Resurrection Of Shinto
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    Resurrection Of Shinto Book 3 Chapter 744

    Vol 3 Chapter 744: Brother Times Have Changed

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    Great ancient world.

    The sky was dim and dark clouds.

    A flash of lightning, like a dragon with teeth and claws, suddenly emerged from the dark clouds.

    The light suddenly appeared, the sky and the earth were bright, and it was already dimmed immediately.

    Patter! ! ! ! !

    Rain water is spilled from the sky, and drops of rain water are continuous into a line, like a silk thread that falls on the earth.

    Raindrops hit the tiles, splashing constantly, and then flowing down the eaves.

    There was a crunch.

    The tightly closed door of the temple has been pushed open.

    A big man wearing a hat and straw clothes has walked into the front yard of the temple.

    The ground of the front yard is paved with bluestones. There are no gaps between the bluestones. It is natural and like a whole. Stepping on the bluestones, the soil stained on the feet of the big man leaves clear shoe marks.

    The rain continued to pour, and the footprints have been washed away by the rain.

    The big man opened the door of the main room and immediately saw one of the magnificent statues.

    The idol was expressionless, wearing an official hat, and wearing an official uniform. He was not angry or prestigious. Sitting in the central position, a faint divine light could be seen faintly, which was constantly permeating and spreading into the lobby.

    The big man stretched out his hand to take off the hat, like the eyes of an eagle, but it has already emerged.

    On the face of the face and behind the eyes, blood vessels were clearly emerging, which made the man look more terrifying. His low voice resounded in the temple: "After so many years, I finally waited for you."

    "Chi You!"

    The word fell, and thunder sounded.

    A flash of lightning passed, and a roar of thunder sounded through the world.

    The big man raised his head and looked up at the idol, looking at the very different looks in the idol, complementing the same aura, but the original power is exactly the same.

    The **** trembling, at this moment like a living creature, the posture of sitting upright, but involuntarily standing up.

    As the idol stood up and the official hat touched the roof, the idol was tall and burly, with slightly drooping eyes, condescendingly looking at the big man in straw clothes.

    The big man stretched out his hand and pulled it lightly.

    A fiery color appeared in his expression, and his scorching eyes were like flames, enough to melt everything.

    He preached in a loud tone: "Three realms are united, a world of great controversy."

    "In these troubled times, it is time for us to make a comeback."

    "Taiwei Heavenly King wants to establish the Nine Heavens Realm, and the Nine Emperors Palace also takes advantage of the momentum to establish the Nine Heavens Realm, dividing the human realm into three realms. It is the will of the immortals. This is the general trend."

    "No one can stop the establishment of the heavens."

    "The Hall of the Nine Emperors and the Hall of Heavenly Kings, they are powerful, but they are just so, they are too eye-catching, there are many things to be busy, especially the union of the immortals, so they are not looking down on these weak world fragments. Its just being powerless."

    "This is our opportunity. One side is weak and the fragmented world is irrelevant, but what about the world of ten directions, the world of one hundred directions?"

    "This is enough to affect the plot of the Nine Emperor Gods Palace and the Heavenly King Palace. When they establish the heavenly realm, they can take advantage of this to enter the heavenly realm and directly grab the position of the heavenly Lord."


    "As long as we merge."

    "Zi can further recover, and then call other corpses by this time, and even sense the places sealed by other brothers."

    "Great rivers and mountains, we are going to get them."

    The big man was full of ambition, pointed the country, impassioned, and walked towards the idol step by step, and every sentence he said was the ambition of the big man.

    Rejuvenation of spiritual energy, three realms into one.

    The world is in turbulent times unseen in the past.

    This is the biggest stage, how can a big man be willing to hide behind the scenes, what the big man wants is to be on the stage and disturb the world.

    The idol's expression was stern, and a pair of golden pupils gradually gave birth to coldness, and the cold and merciless words sounded: "I refuse!"


    After the word falls.

    The big man striding forward stopped abruptly.

    In the hot eyes, there was coldness, and a burst of anger erupted from his chest.

    Like an erupting volcano, billowing black smoke rushed up, and then fiery lava rose up at night, and the boiling volcano raged and destroyed everything in the four directions.

    The anger that the big man exploded was just as real.

    The silence in the temple was suppressed, except for the heavy breathing, and the rain that was constantly spilling in the sky stopped at this moment.

    The dark clouds all over the temple began to dissipate inch by inch, and in a blink of an eye, the dark clouds had completely dissipated in an area centered on the temple.

    The blue sky appeared, and the sun shone down and fell on the temple, like the lights on the stage, illuminating the protagonist.

    The temple is sacred and inviolable under the sun.

    The rain continued to spill from the Quartet, but this area has stopped.

    An angry voice resounded: "We are one and merged with each other, but to restore the self. If I swallowed you, why refuse?"

    This was the voice of questioning. A gleam of light appeared on the skin of the big man's face. He was constantly walking around, showing more and more hideous horror, and his anger was like a demon.

    A smile appeared on the idol, and his tone was no longer cold, and he preached in a softer tone: "It seems that you have been asleep for so many years, and you have broken through the seal. It will not last long."

    "The temperament is exactly the same as before, there is no change at all."

    Said that the idol shook his head involuntarily, the slowly moving idol raised a strong wind.

    Finally, staring at the man in front of him with piercing eyes, he preached word by word: "My dearest brother, times have changed."

    "You have been sealed for too long, and you have been asleep for too long."

    "It's out of date and can't keep up with this era."

    "Whether it is the Nine Heavens Realm or the Nine Immortal Realms, whether it is the Palace of the Heavenly Kings or the Palace of the Nine Emperors, which one of them wins and who loses?"

    "Is this important?"

    There is no need to answer the opposite man, and the idol continues to preach: "It is not important at all."

    "Because this is just the Tao of the Nine Emperor Gods Hall and the Heavenly King Hall. For other immortals, it doesn't involve the roots at all, and it is not necessary for us,"

    "The Hall of the Nine Emperors and the Hall of Heavenly Kings is a battle between the emperor and Dao, and we cultivate the immortal body and the immortal spirit in order to prove the ancestral state of Dao."

    "The ancestors are favored by the heavenly path, descending the origin, the body and the heaven and the earth, every move has the power of the heaven and the earth."

    "But now the Three Realms are unified ~ the world is promoted, and the ancestral realm does not need to be like this. The next battle is not for the favor of the heavens and descending the origin, but the battle for the great road."

    "The ancestral realm, hold one in charge, among the same path, when it comes to the path, life and death must be divided."

    "What's the use of fighting for the nine heavens again?"

    "Now I specialize in the way of war, and I will take this way in the future. When the time comes, I can rely on this to leap for nine days and cultivate into the ancestral realm. Why bother to **** the Lord of the realm."

    "So now the fusion has caused Xuanyuan and other enemies to warn us, and it is far worse than our respective activities."

    The idol watched the big man's anger dissipating, and he had completely listened to it, and the big man who kept nodding his head, the idol couldn't help but sigh in his heart that he was so stupid at the beginning, and such words can be believed.

    No wonder you lost in the first battle.

    But this time is different, I have sublimated.

    Now it is Shen Chi You.