooner or later, Da Chu could not hold on. This was Huang Shen's wholehearted help, but this possibility was extremely low.

    Emperor Chu is over, so is Da Chu.

    This is the judgment of the people of the world. It is too difficult to break through under the resistance of the Heavenly King Palace. This is three to five times the normal breakthrough.

    Do not.

    Coupled with the resistance from the last time in the Earth Immortal period, I have already begun to prepare for this time, which is ten times that, it is also possible.

    Go to Beijing, Jin Dynasty Mansion.

    King Jin sits alone on the attic, where he can have a panoramic view of Beijing.

    King Jin's posture at this time was arrogant, not at all solemn, relying on the stone pillar, one foot also stepped on the railing, his long black hair was hanging down wantonly, his eyes were watching Shangjing, his eyes gradually moved to the position of the palace.

    King Jin's eyes were solemn, and he could not leave for a long time.

    In the direction of the imperial palace, there was a Tianzhu, one after another, with no end in sight.

    A black dragon is entrenched on the sky pillar, which is different from the past. At this time, the closed eyes of the black dragon have been opened, and the huge dragon eyes are full of endless brilliance.

    The real dragon was excited, head up, and the black dragon at this moment could not see the decline.

    This is very different from today's judgment. If, as they judged, Chu Emperor broke into the cauldron and sank his boat, then the real dragon of Qi Luck would definitely not be like this.

    It is to squeeze one's own potential, great luck, and exchange the foundation for temporary great fortune.

    This is a gamble. If the Emperor Chu can break through, the damaged foundation will naturally be re-stabilized. After all, the earth immortal fruit is sufficient to suppress everything, and the fame brought by the successful breakthrough is enough to evolve power.

    If it fails, luck will flourish, and the foundation will eventually be destroyed, completely destroyed.

    This kind of rapid onset is a lot of trouble, because the foundation is unstable and it seems to be strong, but in fact they are all rootless. When they are pushed by external forces, they are easy to collapse directly.

    But at this time, what appeared in King Jins eyes was that the Tianzhu was stable, and the black dragon was exhilarating, with a vigorous atmosphere, but it did not affect the foundation at all.

    In other words, Chu Huang's breakthrough is 100%, and there will be no surprises.

    He is the bloodline of the Da Chu royal family, is the younger brother of the Chu Emperor, and has been named a prince. Naturally, with the power of the bloodline, he can peek through the layers of mist and see the real situation.

    So there is absolutely nothing wrong with all this.

    King Jin found that he still underestimated his emperor's brother that the other party was able to break through on the first day of the new year, which must be shocking and shock the world.

    There will be no mistakes in this era of Earth Immortal Tao Guo, and the breakthrough on the first day of the new year can continue the 30-year national fortune of Chu.

    King Jin slowly shifted his vision and looked to the south, about the direction of Chenzhou, where the Huangtian Palace was where the Huangshen lived.

    If the Yellow God breaks through again, the shining double stars of Chu Huang and Huang God will still be alive, and the world will still be suppressed by it.

    The Emperor Chu had great luck. In King Jin's view, Emperor Chu, who should have been unable to keep up with the times early, broke the limit again and again and successfully completed the breakthrough.

    Especially this time, it was very dangerous, but Emperor Chu was still able to break through, and it was also very rare for such characters to have been in ancient and ridiculous times.

    However, the immortal calamity in the future is the real test. That is the moment when the curtain opens. If the Emperor Chu can also pass through smoothly, it will become the climate completely, no longer let people look down on it, but become The number one man in the world.

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