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    Vol 3 Chapter 738: Doufu

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    Nine Heavens, Doufu!

    The land of Doufu is a huge floating island.

    Clouds rise below the island, supporting the island to float above all living beings.

    On the wide island, there are sculpted patterns one after another. They are spread over every inch of the island. The islands are not soil and rocks, but runes and patterns.

    The runes of the overall composition are linked together by lines, forming this Doufu island, a huge war weapon.

    This Doufu was a full-time fighting organization for the Palace of Heavenly Kings, and the place where Doufu was established was naturally prepared for battle.

    The war equipment that used to be powerful in the past is being repaired at this time, and a large number of heaven, material and earth treasures are constantly being transported and transformed into runes and patterns.

    Jiren strode on the bluestone-paved steps and climbed step by step to the end of the steps, and came to a magnificent palace. Standing on the white jade steps in front of the palace, he looked at the distant place, a more magnificent hall. Standing at the foot of a mountain.

    A tall and tall mountain is in the middle of the island. The mountain is like a sharp sword, straight into the white clouds with no end in sight.

    A winding road, but white jade-paved steps, is surrounding the mountains and rivers, like a long dragon.

    The magnificent palaces are built on the hillside. A total of ten magnificent palaces are located in the mountains and rivers from the winding road.

    In each palace, there is a warrior sitting in it, sorted by status, until the palace on the top of the mountains and rivers is the first of the ten warriors.

    Ji Rengui is a middle-ranked warrior, so naturally he is not qualified to live alone in a palace, and only a high-ranking warrior will have this qualification.

    The high-ranking warrior will be the earth immortal, no matter where he is, he will be the guest of all the big sects, and he will be treated by the big sects, but Xuanxian is not qualified.

    The ordinary immortals and Xuanxians of the Immortal Dao, they are just a process of power accumulation, and they can easily be promoted, but only Dixian is the practice law.

    Therefore, when Xian Dao arrives in Dixian, he will enter the hall and enter the house. It is considered a real prominence.

    This palace is guarded by a high-ranking general, with ten middle-ranking generals and 30 lower-ranking generals.

    Jiren stepped into the palace, and a cloud picture appeared in the main hall.

    In the cloud picture, the white clouds are rolling, and you can vaguely see the country, mountains, thousands of miles, and an area of nine heavens, all of which are present.

    This is monitoring the world. If foreign enemies invade, the induction will be born, and the heaven will come and kill any enemies who dare to come.

    There are several heavenly generals beside the cloud map. They are dressed in armor, like statues, sitting on the cloud bed where the air is rising.

    Jiren came back to look at them, nodded slightly, and said hello. This time he came in person and completed a mission. Next, Jiren does not need to be like them, he will continue to guard here, and he will have a holiday.

    This is the time allocated for Jiren freely. After all, it is a Xuanxian. As long as he does not click Mao to perform the task, he does not have any strict management.

    After Ji Ren briefly handed over the task, he looked at the other two who were performing the task with him.

    Together, they walked out of the magnificent hall and came to the side hall on the side, where they each had their own side hall, which belonged to their cave mansion.

    Doufu is located above the Nine Heavens, second only to the Palace of Heavenly Kings, and the heaven and earth are more aura.

    The aura of heaven and earth in the nine layers of heaven is given priority to Heavenly King Palace, followed by Doufu.

    And each palace is a node of Doufu, in this node the spiritual energy will further converge, and each partial palace is an excellent place for practice.

    This is also one of the benefits of Doufu, the superior cultivation environment, and the other medicines and treasures are by no means a few.

    A large amount of resources are allocated, even if it is a fairy, as long as they don't die, they can be promoted to Xuanxian.

    And every time you perform a task, you can gain merits. Finally, you can use your merits to exchange some resources, such as refining materials, medicinal herbs, finished medicines and treasures, and other things such as cultivation techniques, special preaching by earth immortals, etc. Everything can be done.

    This also made it a dangerous thing to enter Dou Mansion, but it was also a struggle to reach the sky.

    After a short chat with the other two, Jiren returned to his own palace.

    A side hall, covering a large area.

    The towering golden pillars propped up the hall, and the central part of the hall was a gossip furnace.

    The flames in the gossip furnace were burning, and a scorching heat continued to fill from the gossip furnace. Jiren glanced at the gossip furnace. He never cared about the gossip furnace, but walked to the back of the palace.

    Sitting on the golden futon, his eyes closed slightly, and he has begun to practice.

    This time the mission is in the past tense, and there is no mention of any concern. In Jirens long life, similar tasks have been I dont know how many times it has been done. Shocked.

    The aura of the four directions slowly penetrated and converged in the side hall.

    The rich spiritual energy is like the essence, transformed into a mist visible to the naked eye, permeating the side hall, and continuously pouring into Jiren's body.

    Time slowly passed, and three months passed in an instant.

    Suddenly, one day.

    Ji Ren, who was practicing, suddenly opened his eyes.

    The pupils glowed and evolved into golden pupils, and the vision disappeared in a blink of an eye.

    Jiren showed a faint smile, slowly stood up, walked a few steps forward, looked at the gossip stove in front of him, and couldn't help but stretched out his hand to touch it.

    The scorching high temperature had never had any impact on Jiren. Looking at this good baby, he stroked it a few times with nostalgia, and then slowly walked out of the side hall with his hands on his back.

    Walking slowly, looking at the scenery, Ji Ren came to a side hall along the way.

    Seeing the Piandian slowly tapping, the sound of dongdongdong sounded.

    After a while, the door to the side hall opened wide.

    Jiren took off the helmet he was wearing, his original handsome appearance has become ordinary, but his eyebrows are like sword eyebrows, full of sharp edges.

    The Thirty-Six Changes of Tiangang, these methods of change, have been completely acquired by Dou Changsheng today, and have gradually reached the point of great success.

    A man with a heavy breath looked at the person and said, "Guangji, what do you want?"

    Dou Changsheng looked at Xuan Li in front of him with a smile and said, "This is not a place to talk, let's go in and talk."

    The door of the partial hall closed, Xuan Li looked at Dou Changsheng and asked again, "What the **** is going on?"

    Dou Changsheng looked straight, and solemnly preached: "The leader has the heart to attack the ten heavenly generals, are you willing to support the leader."


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