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    Vol 3 Chapter 742: Earth Line

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    The sound is rolling!

    Like the sound of thunder, it sounded from afar.

    When the voice fell, a figure appeared outside the palace.

    This is a man with a slender body wearing gold armor, a red cloak, and stepping on combat boots. His face is as sharp as a sword, with sword brows and stars, and his handsome appearance is more heroic under the background of the gold armor.

    This is also a high-ranking general who strode in from outside the palace.

    Everything in the palace returned to calm, and the Fire Heaven would stand above him, looking at the foreign upper rank generals, and the remaining middle rank generals, each returning to his place.

    Agni is not a name, but a title.

    This palace is the Temple of Blazing Fire, and the high-ranking generals who have always been in charge of this palace are all called the Hall of Blazing Fire.

    These special titles are all privileges that upper geniuses possess.

    The high-ranking generals from the headquarters of Dou Mansion were silent and solemn, and they were also the ranks of generals, but if they were not higher than the fierce generals, they had to be lower.

    The Fire Heaven General is in charge of the Fire Hall, and his subordinates have their own team, ten mid-rank generals, and many lower rank generals, with minions and wings, but the upper rank generals in this division have no wings, and their status is clear at a glance.

    The headquarters seems to be powerful, but in reality it is a mixture of dragons and snakes.

    The head genius first gave a ceremony, and then asked to preach: "Is there anything wrong with the catharsis of the power of the law?"

    The fire general is like a bear, standing in the upper position, filled with oppressive air, his broad palm waved and preached: "Nothing,"

    "What order does the headquarters have?"

    Jin Yan nodded slowly, and did not continue to question. The question just now was just a routine matter. Seeing the high-level staff of the Blazing Fire Hall gather here, there is no problem.

    "The Nine Heavens establishes the Earth Vein Net, and the Heavenly King Palace has issued an order. Our Dou Mansion is the most important force in the Heavenly King Hall. The differentiated Earth Vein Net nodes are the most dangerous nodes in the Nine Heavens and are vulnerable to invasion by foreign enemies."

    "Among them, there are six most dangerous places according to their ranks, and they are already guarded by generals."

    "I'm here to propagate the order of the headquarters. The Blazing Fire Palace is under the jurisdiction of General Feiyu, guarding the First Heavenly Southern Immortal Mountain."

    A token appeared in Jin Yan's hand, the size of the token being a palm, with animal patterns carved on it, and a sky character written on the back.

    This word is not any kind of word in the current world, nor is it a Taoist word, nor is it a demon word, but a unique word specifically belonging to the Palace of Heavenly Kings.

    In the past, the Palace of Heavenly Kings swept across the Three Realms, and the Heavenly Court is about to be established.

    It is not just a strong force, but other preparations. This text is just one of them. It was supposed to announce to the world that Lixian is a unique word for immortals, and it is referred to as "Xianzi" for short.

    The token flew up and fell into the hands of the fiery general.

    When the token entered the hand instant, a breath spread out, and it began to entangle with the burning sky, and the two merged with each other.

    A flame of fire rushed into the token, and the token's lines were bright. A fiery red line surrounded the four corners of the token, and the two had each confirmed its authenticity.

    The fire general nodded, this token contained the king's life, and it was not fake.

    Jin Yan also confirmed that the current identity of the raging fire heavenly general was correct. After the two verifications were completed, Jin Yan didn't stay much, and turned and left.

    Dou Changsheng, standing on both sides, calmly watched Jin Yan's back disappear without a trace, and couldn't help but give birth to a shallow smile.

    What kind of wisdom is Dou Changsheng, able to rise from the insignificance and fight for the first place all the way, relying on all his own wisdom, so that he can repeatedly overcome dangers.

    The three words Fengshen Bang came to mind.

    But the next moment the Fengshen Bang disappeared from Dou Changsheng's mind.

    Dou Changsheng had already judged many things by relying on the four characters of the earth and veins, and he had roughly a spectrum in his heart. For this reason, Dou Changsheng had won one or two from Liehuotian.

    By the way, the abolition of Shifang Tianjiang Feiyu's brother Feiyu not long ago was not a real thing, but it was a deceitful statement that engulfed the heavens.

    Ji Ren and Guang Ji, who were disguised by Dou Changsheng, sat in front of the Blazing Heaven.

    The Heavenly Fire General began to talk about the matter of the Earth Vein Network continuously. As the high-ranking general in the Dou Palace in charge of a palace, the Heavenly Fire General is already a high-level general in the Dou Palace, and his status is only under the Heavenly Generals of the Ten Fangs. Many things are more complicated. To understanding.

    Dou Changsheng knew a lot about the earth vein network.

    The thoughts in Dou Changsheng's heart have also been confirmed, and this network of ground veins is vital to the future.

    The nine heaven and earth fragments obtained when the Heavenly King Palace was broken from the two worlds of heaven and earth, turned these nine heaven and earth fragments into the nine heavens, which will be used in the future to transform into the nine heavens.

    One of the most important points is to devour other worlds of heaven and earth fragments, otherwise Nine Heavens alone cannot do it.

    To swallow other world fragments, it is not too difficult for Nine Heavens to do it. They are originally one, but they are broken. The origin is the same The only difficulty is to swallow easily, whether it can take other world fragments , Successfully merged, Nine Heavens swallows other world fragments, it will cause its own instability, and in the end, it will be empty and not made up, and it will force itself to death.

    The original intention of the establishment of the earth vein network is to stabilize the nine heavens.

    This ground vein network has established various nodes since the Nine Heavens, transforming the Nine Heavens into a whole, and stabilizing the Nine Heavens. At that time, when encountering the impact of other world fragments, the Nine Heavens will be like a reef, letting the waves hit and stay still.

    This is the opportunity for Dou Changsheng, destroying the nodes of the earth vein network, and then collapse when the nine heavens transform into the nine heavens.

    This is victory without a fight, and the Nine Heavens Realm cannot be evolved. The plan of the Heavenly King Palace has failed. When this heart is lost, the group of immortals attached to the Heavenly King Palace will naturally disperse directly.

    Even if the Palace of Heavenly Kings intends to use the strong, but morale is low, there are many ways to deal with it.

    How to deal with the Palace of Heavenly Kings, Dou Changsheng is now a complete plan in his heart.

    Destroying the ground vein network, of course, is not doing it at this moment. It is too eye-catching now. It can be quickly rebuilt if the Heavenly King Palace is destroyed. The real hand is when the Heavenly King Palace is established when the Nine Heavens Realm is established. At this time, the Heavenly King Palace cannot be restored.

    Dou Changsheng had a series of thoughts in his mind, and the next step was to lurch, develop his own comrades secretly, probe the various nodes of the earth vein network, and quickly destroy the earth vein network nodes when necessary.

    This is destined to be an arduous task. The truth that Dou Changsheng can easily see through, the Palace of Heavenly Kings will not fail to understand. He will definitely guard against the nodes of the earth veins and nets. Doufu began to dispatch combat forces to garrison. This is the protection of the Palace of Heavenly Kings. Unexpectedly, the strongest fortress was broken internally.


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