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    Vol 3 Chapter 746: Who Are You?

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    The upper capital was cold and windy.

    King Jin Mansion, attic.

    Fo Tan was red in flames, and there was a rush of heat, sweeping in all directions.

    On the edge of the attic balcony, King Jin and King Wu were sitting on their knees opposite each other, with a table in between. At this time, the two looked at each other, and a depressed breath was filling the attic.

    This breath is enough to suffocate ordinary people, and there is silence for a while, as if the world has lost its voice.

    The pupils in King Wu's eyes overlapped, and an awe-inspiring appeared. He stared at King Jin in front of him, and replied in a deep voice, "Don't mention the matter of internal response."

    "Born in the world, how can a big man be crippled by flesh and blood and violate human relations? If he did this, wouldn't he be like a beast."

    "As for the Nine Emperors Palace, I have already told my father, if the uncle is willing to take refuge in the Nine Emperors Palace, then don't blame me for being presumptuous."

    Wu Wang said here, there was a hint of murder in his tone, Senhan looked at King Jin, if one didn't answer well, a great battle would break out here.

    King Jin stared at King Wu deeply, suddenly got up, flicked his loose sleeves, and laughed directly.

    A finger pointed at King Wu, but he never accused the other party of being naive, but pointed at the palace. Then he touched his palm and praised him and preached: "Congratulations, you have successfully broken through the shackles of imperial power."

    "Da Chu is an immortal dynasty, not a mundane kingship. His Majesty will look at it for a long time, and will never give up the throne and become a supreme emperor."

    "And when His Majesty died, it was the day when the Great Chu fell apart, and the second emperor was destined to be the king of the subjugated kingdom. Even if the position of the crown prince is taken, it is useless.

    "The other princes, all their eyes are on the position of the Eastern Palace. Only King Wu, you have seen this point, and your eyes are already on the future battle of the great road."

    "As long as you hold one in charge, you can attain the ancestral realm, and the strength is added, one person can suppress the world, and the rise and fall of the dynasty can be determined by one word."

    "As for linking with the Nine Emperor Gods Palace, acting as the internal response of the Nine Emperor Gods Palace, this is just a lingering breath. If you are willing to be a puppet of the Nine Emperor Gods Palace, you will eventually be abolished by the Nine Emperor Gods Palace in the future and die in a certain corner, so this is just a bad policy. "

    King Wu looked at King Jin, who spoke endlessly. Today, this person has a weird attitude, as if he has changed. If it werent for King Jins relationship with Da Chu and his own dragon energy body, this feature is too obvious. In Shangjing Zhong is absolutely impossible to pretend, King Wu will definitely suspect that the one in front of him has been replaced by someone else, especially when he knows the secret of the Nine Emperor Gods Palace.

    King Jin looked at King Wu in front of him, did not give King Wu a chance to speak, and continued preaching to himself: "The next policy is not advisable, then the middle policy can be implemented."

    "King Wu, you have an extraordinary background. You were born in the ridiculous ancient times, and you rose in the ancient times. You are so prestigious and unique."

    "But in the end it was defeated by Xuanyuan and defeated by Xuanyuan, but at that time you were already immortal. Even if it was as strong as Xuanyuan, you still could not kill you."

    "You can only divide the corpse and suppress all places, relying on the power of heaven and earth to kill, but Xuanyuan looks down on the immortal body, even in the world of the doomsday, you still survived."

    "Now as long as you swallow other corpses, you can reconsolidate the immortal body. When the time comes 30 years later, when the catastrophe will occur, you will jump up and proving the heavenly immortal, relying on the power of the immortal body to suppress the great Chu national destiny. "

    King Wu frowned. Although King Jin did not tell who it was, in just a few words, King Wu had already judged who it was.

    Chi You.

    Although this one is a loser, he has left a strong mark in the history of China. After all, this one is also a strong human.

    Xuanyuan is the head of the Nine Emperors and the emperor who opened the Nine Emperors Palace. Chi You is Xuanyuan's archenemy. The two have experienced a great war. The figure who forced the emperor to desperate situation naturally left countless legends.

    King Jin seemed to see through King Wu's anxiety, as well as the anxiety in his heart, and said again: "There is no need to worry about swallowing other corpses, it will produce adverse reactions and affect his own mind."

    "What Chi You condenses is an immortal body, not an immortal spirit. Unlike other corpses, you have been reincarnated many times and have wiped out Chi You's true spirit. Although you and Chi You are one body, are you not him? Relying on one's own body, devour Chi You's power."

    "It's not like other corpses, fusing with each other, but restoring Chi You."

    King Jin said here, he couldn't help but pause for one or two, as if he was thinking of something, a faint sarcasm appeared and preached: "Speaking of your reincarnation, it is not for the number of days, but for human reasons."

    "Before the approach of the end of the past years, Xuanyuan sealed the nine corpses of Chi You, the most important of which was left in the human world. With the help of the end of the human world, the spiritual energy is the most sluggish, and Chi You's head can be completely polished."

    "I never thought that the power of the Immortal Body was too strong, and Chi You had long been prepared for this. The end of the law alone is not enough to polish Chi You, especially when the end of the law is coming, Xuanyuan is inconvenient to shoot. In the end, he had to fail."

    "But Xuanyuan couldn't make a plan, but he still had a second plan. For those skilled in calculations like him, when he sealed Chi You's head in the human world, he arranged more than one path."

    "He arranged for Chi You's head to break free of the seal, and arranged for manpower to keep chasing and killing him, and finally forced Chi You's head to inadvertently step into reincarnation."

    "You have been reincarnated since the end of the Qin Dynasty. You were an overlord. You should have established hegemony and dominate the world. Unfortunately, Xuanyuan had buried a secret hand long ago and supported the rise of the Han emperor with one hand, making you once again defeated and killed."

    "With the help of your unwillingness and resentment, it turned into a ghost and started to kill Chi You If it were in the barren period, this would definitely not be successful, but in the world of doomsday, the aura is sluggish, really let Xuanyuan succeed. "

    "You, this chess piece, Xuanyuan has always kept it. When your majesty rises to establish Da Chu and dominates China, Xuanyuan knows it's time to use you, let Feng Empress take action, personally arrange your reincarnation, and he will use some precious things. Only then did you succeed in reincarnation of the royal family."

    "I wanted the Queen of the Wind to be in the court, you to the royal family, and the Concubine Xiong to be in the harem. Together, you began to cultivate the power and invade the power of the great Chu. Unfortunately, the new arrival Rong Chengzi was also a lazy fellow. ."

    "It's a pity that after Feng Feng died early, the most critical step is to guide you toward the Nine Emperor Gods Palace, but it was not successfully completed, otherwise Xuanyuan will add a general."

    "If you cannot kill an enemy, then turn the enemy into your own use. It is really Xuanyuan's characteristic. Reason is always higher than emotion and will not be shaken by emotion. Even if it is one's own heir, it is not as important as hegemonic imperial power."

    King Wu looked horrified, looked at King Jin in front of him, and asked in a deep voice: "Who are you anyway?"