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    Vol 3 Chapter 747: Aquarium

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    Go to Beijing!

    The wind is surging.

    Just like a gunpowder barrel placed on a volcano, it will explode with just one spark.

    In the East China Sea, the waves are rippling.

    The waves rushed wave after wave, constantly sweeping the reefs along the coast.

    In the boundless East China Sea, a streamer suddenly drooped and rushed directly into the East China Sea. Like a meteor, with an unparalleled momentum, it rushed into the East China Sea and set off boundless waves.

    The bottom of the East China Sea is dark, and the pitch black is as deep as a black hole, constantly swallowing light.

    The meteor traversed thousands of distances and rushed straight to the bottom of the East China Sea. At this time, the bottom of the sea was no longer dark.

    A city standing on the bottom of the sea is blooming with colorful colors, like a huge jade cast, and the colors of seven colors appear alternately.

    In the magnificent city, the aquarium occupies it, and many aquariums constantly shuttle through it.

    The meteor suddenly scattered, and a figure strode out from the light. A row of aquariums holding harpoons in front of them had come close. They were dressed in armor, lined up in battle, and rushed out with a fierce energy. As time passed, they had already Block the Quartet.

    The visitors have been surrounded, as long as the patrol Yaksha gives an order to launch a thunderous blow to outsiders.

    The light dissipated, and the visitor stood on the bottom of the East China Sea, gazing at the aquarium with the human fish head in front of them, watching them armed with weapons on guard, and the visitor said in a deep voice: "Heavenly King Palace, the ten warlords, please see Prime Minister Turtle!"

    Flicking his tail, Xunhai Yasha came to the front. The harpoon in his hand was about two feet long. He looked at the outsider in front of him. After hearing the three characters of Heavenly King Palace, he nodded slowly and preached: "Wait!"

    With a stroke of the harpoon in the hand of Xunhai Yasha, a wave of water instantly separated, and the luster flowed alternately from the harpoon.

    After more than ten breaths, many aquarists began to step aside, leaving a road open. An old man with a cane in his hand and a skinny figure, bent over and carried a turtle shell on his back, was walking slowly from a distance.

    In just a few short steps, he had come to the front from the far horizon. Prime Minister Turtle squinted his eyes, looked at the outsider in front of him, and spoke kindly: "The distinguished guest, please come inside!"

    Hao nodded and followed Prime Minister tortoise as he walked into the magnificent city ahead.

    This city is similar to the Longting Crystal Palace, similar to more than 90%, but only some of the landmark buildings of the Crystal Palace are missing at this time.

    Obviously, the origin of this city is not so beautiful.

    All the way to a magnificent hall, coral, agate, shells, everything you need, filled with colorful light, set off the majestic glory of the hall.

    Prime Minister Turtle came to the main hall, sat down slowly on the main dragon chair, and signaled the people from the Palace of Heavenly Kings ahead to sit down, then Prime Minister Turtle spoke: "I don't know what the guests are coming for?"

    Hao has a strong breath and a heavy feeling, immovable like a mountain.

    At this time, I heard the inquiry, did not hesitate, and directly preached: "The new year is approaching, and the era of earth fairy fruit is about to begin. I was ordered to find the Prime Minister Turtle. I just want to entrust one thing. Ask Prime Minister Turtle to build troops and flood the East China Sea. Along the coast, the Shui people came ashore and attacked, causing chaos along the East China Sea."

    Prime Minister Turtle's wrinkled face suddenly showed embarrassment and hesitation, looking at Hao in front of him, he wanted to say something, but he couldn't say anything.

    After a silence for a while, Prime Minister Kame still opened his mouth and preached: "I am Shui Erlang, I am not good at land warfare. If I escape the sea, I will be able to do everything I can to destroy the coast of the East China Sea. I dont know how many I will die. Please raise your hands high and let my aquarium go."

    Hao looked directly at Prime Minister Turtle in front of him, looked at Prime Minister Turtles sincere gaze, and his low tone, but he was unmoved. No matter what the Prime Minister Turtle thought, Hao didnt answer at all. He preached in an unquestionable tone: "This is something my lord has entrusted. If Prime Minister Kame refuses, he can think of everything."

    Hao said here, with a hint of coldness on his face, and continued preaching with a sneer: "Don't think that you can contact other aquariums with this matter. My lord's order is clear. This matter is left to Prime Minister Turtle, and has nothing to do with other aquariums. ."

    "The troubles along the coast of the East China Sea, if Prime Minister Turtle quit, there will eventually be a day of liquidation in the future,"

    "Who will protect you, dare to embarrass my Heavenly King Palace."

    Hao stood up, stared at Prime Minister Turtle coldly, and gave an ultimatum: "If Prime Minister Turtle can't afford to fight in three days, you will be at your own risk."

    "If you send troops to satisfy my lord, the Palace of Heavenly Kings can protect you, and you will not lose your high position in the future."

    After Hao said this, he turned around and left without any nostalgia.

    A prime minister tortoise, even at the peak of the opponent's previous years, is also a god. If the dragon is still alive, he still has to take care of one or two things. If he doesn't follow it, he will take the action and send him on the road.

    Seeing Hao who was leaving, Prime Minister Turtle's face was pale, his expression was completely distorted, and one hand tightly held the arm of the dragon chair.

    Take back the master slave.

    These four words made Prime Minister Turtle into anger.

    It is these four words that make Prime Minister Turtle a laughingstock, and even these juniors dare to show off in front of them.

    But at the same time, it was also a period of desolation, losing the protection of the dragon clan, it can be said that every step is hard.

    Only when you lose, you know regret. At this time, Prime Minister Turtle has regrets in his heart. Without the Dragon to lead the Aqua, the Aqua is no longer able to unite. All are in their own hands. The East China Sea said that the Aqua would unite and work together for major events. The clan will never support itself.

    Disasters on the East China Sea coast will inevitably cause fluctuations in the great Chu Qi Luck. As long as the great Chu Qi Luck real dragon is turbulent, the chance of Chu Huang breaking through the Earth Immortal Dao Fruit will be reduced by 10% out of thin air.

    And this is not the last resort of the Palace of Heavenly There must be other players who can even eliminate and fight, without having to fight head-on with the Emperor of Chu, it is enough to cut the possibility of Emperor Chu breaking through one-third, or even Is more.

    In the end, no matter how strong the Emperor Chu is, as long as he can't break through, he is just a lamb to be slaughtered, and will be crushed to death by the Heavenly King Palace sooner or later.

    The ending of Emperor Chu was doomed, and Prime Minister Turtle had no other choice.

    Prime Minister Kame made a decision in his heart. Although the contact with the Heavenly King Palace was not pleasant this time, it was undoubtedly an opportunity. As long as he completed this task well, he could draw closer to the Heavenly King Palace.

    Having lost the protection of the Dragon clan and carrying infamy, Prime Minister Turtle naturally has to find another backer, and the Palace of Heavenly Kings is an opportunity.

    Prime Minister Turtle adjusted his mentality very quickly. After turning around the curve in his heart, Prime Minister Turtle turned into the most loyal little brother of the Heavenly King Palace.


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