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    Vol 3 Chapter 743: Great Wei World

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    Great Wei world!

    This is a fragmented world of heaven and earth.

    Located in the Boundary Sea, along with the waves of the Boundary Sea, the fragments of heaven, earth and the world are constantly undulating.

    Below the fragments of the world, it is like an old tree taking roots, piercing tightly into the world. This fragment of the world is like a long beard above the world.

    At this time, the huge volume of the human world was filled with a square world like the Great Wei world.

    Compared with the other square worlds, the world of the Great Wei Dynasty is far less massive than the Nine Emperors Palace and the Nine Heavens, but compared to the Nine Emperors Palace and the Nine Heavens, it also appears smaller. This is the smaller world of the Heaven and Earth Fragments. Fragments.

    The world of fragments of heaven and earth of the size of the Great Wei World is now as numerous as a fur, and it can be described as countless, mixed in many fragments of heaven and earth, and it is inconspicuous at all.

    The autumn is high and the sky is blue.

    A round of the sun, hanging high above the blue sky, is like a huge fireball that emits light, embedded on a blue picture scroll.

    Next to the official road in Changshui Township, a group of strong men were half naked at this time, and they were all busy.

    Some are carrying thick wood, are constantly transporting wood, and some are carving some kind of utensils, and a crowd of people are busy.

    For many days, after the busy people, a temple has been erected.

    The temple was built not far from the official road, and it was on the only way from Changshui Township to the county seat. When the temple was completed, pedestrians who came and went constantly watched the temple and were more attentive to this temple.

    A gaze fell from the sky, watching what happened in the Great Wei world.

    Dou Changsheng clearly saw everything related to the Great Wei world and the divine way. This was to use the power of the Conferred God List to monitor every deity.

    What happened in the Nine Layers of Heaven, now because of the closure of the Nine Layers of Heaven, Dou Changsheng's true body is not too known. At this time, he looked at the Great Wei World because he called on the gods to allow them to preach outside the human world.

    Its too easy to spread Shinto beliefs in those fragmented worlds of heaven and earth that have been integrated into the human world. It is impossible for Da Chu to let go of those fragmented worlds of heaven and earth.

    No matter what kind of regime they are, they all have to surrender to the great Chu, and in the powerful world, the great Chu must put the chaos out.

    Cut off any kind of hidden danger, even if it is to contain a lot of power in the great Chu, but the only good news is that the earth is full of aura as it is today, and the great power belongs to oneself, and people can be enemies.

    Da Chu occupies an absolute advantage and can handle everything calmly, but the hidden dangers are not without it, that is, the time is too short, there is no long time that is imperceptible, with the deterrence of strength, it is always imperfect.

    Each world of heaven and earth fragments has already surrendered to the great Chu, so the Shinto will be promoted naturally, and the two are associated with each other. The great Chu stabilizes the world of heaven and earth fragments, and Shinto is also one of the forces that cannot be ignored.

    With the help of secular kingship, the spread of Shinto is not difficult at all.

    This is to go to the world outside the world to preach. This is the test for the gods.

    It's a dragon or a worm, it depends on their own destiny.

    This is an attempt. Dou Changsheng's idea is very simple. Start with the high-level gods. If Fang Nihuang and Ye Chu preach smoothly, then they will start to promote it.

    Shinto's combat power seems to be weaker, but there are not a few elites among them. After taking the Dragon Region, Shinto sums up the generals in the Dragon Region.

    These are the outstanding people bred in the land of Shenzhou. Each of them competes from tens of thousands of people to assist the emperor and guard the world.

    Dou Changsheng is very relieved of their abilities. They are not strong now, it's just that they lack an opportunity.

    It is a great thing for gods to leave the world to preach to the outside world. It is beneficial to the present and merits future generations.

    The fragmented world of heaven and earth will be integrated into the human world one by one in the future. When it is integrated into the human world and then start, this will appear slowly, and the human world is the center of the world, I don't know how many bigwigs are entrenched.

    Every move in the human world appears to be too eye-catching. At this time, faith is spread, and after the world of fragments of heaven and earth is integrated into the human world, it can be grasped for the first time. At this time, the hands are not eye-catching. The benefits are not known. how many.

    Dou Changsheng observed one by one, Ye Chu and their progress in preaching from the outside world.

    Fang Nihuang preached the world, not only went to the world by himself, Fang Nihuang's capable general, the temple wish, also went successfully.

    Ye Chu's progress was also good, and Huang Da was not slow. The two are similar in nature and their actions are similar, but the effect is undoubtedly very good.

    In just a short period of time, all of the deities chosen by Dou Changsheng have successfully established a foothold. The temple is already under construction, and the day to take root is not far away.

    The external preaching only happened at this time. This was because Dou Changsheng had overcome the most difficult point, and that was the power issue of the deity after he left his own authority.

    God's way ascends to the sky in one step, and the level of strength is completely formed by the position of God.

    But the shortcomings are also obvious. Subject to the scope of authority, the area of activity is restricted.

    However, this point has been gradually overcome since Dou Changsheng ascended to the **** of Thunder, and he was in charge of the thunder of heaven and earth.

    After all, the world of heaven and earth fragments has always been connected with the human world, rather than being a separate world.

    The fragmented world of the human world and the two worlds of heaven and earth can also be seen as a whole, but a world of one side.

    Without this biggest obstacle, this is the basis for starting to preach towards the world of fragmented heaven and earth.

    After browsing the world of Fang Fang, the world of Big Wei attracted the most attention of Dou Changsheng. It was not among the gods that Fang Changxiu had the fastest progress, but the world of Fang Big Wei was now in chaos.

    The Great Wei World is at the time of the Ding This is an opportunity for Shinto, how to spread faith in the world without chaos.

    After Dou Changsheng watched all the gods, Fang Changxiu was undoubtedly leading for the time being. Dou Changsheng didn't specifically ask about the situation inside this world.

    From the perspective of the human world, the size of the world of fragments of heaven and earth is completely the same in the worlds they choose.

    Dou Changsheng is completely fair at this point, and Fang Changxiu can choose this chaotic big Wei world, this is Fang Changxiu's chance.

    This is an opportunity for Fang Changxiu to stand out. If Fang Changxiu can seize it, he can take a step ahead and continue to explore other worlds.

    Step by step, step by step.

    With this opportunity, Fang Changxiu has never been able to chase after Nihuang and Ye Chu, and will become the only **** in the divine way that is better than Dou Changsheng.


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