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    Demon disasters, ghost disasters, aquatic, non-human, etc.

    Each one seems to be aggressive, but in fact these things do not affect the foundation of Da Chu at all, and cannot shake the foundation of Da Chu.

    The Emperor Chu looked around at the people above the court, and knew that their worries were not about this, but about whether he could break through to the earthly gods.

    This is where the ministers are concerned. If a successful breakthrough occurs after the New Year, all this is just a disease of ringworm and scabies. Can a smooth breakthrough be a fatal threat at that time.

    This catastrophe, can not go to play to lead the snake out of the hole.

    The Emperor Chu had judgment in his heart, as in the previous Maoshan battle, it was indispensable.

    Now its the time for the officials to boost their morale, and then play to lead the snake out of the hole and show the enemys weakness. If this is not done, it will be self-defeating. At that time, the officials will be centrifugal and the enemy will be trusted. The knives face each other.

    Even if he knew that Emperor Chu broke through, it was as if an arrow had to be sent on the string, and it was impossible to stop.

    If the courtiers have this change, they cannot be said to be unfaithful. If you do not give hope, they will naturally have another choice for themselves and for the family in despair.

    Forget the officials above the court, the real key lies in the Sanqing Dao, if the Sanqing Dao thinks that he cannot be assisted, this is a terrible disaster.

    Therefore, instead of damaging morale at this time, it is necessary to increase morale and invigorate the world.

    After the Emperor Chu looked around, he finally looked at the Hussar General Chen Hongli and preached: "The Northern Husbands are in turmoil. In fact, this is because some fake Husbands are not real Husbands. You will go north to preside over the eradication of the fake Husbands."

    He looked at Ge Yuxuan and preached: "The Heavenly Master's Mansion is proficient in killing demons and slaying demons. Monster troubles have erupted in the south, and there is a big demonic birth. I have to trouble Ge Xiangu to go and capture this demons into Beijing.

    "Xu Yuan, you dispatched the Xuanjing Si Tiqi to search the world, eradicate the secretive troublemakers, and cooperate with the local government to eradicate the outbreak of ghosts."

    Said that, the Emperor Chu groaned slightly, demon misfortune, ghost misfortune, and Huren, this is not too difficult to solve, because these three are not climate.

    The Hu people have been wiped out long ago. The Hu people nowadays are all fakes. The roots are rootless people. They are all floating. As long as the storm blows, they will disappear.

    The ghost trouble passed through the Shinto and the prefectural government and the Xuanjingji. I dont know how many times it has been swept back and forth. Now it has erupted, but it is also a fish that slipped through the net in the past. It is not a climate at all. It is so violent now, and it is just The world is everywhere, looking fierce.

    As for the monster disaster, the real threat is the big monster. The other monsters have not been born for a long time and are not too difficult to deal with. If the monsters are entrenched in the deep mountains and forests, they are not easy to deal with, but when they leave the mountains and wilds, they use them. The local garrison can clean up.

    These three seem to be powerful, but in fact there is no follow-up strength support. They are just a disease of ringworm and scabies. If they are supported by powerful people such as the Sanqingdao, they will turn into three sharp knives and penetrate the heart of Da Chu.

    In the eyes of Emperor Chu, the only thing that was a little more troublesome was the Shui Clan in the East China Sea.

    The aquarium is located in the ocean, which is an insurmountable boundary for ordinary people. Not to mention the problem of breathing in the water, just the problem of combat power after entering the water, this is a major problem.

    However, this was not impossible to handle, it was just a little troublesome. The Emperor Chu looked subconsciously at the Jiushan of Gongwei Shangjing, where there was a planter, which happened to be the best choice for processing.

    But the impact is not small. This time the East Sea Race is raging, and it is only the aquatic people under the command of the Turtle Prime Minister, such as the sharks of General Tiansha, and there is no change.

    If you use that planter to go, the impact will be too great, and other immobile aquariums, even a bad one, will join Prime Minister Turtle.

    Emperor Chu thought for a while, but he didn't intend to focus on Da Chu, but instead focus on Shendao.

    Da Chu did not specifically train Dao soldiers or heaven soldiers who could enter the East China Sea, but Shinto was different.

    Shinto established the East China Sea General Mansion, in charge of East China Sea affairs, among which various generals were established.

    Among them, General Dinghai is in charge of the East China Sea port, and the water routes to the ten states and three islands are the most powerful. Not long ago, General Dinghai wrote to the Shendi Zhenbo, and the emperor Chu knew the above.

    The Prime Minister Turtle is not easy to follow, if it is a period of subversion, he is also a god.

    But it is a pity that this celestial being is now notorious, especially since the opponent has suffered heavy losses, the hope is not too high for the strength to be restored to the celestial being, but the earthly creature is no problem.

    If the new year is over, the Prime Minister tortoise is also a hidden danger, but now he is just an immortal.

    Dispatch an earth immortal combat power and cooperate with General Dinghai. The problem with the Donghai clan is basically not big. After all, this general Dinghai came from a former dynasty. He experienced great battles before his death. There are countless small battles in the dragon domain. I don't know how many battles have gone through.

    Placing troops in formation is exactly the opponent's strength, and the only flaw is weaker strength.

    The Emperor Chu's eyes flowed from the group of officials, and he began to look for a strong man to sit in the East China Sea, such as Li Jiawen and Chang Pu, the two earth immortals. The Chu Emperor took the lead to exclude them, and the two of them did not think about it.

    One was the chief minister of the cabinet, and the other was a general. Both of them were the Dinghai Shenzhen needles of Da Chu. They were absolutely impossible to move lightly.

    Finally, Emperor Chu knew who it was, Huo Qilin.

    Water can overcome fire, but fire can also overcome water.

    Dispatch the fire unicorn to contain the turtle prime minister. If the other party dared to be presumptuous, then you can let the yellow **** go and have a pot of turtle soup.

    The Emperor Chu had arranged and handled the matter in an orderly manner.

    The important matter has been dealt with, and the emperor Chu said calmly: "From today until the new year, I will retreat and break through."

    "Everyone can go back to prepare ~ at noon on the first day of the new year. I want to have a big dinner with the officials and congratulate me on my breakthrough."

    After the emperor Chu finished speaking, he got up, the combs he wore constantly swayed and slammed into each other, making a crisp sound, and slowly left the palace of the emperor.

    Since Emperor Chu left, the officials looked at each other and were shocked by this sentence.

    They were worried about whether Chu Huang could break through, but they were listening to this thunder.

    The emperor of Chu is the emperor, and he speaks the heavenly constitution, and his words cannot be changed.

    Li Jiawen showed a trace of anxiety. If he couldn't make a breakthrough on the first day of the new year, he would naturally lose his trust among the officials, and his prestige would naturally fall.

    This act of not leaving a back road has obvious disadvantages and of course benefits. It can gather the morale of the officials and invigorate the world, but everything is based on breakthroughs.

    Your Majesty is going to break the boat and take a risk.

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