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    Vol 3 Chapter 739: Jintou: Degree

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    Partial palace!

    The aura is like mist, and the fog is permeated, covering the partial hall, and the partial hall is arranged with deep clouds and fog.

    Dou Chang was angry and domineering, full of oppression, and preached in an aggressive tone: "The leader is not thin to you, why don't you plan to support the leader?"


    This is the name of the high-ranking general who is in charge of this palace.

    Xuan Li's face suddenly became gloomy. He stared at the aggressive Guangji in front of him with a deep gaze, and said in a deep voice; "The ten squares are full, not as vacant as seven years ago, even if the leader wants to attack Shifang The warlord is also useless."

    A carrot and a pit, the ten-sided warlord will not die, how can it be possible for the other heavens to have a chance.

    Guangji looked at Xuan Li proudly, and preached with a very proud expression: "You don't need to worry about this. I am here to ask if you support the leader?"

    Looking at Xuan Li with a gloomy and ugly face, Guangji preached in full of oppression: "This palace is where the leader sits. If you disagree, then obviously you are in harmony with the leader. The future is uncertain and accidents may occur. Be careful when you walk."

    Xuan Li's expression changed, looking at Guang Ji who had a cold tone, he nodded hard and said, "I agree."

    Dou Changsheng nodded slowly, stretched out his hand and shook Xuanli's shoulders and preached: "We will perform the task together. You know that I am Guangji, and I am not a pit brother."


    Dou Changsheng turned and walked slowly out of the Piandian, no longer looking at Xuanli in the Piandian.

    After leaving the partial hall, Dou Changsheng put on his helmet and wandered through the palace leisurely, before arriving at the partial hall again after a while.

    Wearing a helmet, under the cover of the helmet, the appearance is changing rapidly.

    The door opened and Dou Changsheng walked in. With a pair of sword eyebrows raised, Guangji looked at Dou Changsheng and asked in a deep voice; "Xuan Li, you don't practice well, what's the matter with me?"

    Taking off the helmet, holding the helmet in his hand, Dou Chang's anger suddenly changed, as thick as a mountain, like a barrier, indestructible.

    Standing in front of Guangji, Dou Changsheng's unique vigorous voice preached word by word: "The leader wants to attack the warriors of the ten directions. Can you help Guangji?"

    When Guangji heard this, a sneer appeared, and he coldly spoke: "The leader has a very close relationship with me. If I have the heart to attack the warriors of the ten directions, how can I let you overtake it on my behalf."

    Regarding Dou Changsheng's words, Guangji didn't believe it, and he waved his hand and preached: "Leave!"

    Dou Changsheng shook his head slowly, and preached solemnly: "It is Guangji that you have a very close relationship with the leader, so you have to make your head start."

    "As long as the leader becomes a warrior in the ten directions, we will be able to rise above the boat, as the leader's lieutenant, obtain the qualifications of the Ten Thousand Dharma Palace, successfully step through the Xuanxian, and be promoted to the Earthxian.

    "This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Nine Heavens and Earths aura is sluggish, and it has already poured back into the world. The tops of the replenishers of the ten warlords are all earth immortals, but they have not recovered their peak cultivation level, especially the sluggish aura, and the magic power has declined. , This is the only opportunity for the leader to attack the generals of the ten directions."

    "If you miss this time, then the leader will have no other chance."

    Guangji still shook his head and spoke in a vetoed voice; "There are no shortages of warriors in the ten directions. Don't continue talking about how the leader is in power."

    Dou Changsheng said in a deep voice: "The opportunity cannot be lost, and the loss will never come again."

    "Since the leader has not made up his mind, then we will make up his mind for the leader."

    "This is not only an opportunity for the leader, but also our last opportunity. Now that the spiritual energy of the human world is reaching the immortal, if we can be promoted, we can catch up with the aura recovery, and lose this opportunity, we will be hopeless in the future."

    Dou Changshengs eyes gave birth to golden pupils, as if filled with infinite magic, and each sentence pointed directly at the others heart.

    Guangji was silent for one or two. He didn't know when in his eyes, the pupils were already golden, and he gritted his teeth and said in a deep voice: "Okay!"

    As this word was spoken, Guangji seemed to vent his infinite strength, and his half-black and half-gold pupils completely turned golden, and immediately the golden pupils disappeared.

    Dou Changsheng nodded slowly, then turned and left.

    Standing outside the side hall, Dou Changsheng put on a helmet and looked up to the sky, and another one succeeded.

    This transformation of magical powers, the effect is really amazing.

    This is not a kind of magical power of Dou Changsheng's cultivation, but a magical power that was born after Huang Shen ascended from the fourth rank.

    Every time the Huangshen Tianyan is promoted, he can gain a certain enhancement, especially from the fifth rank to the fourth rank. This is the promotion from the **** of Jin Chi to the **** of Qing Chi. This kind of essential promotion gives the heavens a great Supernatural powers.

    A supernatural power that involves spirituality is also a supernatural power that is most suitable for divine way.

    Relying on this kind of magical powers, it is naturally possible to go unprofitable. If you continue to do it unscrupulously, let's not say that the belief is promoted, even if it is to save the world, it will not be too difficult.

    However, this kind of magical power also has limitations. It is not good for the weak. As long as you find the other party's, you can break through the spiritual barriers.

    If the strength is stronger than one's own body, the hope of success gradually decreases, and the chance of success depends on the other's Dao heart.

    If the Dao Mind is perfect, it is naturally impossible to succeed. On the contrary, the greater the Dao Minds mutilation, the higher the probability.

    Compared with Buddhism's technique of saving, it is naturally more cumbersome. It is not as simple as Buddhism. It can be done directly, but the advantage is that it is not easy to find, and it has a certain degree of concealment.

    This ability is similar to the demons.

    It's a pity that the heart demon of this world is a trash. Just after it had a rising trend in the past years, it was defeated by the Demon Emperor.

    As a result, this heart demon is far from the ability of other worlds to talk about it, and even if the opponent can leave a name, he still survived because of the demon emperor. On the contrary, he became famous because of the demon emperor.

    Towering in the main hall of the palace.

    All the heavenly generals gathered here, and the ten middle-ranked heavenly generals were all present, but there was no lower general.

    Dou Changsheng stood indifferently among the crowd, looking at the leader, this high-ranking general, a strong earth immortal.

    Wearing a golden armor and a white cloak behind his back, this man was standing in the forefront position, looking at the uninvited mid-ranking generals.

    There is no need for the upper heavenly general to speak, Guangji has already spoken: "The leader!"

    "We are ready for the impact of the Shifang Heavenly Generals."

    "Start implementing the plan today, and you will definitely become a warrior in ten directions."

    "I'll wait to congratulate the leader in advance."

    The words that swiftly resounded in the hall instantly.

    Wait, when did I say that I am going to attack the warriors of the ten directions.

    Moreover, if you have any plans, you should immediately start implementing them.


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