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    Vol 3 Chapter 737: Tian Jiang

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    The raging flames continue to burn fiercely.

    Surrounding the whole body three feet away, the flames are as powerful as a demon flame.

    Standing horizontally above the sky, like three huge fireballs, constantly filled with terrifying heat, baking everything on the earth.

    The three people who descended from the sky, dressed in armor and silver helmets, covered their faces like a lone wolf mask. They looked like a cold and ruthless machine.

    Without any words to say, the moment they descended, the attack was already accompanied.

    There was a person in the center with his slender arms stretched out, and a ray of light suddenly burst out of his palm, like a dragon wrapped around him, and a long bow had appeared in his hand.

    The long bow is green, like a jade cast, with seven precious stones inlaid on it.

    Corresponding to the seven colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue and purple, as the bowstrings are pulled apart, the seven-color gemstones begin to brighten one by one. The colorful colors emerge from the bowstrings. They complement each other, and they are distinct from each other, turning into a colorful arrow.

    The luster of the arrow's point kept flowing. Since the seven colors began to alternate one by one, the longbow was aimed at Sinus Changsheng. With the loosening of the palm and the trembling of the bowstring, the colorful arrows had already shot out.

    Colorful arrows whizzed through the heavens and the earth, constantly swallowing aura from all directions, rolling up thousands of waves.

    The spiritual energy is constantly being swallowed and turned into the power of the colorful arrow itself. In a blink of an eye, it has broken through three feet, and in a blink of an eye, it has turned into a foot. The volume has never stopped growing, but it still climbs steadily, turning into a length of three feet, like a roaring tooth and dancing claw. Real dragon out.

    The other two, one holding a shield, like a copper wall and iron wall, turned into the strongest fortress, standing in front of the longbowman to block all attacks for him, and the last holding a long spear.

    The spear's sharp edge was exposed, and the sharp air continued to puff from the spear tip.

    A shot stabbed, a bit of cold light bloomed, turning into a stream of light, leaving a trace in the sky and the earth.

    Coming to the three, long-range combat, defense, and melee combat, it can be said that they are all in place. This is a standard combat team, and it is a general in the combat organization of the Heavenly King Palace to maintain the Nine Heavens.

    The Palace of Heavenly Kings suppressed the Nine Heavens. When the foreign enemy invaded, he would be sensed by the enemy's strength, and he would start strangling the enemy according to the upper, middle and lower heavens.

    The lower heaven will correspond to the fairy, the middle heaven will correspond to the Xuanxian, and the upper heaven will correspond to the earth fairy.

    Like the warlords of the ten directions, each of these is an earthly immortal Taoist powerhouse, and a leader among earthly immortals.

    At the beginning, the two ten-side warlords entered the world of the earth. Among them, they blocked the way and intercepted the enlightenment of Emperor Chu.

    This level of combat power is enough to kill ordinary earth immortals, and even senior earth immortals can be killed.

    Because as a warrior of ten directions, he himself is a powerful earth fairy.

    The Palace of Heavenly Kings used this luxurious lineup, neither killing the enemy nor seeking a tie. As long as the Emperor Chu was blocked for a period of time, preparations were not enough, but it was a pity that he still underestimated the Emperor Chu and the Yellow God, resulting in two warriors in ten directions. Falling, wasted two high-end combat power for nothing.

    At this time, it was not the high-ranking general who was doing it. The clone Dou Changsheng prepared was at the level of Xuanxian, and the three middle-ranking generals came.

    Under the suppression of the Palace of Heavenly Kings, the strong will be clear about the reality and the reality, and the dispatched combat power, with three enemies and one, offensive and defensive, fully equipped, naturally invincible.

    Those who can truly break through the tight seal of the Heavenly King Palace have never heard of it in the human world.

    Today's Nine Heavens is still a mysterious place to the outside.

    Although the clone is a Profound Immortal, but under the possession of Divine Sense, if it breaks out, it is not impossible to win, but it will hurt the vitality, especially even if it is won?

    The Palace of Heavenly Kings is strong, and there is absolutely no shortage of earth immortals. According to the latest news from the world, since the Palace of Heavenly Kings blocked the way and sacrificed two warriors of the ten sides seven years ago, the positions of the vacant ten squares are already here. It came back in seven years.

    Everyone is not bad with the other ten warlords, and their strength is the fruit of the immortality.

    For example, the Dragon Clan and the Nine Emperor Gods Palace both have celestial beings. With such a strategic weapon, the Heavenly King Hall is strong and naturally there is no shortage of celestial beings.

    Relying solely on strength to break through, that is the next way.

    A dazzling knife drew across the sky and the earth, like a knife that opened up the world.

    The chaos is separated by a knife, the clear qi rises, the muddy qi falls, fixed ground wind, fire and water, Hongmeng judges.

    The colorful arrows split from the middle, and the continuously forward colorful arrows have been divided into two, and the forward momentum is still unabated.

    It bombarded the ground all the time, mud splashed in the roaring sound, huge potholes appeared, and groundwater erupted below.

    A shot was like a cold light, approaching the extreme, and there was only one shot in the sky, resembling a meteor, and it arrived in a blink of an eye.

    The timing is very clever. It was when the old power of Dou Changsheng was exhausted. When the new force was not born, a shot penetrated through the chest of Dou Changsheng, blood erupted from the wound, and drops of blood on the long gun, like red gold, began to drip continuously~www. Wuxiaworld~It's like crystal-clear jade.

    The vitality was beginning to disperse in the wound, and the blood with the rich and immortal energy swayed everywhere.

    Falling on the ground, the wild grass touched the blood of the immortal, the color was rich, the vigorous vitality spread, and it was constantly stimulated. The rich vitality was not a good thing, but a reminder.

    Immortal blood is a chance, but it is also destruction at the same time. It is a fate as well as a catastrophe. Crossing the sky and the sky does not come from an organic fate.

    The knife in his hand cut off the shadow of the spear, and an arrow came suddenly again.

    Arrows were cold and merciless, swallowing everything in the Quartet, directly swallowing Dou Changsheng.

    Dou Changsheng's broken body rushed to the sky, directly in front of the copper wall and iron wall.

    With a bang, the big bang was born.

    The power of destruction continued to wreak havoc, and when everything dissipated, heaven and earth returned to peace.

    There are only three figures standing in the sky. The person holding a longbow in the center shows a sneer and preach: "The intruder who is vulnerable to a single blow."

    There was no words for the remaining two.

    The raging flames are gradually decreasing sharply, and finally all shrink, each rushing to the sky.

    In the invisible field of vision, a piece of divine consciousness had already reached the front with the help of the big explosion. When the copper and iron walls were retracted and they rushed towards the sky to leave, they had already rushed towards the person holding the longbow.

    Since he couldn't escape, and he couldn't beat him, then Dou Changsheng had only three targets left.

    Choose one, as a disguise of your own identity.

    The power of the Conferred God List is rapidly diminishing, and it is naturally impossible to hide the Palace of Heavenly Kings by virtue of its own. All these credits are the Conferred God List.

    The world is calm, everything is restored as before.


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