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    Vol 3 Chapter 748: General Dingshui

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    One of Kyushu.

    Located in the east, it is the eastern gateway of China, and has been called Qidi since ancient times.

    In the past, Qihou abandoned the land of China and set sail from Qingzhou to overseas to the ten states and three islands, wanting to start anew.

    Since the overseas ten states and three islands were included in the rule of the Great Chu, Qingzhou was the gateway linking the ten states and three islands, and more than one route was opened here to travel to the ten states and three islands.

    Donghai Port, this is a harbor located under the rule of Lan County.

    The port established here is enough to hold hundreds of large ships. It is also an important gateway for communication between Qingzhou and the three islands of Ten States, and there is an endless stream of merchant ships and so on daily.

    The port is like a gold swallowing monster. Since its establishment, it has swelled crazily, and a lot of wealth has been gathered in a short period of time.

    All kinds of specialty products in the ten states and three islands, certain herbs, flowers, aquatic products, etc., have been continuously transported to Qingzhou until they spread to Shenzhou, and Shenzhou also passed through here and began to continuously load on the ship. Ship to the three islands of ten states.

    At noon, the scorching sun was high.

    Commercial ships are coming slowly from afar, and some merchant ships are beginning to leave the port.

    And under the bottom of the East China Sea, a huge creature is entrenched on the bottom of the sea. This is a carp without any abnormality, but this carp is too huge.

    It is about a hundred meters long, making it look more hideous. His eyes are the size of a house, and slices of fish scales are like walls. With every breath, a stream of water is rolled up from the bottom of the East China Sea.

    I don't know how long it has passed. When the sky was getting dark outside, the carp was not staying in place, twisting its body and tail, and the carp had already charged up.

    Like the eruption of volcanic magma, it rushed straight to the sky, and the sound was shocking.

    This carp is going to hit the merchant ship. With its huge size and stirring momentum, the carp will be able to succeed, directly overturning the merchant ship, causing all the goods and boatmen on the merchant ship to be buried in the sea.

    When the carp rushed up, there was still a distance of tens of meters from the surface of the water. The turbulence had caused the merchant ship on the water to sway, and the sea had been undulating continuously.

    A divine light was born, standing horizontally in front of the carp.

    The combination of sacred lights, horizontal and vertical, vertical and horizontal, has formed a snare in a blink of an eye.

    The net made up of golden light suddenly blocked the carp and began to roll towards the carp, binding the carp's huge volume within it.

    A deity filled with golden light was standing in the water, holding the magic trick in his hand, and controlling the **** net.

    This East China Sea port is a key place that connects ten states and three islands. It is the lifeblood of overseas. Although there are other cities and harbors, the importance of this port can be seen from the name.

    Not only Da Chu formed the navy fleet, but also gods in the Shinto patrol here.

    The temple built in the port enshrines more than one deity, and the East China Sea is vast enough to accommodate many deities.

    The carp came here to make trouble, and its traces have already been detected. If it doesn't do it, then it is treated as an aquarium, but when the handbrake is activated, it is the moment of capture.

    The carp kept struggling, enough to destroy the merchant ship and set off the power of the water wave. At this time, under the contraction of the net, there was not much resistance at all. The more struggling, the tighter the net entangled. In the end, the net continued to shrink, and the carp was like a ball of meat. general.

    The hollow position of the net is constantly squeezed out of flesh and blood, the blood is blurred, the net keeps moving upward, and the carp has been rolled up and left.

    The bottom of the East China Sea returned to calm, and everything seemed to have never happened. I dont know how many times this scene has happened. Qingzhou connects ten states and three islands, sailing in the sea, violent storms, and various aquatic beasts. I dont know how many dangers there are.

    All are deities secretly escorting them, and only then has the route stabilized and today's prosperity has been achieved.

    Holy area.

    God light aspect.

    The huge carp was still on the ground. After the carp got out of the sea, it didn't move as much as it was dead.

    The deity strode into the front hall, looked at the deity sitting in the central area, and preached: "General."

    "The last two days of sailing have been attacked by aquatic people one after another. It seems chaotic, but according to the subordinates, this must be a premeditated attack, and I am afraid that the Donghai Sea people are restless."

    Wearing armor, golden armor, filled with golden light, set off the majesty of General Dingshui, the opponent's gods swept across the room, full of oppressive power, and the strong words resounded in the hall: "The emperor has already given orders, the most recent paragraph Over time, people will be sent to patrol."

    "The new year is just around the corner, and the next era is just around the corner. Some restless people will never hope that the emperor and Mianxia will break through, and will use the help of disrupting the Quartet to disrupt the hearts of the emperor and Mianxia."

    "This aquatic attack must have been done by the Donghai Sea."

    "The Donghai Sea has lost power since Longting, and it was about to dominate the East China Sea, but it was met by the tortoise prime minister. He joined forces with General Tiansha to clean up the strength of the dragon in the East China Sea. Now the Donghai Sea has two divisions. One is in General Tiansha, and the second is Prime Minister Turtle is the culprit."

    "I think of such attacks. They are chaotic and conceal the real plot. They don't match the nature of General Tiansha. They are fierce and will only attack from the front. On the contrary, Prime Minister Turtle has many thoughts. This must be Prime Minister Turtle's handwriting."

    General Dingshui said here, with a sneer appearing in his eyes, he slowly stood up, and spoke in a calm tone: "These actions are all probing, and we are exploring the fictitiousness and reality of our East China Sea General Water Mansion, so take advantage of this. Attack the weak places."

    "Making meritorious service in one fell swoop will cause erosion on the coast of the East China Sea. When the time comes, disaster will be great, and my spirit will be reduced.

    "On how to deal with government affairs as an official, and counterattack its owner, the general would be inferior to the prime minister, and it can be said that marching and fighting."

    "Before and after his death, the general has gone through more than a hundred battles and thousands of small battles. Since entering the divine way, he has only calmed the chaos, killed the ghosts in the four directions, and has not made great achievements. The credit is here."

    General Dingshui said this, but he sighed with regret and preached: "Hateful."

    "The general is now too low in God's rank, and it is not difficult to defeat the aquatic army, but the thief who betrays the master is the strength of the earth immortal. The general is not as good as it is. Chu sent a high-end combat power."

    General Dingshui looked in the direction of Shenzhou, and when an earth fairy came, the host would naturally change, and he could only be an assistant.

    This is very unwilling.

    Unwillingness to fade away, like today's volatility, there are opportunities everywhere.

    It's time to rise up.