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    Resurrection Of Shinto Book 3 Chapter 735

    Vol 3 Chapter 735: Countryside Surrounded By Cities

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    Lingxiao Hall!

    suspended on top of the sky.

    The clouds are rising, the aura is thousands, and the rays of the sky are endless.

    Clouds and deep mists surround the main hall, and the wide and empty main hall only appears in the central area. The clouds are rising in other locations, making outsiders indistinct.

    There are a total of six deities coming, and the small number of Lingxiao Temple is still empty.

    The six deities occupy each side, and the divine light is constantly flowing. They have different postures and the surrounding atmosphere is also different.

    The rays of light propped up the majesty, and the majesty and solemnity in the Lingxiao Palace that began to appear.

    These six deities are also currently one of the few positive sixth-rank deities, and they are also the objects of next promotion. They will assign the gods and successfully enter the immortal level.

    Improving the strength of the gods is far easier than the immortal way, but the time left for myself is too short, so I have to gather all the powers of the gods and supply them to my body. This has caused Dou Changsheng's strength to advance by leaps and bounds. .

    But now the troubles are also coming, that is, the strength of the other gods of the gods is slowly improving, and now some of them can't keep up.

    Even if it is promoted to the fifth rank, it is only immortal. It will take some time to be promoted to the positive fifth rank. This is also the Xuanxian, and now the strongest is the earth immortal.

    Dou Changsheng's eyes swept from the gods one by one, and finally stayed on Chi You, who was more special.

    Chi You became immortal. Xuanyuan couldn't kill him. He could only divide Chi You into nine, each suppressing them in the heavens and the earth, and now only one-ninth of them.

    But even for one-ninth of Chi You, the way forward is unimpeded, and there will be no obstacles until Tianxian.

    Practicing to the later stage, even in every small state, that is a great leap.

    Chi You, the immortal body, has already completed half of the transformation, which has exceeded the Heavenly Immortal Taoist Fruit, only maintaining the promotion to the Ancestral Realm.

    This is not because Chi You is not strong enough, but that the world limit of this side is like this. If it is replaced with a world that can accommodate the Golden Immortal, Chi You has already successfully promoted to the Golden Immortal.

    The upper limit of the world is not high, let your talents and talents, stunning forever, still can not be promoted.

    The Chi You in front of him has unparalleled potential, but among the six gods, the only one who can ascend to the sky in one step, is promoted to the fifth rank, even from the fourth rank.

    Chiyou's own strength is here, if it weren't for the recovery at the beginning, the confinement of the enshrined **** list, and the restriction of entering the divine way, now he can restore the strongest combat power of the world.

    In particular, Chi You successfully made up for his own personality flaws. In the past, he thought he was domineering, arrogant, and arrogant. Only then did Xuanyuan seize the flaws. He mistrusted his friends and didnt want to believe that Feng would betray, and he was fatally hit by Feng. , Successfully inserted the knife.

    A battle, a big defeat.

    Other Chi You dont know how? But the Chi You in front of him has been tempered for thousands of years.

    The Tsundere and Leng arrogant of the past, the pressure that rushed to the face, now disappeared without a trace, Chi You, standing in the Palace of Lingxiao, smiled like a spring breeze.

    is not a arrogant and arrogant king, but a big brother next door.

    I dont know when, sleek, disguised, has become what Chi You has carved in his bones, and it is precisely because of this that he should be soft, should kneel and kneel, Chi You has been living and moisturizing for so many years.

    summoned these six gods to come here, Dou Changsheng's purpose is not only to promote their ranks, but also to promote the power of faith, not in the human world, but to promote other world fragments.

    Dou Changsheng has always been shrinking from the human world, and now he plans to take the initiative to attack.

    It used to be an immature time, but now the world is turbulent, the great Chu is strong, and has repeatedly defeated the enemy, Maoshan fought, and slaughtered the immortals. ,

    has gathered all the hostility and eyes on Da Chu. It is the best time for Shinto to begin to develop. Even if the world of fragments of heaven and earth find traces of Shinto, it is not a big deal.

    First move the fragmented worlds that are not strong, and ignore the past for the time being for the remaining strong fragmented worlds.

    This is not Dou Changsheng's own hands. Even Dou Changsheng deliberately got the vest to go to the world, for the merits of these six gods, no, there are other gods.

    The position of God is heavier than Mount Tai, and every God position, even if it is a ninth grade, cannot be sealed for no reason.

    Things that are too easy to get, no one will cherish them. Although they are deliberately promoted, they still have to make merit to be promoted.

    This expansion of faith, spreading faith in the world of fragments, is a way of meritorious service. When that time comes, they will be promoted to their gods. Among them, outstanding people will have one grade and two grades. This is not impossible.

    There is a pioneering belief in the world of fragments of heaven and earth, and the belief in the human world, so that there are many believers, and the quality of believers increases with the passage of time, and it is not difficult for them to be promoted to the fifth grade.

    This is one of them, and the other is that Dou Changsheng has also begun to stay behind.

    The unconcealed purpose of the Palace of Heavenly Kings is to establish the Nine Heavens, to be the Nine Heavens Realm, and to turn the Divine Land into the human realm. This wolf ambition has many supporters.

    The war has not started, and the result is unknown, but it is inevitable to leave a way out.

    This is not only a back road, but also a means to counter the Palace of Heavenly Kings. UU reading www.uukanshu. com

    In the nine days of the Heavenly King Palace, Dou Changsheng did not dare to intervene, and now he cannot intervene.

    Nine Heavens can be built. It is impossible to do the nine days of the Heavenly King Palace alone. It is just a larger world of fragments of heaven and earth, and other world of fragments of heaven and earth must be swallowed.

    This is the opportunity for Dou Changsheng to bury his nails. When these fragmented worlds of heaven and earth that have spread faith are annexed by Jiu Tian, it also means that Dou Changsheng has an influence on Jiu Tian.

    If Dou Changsheng is more capable, the world of fragments of heaven and earth will have more influence, and the control over the last nine days, even in whose hands, this is an unknown thing.

    This is called encircling the city from the countryside. Even if it fails in the end, it is still a way of retreat.

    There are still too few means to save life with only two or three hands. The legend has great power, which can surpass the number of hands. Rebirth and change of vests are all routine operations.

    The really powerful thing is the waistcoat and the waistcoat. The world is full of own waistcoats.

    Dou Changsheng began to give simple instructions and arrange all the gods in front of him to arrange the world of fragmented world.

    Before summoning them to come, Dou Changsheng had already searched for the fragmented world of heaven and earth, and obtained the details and information in it. He would not let them go to the world of fragmented heaven and earth which was too powerful. Otherwise, this preaching would be meat buns and dogs. Can't go back.

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