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    Vol 3 Chapter 741: Law Of Fire

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    High rank general!

    Like the body of a wild bear, it moved slowly, like a moving mountain, with a coercion spreading out, and the oppressive force swept in all directions and spread from the palace.

    You are an earth immortal, and the upper heaven will be unruly, even if it is forced by the subordinates, but the expression of the upper heavenly general has never been anxious.

    Regardless of the situation, the one who depends on has only strength.

    As a land immortal, Wei Li belongs to himself and possesses the power of one person against the country.

    Being able to rise to power is not based on calculating power, but on one's own might.

    The aura of the upper heavenly general is permeated, like a surging magic flame, and the power of the law is completely revealed, which is the law of fire.

    The law of raging fire is a derivative law of the basic law of fire, and it is the most common law. Those who understand this law do not know how many they have, it can be said that there are thousands of them.

    And in this palace, the middle-ranked generals who surround the upper-ranked generals, their future destiny will also begin to comprehend this law of fire. This is their destiny.

    The Four Laws of Doufu

    Every palace is one of the four laws. ,

    As soon as the power of the law came out, it was as if Mount Tai was overwhelming, the power of the flame was vented, and a terrifying heat burst out.

    The place where the upper heavenly general is three feet away, the power of the flames vented by the power of the law, is burning violently, surrounding the upper heavenly generals violent burning and shaking, the upper heavens long hair is reflected in a fiery red, like a super Saiyan who is transforming people.

    When the earth immortal was angry, the law came out.

    Among the mid-ranking generals who surrounded the upper-ranking generals, many of them had a look of horror in their eyes.

    There is an absolute gap between Earth Immortal and Profound Immortal. The two sides are like clouds and mud. If you want to defeat an Earth Immortal, you will need dozens of Profound Immortals to set up a big formation.

    The ten Xuanxians had no hope of defeating them, and they were bound to lose.

    Dou Changsheng's eyes flowed from the mid-ranking generals, and he had watched their expressions clearly in his eyes.

    For many of them, Dou Changsheng did not directly convert them, but was forced to take them. After all, these celestial generals are usually active and cannot always be in the palace. Whether the Taiwei Heavenly King can find their fault , Dou Changsheng has always planned for the worst.

    I thought I would be discovered, so I only reduced the key figures, such as Guangji and Xuanli.

    But even Guangji, who was completely relieved, felt fear at this time.

    Du Hua is not to erase the opponent's consciousness, Guangji still possesses the consciousness, but he is inclined to and obeys Dou Changsheng.

    So even if you are going to die, you will feel scared in your heart when you see a monster that is ten feet tall. This is an instinctive reaction that cannot be suppressed at all.

    "Kneel down and admit your mistake."

    "It would have been forgotten!"

    After the upper celestial general looked around and looked at a middle-ranked general, he preached word by word with a solemn tone.

    No one answered. Being able to cultivate to Xuanxian naturally has a sense of energy. Such insulting actions will naturally leave traces in their hearts and affect the path in the future.

    But Dou Changsheng also knew that they won't be able to hold on for long. If there is no hope anymore, it is impossible to bow down, but surrender is certain.

    So Guangji took a step forward again and said in a deep voice: "The leader, you dare not do it."

    "We are all high-ranking generals in Doufu. It's okay if there is an accident by one person, but if everything happens, the above will definitely investigate."

    "You can't please the leader afterwards. You will be deprived of the rank of the upper general and expelled from Doufu."

    "This is a move that hurts both sides. It is better for us to take a step back. Together we will benefit both."

    The high-ranking general sneered, looking at the killing intent in Guangji's eyes, he did not hide it at all, and said in a cold tone: "I would take care of you in the past, but I didn't expect to raise a white-eyed wolf."

    "You have underestimated the status of an earth fairy, why do you lose out?"

    "Even if I was going to kill you all today, there would not be too much blame on it, at most I would punish you, but as long as I would not kill you, just abolish you, there will be no punishment."

    The upper celestial general looked at the stubborn people, thinking that they would be able to let them know when they lost their way, so as not to affect their evaluation, but now the last patience has disappeared.

    The big deal is that this time he was rated as inferior, and he was assigned a group of subordinates, which would delay him for a while.

    The blazing flames burst out suddenly, like a big day, suddenly spreading out.

    The power of the law of raging fire broke out, and Xuanxian had never had the power to resist. This was the power that prevailed over all living beings, and only the law could resist.

    The middle-ranked celestial generals are like being in a sea of fire, letting the flames rush, and they have no resistance. They are no longer a mysterious immortal who crosses the sky and the earth, just like ordinary people in the flood.

    The upper celestial generals kept their hands and didn't kill them all at once. After all, they were all celestial generals under the Doufu system, and they needed to be left to deal with Doufu's investigation.

    After all, the ten mid-ranking generals cannot die innocently.

    But the next moment, the action of the upper genius was an unexpected meal.

    A power of infestation is born from the upper heavenly general, and he is experiencing erosion, and the upper heavenly will be able to clearly feel that there is a consciousness that is grabbing control of his body.

    The eruption of the law of fire could not help but the ten mid-ranking heavens threw them out of the palace one by one.

    A trace of gold appeared in the eyes of the upper heavenly general, black and gold, which were constantly alternating, producing violent conflicts.

    An earth immortal, even if he was conspired, had already fallen into the conspiracy arranged by Guangji, and after a long delay, the poison of seven emotions and six desires had an effect, but at this time it was still difficult to save.

    Suddenly fell into a stalemate, Dou Changsheng saw that Duhua had not worked, and all his strength had been dragged.

    He couldnt help looking at Guangji. At this time, Guangji turned into a ray of light, and rushed straight to the upper general. When he came to the upper general, a spear appeared in his hand, and the spear light was like a poisonous snake. The upper heaven stabbed his forehead.

    This gun is enough to penetrate the upper celestial general and encounter a fatal threat, and the upper celestial general can't help using power to protect it.

    The power in the stalemate, with the movements of the upper celestial general, the golden light flourished, and the pupils completely turned into a pure gold color. The upper celestial general grabbed the spear, gently flicked Guangji and was lifted out, watching Other hands-on mid-ranking generals spoke vigorously in the palace: "Good, good, good."

    "So far, everyone has never given up. They are determined not to change or betray."

    "Then the general will not lose the brothers and attack the warlords of the ten directions, it should have been."

    "As long as you succeed, everyone can go to the Wanfa Hall."

    A solemn voice came from outside the palace: "The law broke out, what happened?"


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